Little Evil Spirit and Normal Spirits

My friend is having problems with something that seems like sleep paralysis, but I fear it might be something more.

For the last couple of days a little person has been going up to him (little shadow figure). As soon as he sees this little shadow person he can’t move. The other day he saw the little shadow person and couldn’t move. He then started to try to yell, that is when his sister who was also in the room kept on asking him if he was ok? He saw the shadow figure come closer and closer until his sister leaned forward.

My friend has also had other spirits which he can see hold him down in a head lock. He has also had shadow figures sit on him, so he cant move. I don’t think he’s crazy or imagining these things because when he was a child he would see worst things. It stopped for a while, but it started again.

At my house he would only hear baby’s crying outside my rooms window, but nothing when he slept in the living room. I tell him to go see a priest, but he’s a hard head that doesn’t care. I’m more concerned with this little shadow person that has been basically tormenting him for the last couple of days. These events also happen just before or after dead time. Any help would be much appreciated.

Asked by E.N.

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  1. Hi EN,

    Hard question first – has your friend been checked out by a psychiatrist for schizophrenia? That can cause visual and audible hallucinations. It is not about being crazy, but what the mind will do to the senses. Since he is hardheaded and doesnt seem to care, he might feel he actually doesnt need any help.

    In the meantime, this might be of assistance. It’s an invocation (a request or prayer) to Archangel Michael which is designed to clear negative beings out of our energy. You’ll find it here:

    Please give it to your friend, or direct him to this page, and he can read it himself. If he has any questions, I will answer what I can.

    Love & Peace
    Ama Nazra (listed here under Friends – Victorian Paranormal Connection)

  2. If the catch all Ama prayer doesnt vanquish the shadow for him and you think you have an actual problem or that he is in some sort of danger other than being afraid. Details are very important like age of victim. How small is the little man six inches tall or twenty.

    Does it only happen on the full moon etc. Without knowing what your dealing with, Using a catch all type prayer and whatnot is just a poor practice because if it doesnt work will only make things worse. This is my opinion through experience and not fact.

    Age I would say plays a role in all of this, there are stories of children and small creatures trying to take their life/last breath etc.

  3. If your friend could obtain some holy water, then he could keep it with him when he sleeps. Then when the obnoxious little character appears again your friend can douse him with it.

  4. Believe me this has happened before to me. I have evil demons watching me in this room while I’m typing this (its freezing cold with a shadow man watching me at the doorway.)
    You can try asking it questions to know why it is haunting him.
    (NOTE; you can try to make friends with the shadow ,but it can also go the other way.)

    It helps me to pray for faith.

    Try to make your friend think he is in a happy place.*what helps me I think of heaven and the wonderful things you can do.*

    Hope I helped. If it gets any worse post a comment on whats happening OK?

  5. I’ve had a similar experience where my mom told me that my room was very cold and I should keep the door open to warm it up (which is something I never do even when I am not in my room). The thing is that it was the middle of summer in Texas my room was on the second floor and our upstairs air conditioners coil went out, so I was very suspicious of something weird going on.
    I left my door open at night so that I wouldn’t be so cold but only half way, because our bonus room always felt creepy (we found out it was because of my old encyclopedia set I got at a yard sale) . I was perfectly fine at night though the temp. never changed except at 2:45 AM I woke up and was trying to go back to sleep when I thought I saw my cat in the doorway and dismissed it then realized it wasn’t her but a weird gnome shaped shadow. Then a seconds later to fast for me to react a strong force bent the corner of my bed and my covers were flipped open.
    My body was tingly and I could barley move my arms up to my elbow, feeling constrained by forced hug. My peas for help only came out weak like I had no air my lungs but I was able to breath normally.
    It lasted for about 3 minutes, and right when it was over I ran downstairs crying my face off trying to get to my mom. After that my mom got rid of everything I had that had a creepy aura and I got my room blessed.
    For 2 months I thought it was over we even moved to a different state but it happened twice after… though it wasn’t as scary, because when it happened it would try and push me off my bed but I soon realized it was trying to wake me up at 6:00 (the time I am supposed to get up to get ready for school) when I try to go back to bed.

    I’ve kind been able to feel spirits since I was little and had many experiences of things moving like they were hit for no reason, or doors slamming open and light being flicked on, not to mention the creepy crying sounds mixed with two voices. I even thought that Santa existed because I heard chains scraping in the attic, my mom even saw the ghost in the attic making foot prints in the dust but dispersed when my dad went up to look. Also the time me and my mom saw a guy in a striped white and red shirt at the hospital behind us in line he was standing to close to my back and my mom said “Sorry for taking so long we should get going so the other people in line can have a turn” the lady at the desk said “that’s fine no one’s behind you” me and my mom turned to look at him and he just stared at us intensely of course the lady looked at up like we were crazy and we got out of there before the elevator stopped working and the power went out in the whole building… (not my fault).

    What I am saying is you shouldn’t overreact unless you have a feeling of needing to get away or an evil presence (which you should get out as soon as possible without making a scene). If you can sense it, there is really no way of stopping it just ignore it and walk on, just avoid major hot spots weird games and houses that you sense weird things. You could put lavender flowers or pure extract around your room that’s my favorite it keeps them away and smells good I tried salt once it worked but its messy….
    it’s really up to you how you handle it.

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