May She Have Been Possessed?

About a week ago is when this same friend started acting strange, like she was from 17th century England or something. She tried to convince me to cut myself. When I refused, she fell to the floor. May she have been possessed?

Asked by Katie

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  1. Hello again Katie,

    The same friend who helped you with the lady crossing the street? Or is it some other story?

    I wonder if your friend was pulling your leg? Or you guys could have been worrying about that lady so much, that your friend over-reacted to a feeling and acted out.

    Or, you could have had ghost come through and influence your friend for a moment, and be gone again.

    What does your friend remember of the incident? And how has she been behaving since then?

    Love & Peace
    Ama Nazra (see Victorian Paranormal Connection under Friends on the right here).

  2. May be yes, may be no. Is your friends have many troubles so she become stressed up? There are so many reason why people act strangely. Possession is not only the cause.

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