Mind Reading?

When I’m with a lot of people sometimes I feel like I hear their thoughts (not quite nice to be honest..) and Its like hearing them talking but their quiet. But I’m kind of aware if its not just illusion, imagination. What do you think, do I really hear thoughts, or not. How can I get to know? And if I can,do you think its something like black magic or you know “bad thing” because I find it like disturbing the privacy, or is it a gift from God?

Also I have sometimes very weird “pictures” in my mind, like I see some places (maybe future?) and I don’t know what does it mean?

Asked by Sasha

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  1. No, Sasha, its not black magic. My daughter is also telepathic. It’s a gift.

    It can also be used to invade someone’s privacy, so don’t choose to do that, and only let it be something that helps others.

    What sort of weird pictures do you see?

    Love & Peace
    Ama Nazra (listed here under Friends)

  2. I dont know.. its like me in really old dress (guess like 2 centuries ago..) in a cave.and concretly this picture over and over and I dont know what does it mean.. But sometimes I just simply see things,which about moment will actually happen :D How can I control these things?

  3. ok,now its out :D its me.. sorry for that I lied and changing my name..

    • I wouldn’t worry too much. Its easier to ask questions anonymously. You can be open and completely honest without the fear of judgement.


  4. No problem Victoria. :-) You can now become a good example of why lying is not a good idea. To be a good liar people have to have an excellent memory. LOL I am not one of them.

    From my point of view, the picture you saw might be three things – your imagination, which is getting you to focus on something just because it is odd, a past life you have that is influencing your life now, or a ghost that looks similar to you who needs your help to find love and healing. To that end – next time the image comes up, ask your guardian angel to ‘find’ the lady you are seeing, and ‘take’ her into healing. The angels know what to do. If the image then fades from memory you’ll know it was a ghost.

    Love & Peace

  5. Ok,so I promise I wont do that again :D . Anyway the girl in the cave dissapeared,yes (so probably ghost) but now I see new picture: girl sitting behind piano in the very old room with pink walls (I guess again 2 centuries ago) and I see her all the time even though I asked my angels for finding and taking her to heaven,so I started think that it maight be me in the past life,but why would I see it in the bright day wide awake?? I thought it is possible only by dreaming.. I dont know.. But most brightl and clearly I can see her when Im playing my own piano,then I can see almost every detail of the room (but still until now I havent see her face..) And once I can even see whats going on there.Once a man entered a room and looked like he was angry with her..
    And another weird wchich happened to me with the piano is that when Im sitting there for too long I kind of stop playing and think (just about normal things,you know just thinking) and then I let my hands on the piano-not concentrating on playing at all and I found myself normally play something I have never played before,was it again something with past or..?
    And the last question I have (little beside the point of this theme,but Im curious): How do you think was the Earth and us created?? The story of Adam and Eve or Darwin Theory? I know that probably no one has the exact answer to this but Id like to hear your thoughts on this theme :)

  6. Hi Victoria,

    Sounds as though you have a strong connection to your past lives, or is the lady a guide for you?

    The Earth: bibically, God created everything (which I agree with), including the planet’s capacity to form itself. Science has shown us how that happened. Adam and Eve, we have been discussing on another of these ghosttales site, but, my opinion, in short .. hmm… did we evolve from apes? It’s entirely possible. Were we ‘seeded’ here (planted) by an ‘alien’ race, that’s also a possiblity. Did God create mankind too .. lots of men and women, not just ‘one’ Adam and ‘one’ Eve ((genetically impossible for the whole of the human race to have been born from one couple who only had 3 sons) … also possible. Has the human race opened out and adapted into many creeds and colours from one foundation .. yes, according to DNA research done not so long ago. Did we all come from Africa? Now they are saying Australia might have been the ‘first’ site for humans (in the paper and on yahoo the other day), given that its the ‘oldest’ continent on the planet, I think that is possible too.

    What do you think?

    Love & Peace

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