Love Curse Went Wrong and Haunted Since Childhood

When I was a little boy I once made a love curse and I either did it wrong or something went wrong… I may have left it unfinished… it happened 10-11 years ago. Bear with me and I will try to explain.

Once when I got out of the shower I was walking down the main hallway into the living room and I remember seeing a shadow on the opposite end (my mothers room behind the bed). The room was pitch black but I could clearly see it and when I moved it would move around the bed towards me. When I would move back it would move back into its original positions.

I burst into tears and called my mother… she came and took me through… the ghost stayed where it stood. (By then I went through tae kwon do and Russian military samba… I was never weak).

When I was 23 (we moved from Uzbekistan to Canada from it) it started playing with me when I was near sleep paralysis… pushing me off the bed… lifting the blanket off my legs… it was toying with me.

I am 24 and the other night when it was pitch black outside I saw it again… it was back and it grew as I did… its haunting me from childhood.

My mother has 3 Persian cats in the house and the one that I raised was sitting on my stomach the other night and it was semi-dark and when I tried to get up and walk towards the hallway my cat tried to stop me. I listened as it looked in the direction of the hallway (he was seeing something, he was aware of it and it was protecting me).

13 – 24 Me: Fallen from a tree, broke both hands; Hit by a car, almost died; I had theft problems and that didnt stop until I was beat to near death. I had a serious surgery after which I spent 1 month in emergency wing and 4 more in the actual hospital).

I am not looking for remorse. I want to know what is haunting me. I want to know how to deal with it. Its in the living room of this house. All three of our cats made it their living room (they live there). When I feel that something is coming near me the cats follow.

This may also be a curse sent on my father. When his previous wife died, he left the child with his grandmother. He remarried my mother and his life is truly cursed, maybe its rubbing onto me; maybe its both… help me, please.

As above so below, as within so without. Ask and you shall find.

Asked by Frozenintime

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  1. Hello there Frozenintime!
    First question; Are you Wiccan? You are reciting chants from the Wiccan religion. Second question; exactly what kind of spell did you cast? was it a “spell” or an actual curse? Also, it sounds like you were playing around with something, at an early age, that you really knew nothing about. Love spells/curses are really a bad idea, especially if it is involving another’s free will. The Wiccans have the 3 times 3 rule; whatever you send out, you get back times three. I hope I am not being too presumptuous in assuming you are Wiccan, but I am going by your general statements. I cannot be certain whether or not this shadow being is a result of your curse/spell or your father’s. However, whether you are Wiccan or not, you can try doing some form of light shield to protect yourself. Do you meditiate? If not, this Light shield(or “egg shield” as it is lovingly nicknamed!) will do. Imagine a ball of white beautiful light mixed with brillian colors in the shape of an egg, in your mind. Concentrate on growing that egg until it is large enough to surround you and imagine a door on the side of that egg. Now, step inside. You should now be protected by the white light. If you need to see more, this shield can be found on the website, Victorian Paranormal Connection right here under friends. It’s Ama Nazra’s shield and if you have other questions I do believe she can help as well! The other thing you can do is ask it to leave your home. It sounds like, what it is actually called is a “shadow being” and I believe there’s a section on here about them. The other thing I want to ask you, is to not fear it; it may just be feeding on your fear and guilt(negative energy) and keeps hanging around to feed off you. You see, earthbound/ lost Souls feed on our energy and so do other nasty little beings. Don’t feed it. Be strong and ask it point blank if it is of the light; if it is not, you do not want it around. Good luck! and keep me posted!!!

    • Also, in the process of feeding on you fear and guilt, it is causing you to feel more guilty and more fearful. Stop it now!! Do the white light shield. You don’t have to try so hard to do it either; just imagine it in your mind and it will be there! Best of luck!!

  2. Hello Frozenintime,

    Time to make some changes.

    I don’t think the love spell, done as a boy, and unfinished etc, has anything to do with you being haunted, by either a ghost, or a shadown person (given your description), nor do I think its a curse on the family, but in whichever case problems like that have been solved with the assistance of our angels.

    First, I had best introduce myself. My name is Ama Nazra and I’m a metaphysican who works with Archangel Michael to help solve problems such as these. Over the past fourteen years we have created an Invocation (prayer) that changes the energy of a person, releasing old patterns and disconnecting haunting entities. It’s simply know as the Michael Invocation, and you can find it here Please read the whole invocation, and the instructions on the page, and say it out loud. And then if the problems continue (which I doubt), you can contact me here, or through the Michael site itself.

    Bad luck is something we bring upon ourselves from previous bad behaviour. The concept is called Karma. Each lifetime we have to balance what we have created in previous lives (if you believe in reincarnation) or during this one (if you don’t.) In any case, changing your mind, and the invocation, will help there too.

    Love & Peace
    Ama Nazra (listed here on the right under Friends)

  3. Sweetie, you need to get in contact with somebody who knows how to get rid of such things. Ironically this could just be right place, wrong timing thing. Whatever this is has attached itself to you, for whatever reason.
    don’t let this thing win. this may have nothing to do with you or your family, maybe something that attached to you because of a place and your young age at the time.

  4. Any time you engage in occult activity (spells, curses, ouija boards, seances, tarot, wetc.) you open yourself up to the demonic.

    By casting that love spell it essentially gave an invitation to a demon (or demons) to enter in to your life.

    These things are nasty and they don’t play nice. If you don’t have a pastor or counselor you can talk to that is familiar with spiritual warfare, I can give the names and web addresses of a few people that can help you.

  5. . its not the doings of satan and the demons. it’s those envious angels in “heaven”. They toy your mind and blameit all on the deons and satan. Really, demons are nice, friendly, caring, protective, and understanding creatures ever. Dont forget, demons are just fallen angels. and they are at most beautiful in person. they are not hideous and scary loking creatures. sure, i admitt there are bad spirits, but those spirits are not from hell. they are stuck here in our part of the world and choose to “play” but not cause harm, because they are only entities that cn only be felt, sensed, and seen. Human possesion is all the work of the angels. i end my debate here…. good luck, and try using a ouija board and ask only one word answers first, then go to your big question. keep the conversation calm and smoth. do not order the spirit or things may become more worse. remember, always keep your voice at a low level, and its better to use the board alone so there are no distractions…


    • Hi Jantima,

      You forgot that fallen angels lie better than any other creature. Angels don’t mess with human minds, they are bound by laws that do not allow them to do that .. but fallen angels (demons) are not bound by any laws, they broke them all by falling. Please do some research on the behaviour differences between angel encounters with people, and demonic encounters with people. I think you’ll find the demons are always harassing humans, not the angels .. they try to help, when we allow it.

      It always fascinates me that people who are obsessed by demons will come out with those lies about angels .. but its not really surprising. Demons, if you agree to work with them, will give you ‘anything’ you want, and tell you anything to make you believe in them, up to a point. At that point, the person is in deep trouble, and they really need help.

      Love & Peace
      Ama Nazra (demonologist)

  6. I think this has nothing to do with a curse or any kind of “haunting”, I think you shouldn’t put this in terms of “bad spirits”, demons or angels…
    What i notice is that, first of all, you have an ability to see spirits, that is why you can see that spirit in particular., secondly if this particular spirit is attached to you there must be a reason for that, and third the accidents you have suffered might not have been caused by that spirit, which I think that’s what you’re assuming…
    Generally speaking, when one has the ability to see spirits, they also have a mission of connecting this world with the next, what i mean is, you might have the mission to make spirits connect with their loved ones and vice versa…This might or might not be the case with you…
    Regarding to your problem of the supposed curse, you really need to find out more about this spirit who it is, why it is following you and if it is in fact trying to cause you harm…
    A medium is what you are looking for, in my opinion…so that’s is what you must find first of all…
    And if you are really think that this spirit means to cause harm, do the above suggested Archangel Michael Invocaton, or any other prayer that you like…

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