Menacing Shadow Figure with Long Arms?

Further to the shadow creatures; my brother ‘sees’ things often and has seen a shadow which seems menacing and over 7 feet tall with long arms. However we cannot find anyone else who has ever seen one of this kind.

He sees human spirits and has had a lot of experience with this – although not voluntarily. There was a dog in the room which actually alerted him to the presence and the dog was very nervous. He also had a friend with him who also saw it.

Just want to know if anyone else has experienced a shadow creature of this nature before.

Asked by Shereen

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  1. Hi Shereen,

    Could we have a better, more precise, description of the being your brother saw please. Tall and long arms could be anything.

    Love & Peace
    Ama Nazra (listed here under Friends)

  2. Me to have seen something similur to this…tall about 6 feet but with a black looking cloak and a defind face…30 min prior I felt an uneasynees cold and like something was watching me…I tryed to ignore rooled over in bed and my friend said she saw it come from one side of the room stop and as she told me to look it”he” was about 2feet from my face…

  3. I used to have an apartment in the United Arab Emirates (Al Ain) about 3 years ago while I was working there .

    one night while I was asleep in my bed i just got the urge to open my eyes , once I open my eyes the room was very dark but just to the left of my bed and slightly back a bit I could make out a very large figure about 7 foot tall , he seemed to be in a 1 piece long robe that was black I could not see a face and had the feeling that there was a hood over his head.

    The whole experience was terrifying and he did not make me feel safe , I pretended that he was not there and closed my eyes again and never opened them again till morning. whatever he was , it was not good.

  4. I was watching tv in my old apartment and all of asudden I became aware of something in the doorway to the left of the tv. I saw black hands on the doorway and a head and shoulders of a black black creature/human shape peeked around the door and sent a feeling of pure sadness and fear through me. It affected my feelings so bad I actually began to tear up when it locked eyes with me. It was human shaped with a skinny face with no features. Up until now no other stories have sounded similar. Let me know if this is similar to your shadow person.

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