Know Any Good Ghost Stories?

What is your favourite ghost story and why? It could be a real one, a made up one, an old one or a new.

Mine would have to be the first I ever read, as a child of about nine. It comes from Glamis Castle in Scotland and has to do with the man who ‘diced’ with the devil. He might actually have played cards.. but (shrug).

When I was grown up I went to Scotland and visited the castle, and stood before the wall (now covered in battle axes and other iron weapons) that covers the ‘secret room’. The owners will still not allow anyone to go through that wall, and weird sounds are heard from the room when the moon is full. The castle is haunted, of course.. and they have a chapel dedicated to fallen angels.. fascinating place!

So, what about you?

Love & Peace

Asked by Ama Nazra

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  1. Hello Ama!!!!
    Interesting question you pose, and I hope you get many replies for this one!!! Interesting ghost stories, hmmmmm???……… Well, my story is actually an experience of my own. I was about 15 or 16 at the time. I owned a fantastic doll house that was given to me by my father when I was about 9 or 10. It had a battery compartment in the back of it and tiny outlets to plug in lamps, so that my dolls could have light. It was a great doll house!! Anyway, I was brushing my hair in my dresser mirror when I caught one of the little doll lampshades(which was on its side at the time) roll back and forth as if it had been bumped or moved. I turned around to looked directly at it, and it was as still as if nothing had happened. I turned ’round again and continued brushing my hair, and the shade was moving again! I turned around again and it stopped!!! Freaked me right out and I ran downstairs to my father and told him all about it! I have more experiences, but I think I will let others respond before telling more!!! Great question!!

    • Hey Luna,

      Too weird. I wonder who was playing in your doll house. :-) I could never stand them, too creepy to me, or two plastic. And I didn’t want people peeping out the windows at me, it was enough to have the cupboard door doing odd things by itself. LOL

      Love & Peace
      Ama (still firmly shutting her cupboard doors) :-)

      • The really strange thing was that it would only happen in the mirror! I often wonder if that mirror was haunted. There was a time when my son had that dresser in his bedroom, and strange things happened to him. I was up all night with him, one night. Poor kid was so freaked out. Took me a long time to get him to go back to sleep. Wish I had known the Angel invocations and Light shield back then!!!

        • I wonder if the mirror was showing you an alternate reality?

          Love & Peace

          • That is a very interesting concept Ama!!! I guess, anything is possible!! :D

      • Also Ama,
        what do you think of the possibility of mirrors being portals of sorts? I have heard it said about mirrors before and would love to know your take!

        • Hey angel,

          Mirrors are definitely portals, in my opinion, which is why I keep all of mine ‘closed’. You can seal them with the Cross, if a person is Christian, or it works for others too, or Choku Rei if you have Reiki attunements, or whatever symbol of protection you think appropriate to a person’s belief system. Draw the symbol with the intention of keeping the mirror/door well and truly closed. Works for bedroom doors too, and cupboards, but you have to redo it each night because of the open/close action of the doors during the day.

  2. Hi Ama

    Years ago, I read an article about Little Dean Hall and its various ghosts. Went to visit it (twice in fact) and odd things happened both times.
    Little Dean Hall is no longer open to the public (shame) but the place was most deffo had odd energy!


    • Hi AJ,

      Pretty place!

      I did some long distance poking around about Winchesterhouse in America. That is interesting.

      Have you been to Chillingham Castle? I arrived on the wrong day of the week and couldn’t get in, but I would have loved to.

      Love & Peace

    • AJ!
      Exactly what odd things did happen? I don’t know much about the place and would be fascinated to learn the history and what your experiences were!! :D

  3. Recent Ghost story, here goes:
    Some of you may have read my various dream related comment posts, where I mention a friend that I’m working on hyper lucid dreaming with (co-dreaming). His name is Shawn.

    My sister-in-law’s wedding was two weeks ago..Shawn, being a good friend of our family was invited as well. It was held in a beautiful auditorium (Historic Theater that used to house many concerts and performing arts). Was built in 1917. After the wedding, Shawn and I went on our own little tour of the building. It has great sweeping columns with beautiful archways (kind of hard to explain, but think of any old theatre and you’ve pretty much got it).

    At one point, we ended up downstairs in the basement of the building so Shawn could use the restroom. I stood outside the restroom in a huge waiting/smoking/bar area that looked somewhat like a hidden away speakeasy. But the room I was standing in was like an intimate little ballroom too.
    Shawn came back from the restroom and looked pale. He looked like he had “just seen a ghost”. Apparently he saw many. These are his words:
    “I was standing at the faucet washing up, when all of a sudden I looked down and my hands were covered in blood!!! I freaked out a bit, then looked around, then back at my hands and noticed it was just water again. Then I heard a bunch of voices [talking, yelling, laughing, singing] and looked out to where you were standing. But you were not there. It was just a room full of people wearing clothes that appeared to be from the 1920′s. The spookiest part is, this all seems familiar. I’ve been here before!” At the time, we were the only two people in this section.

    My friend Shawn is a joy to discuss the paranormal with because he (and his entire family) has always been pretty sensitive to these type of things throughout life.

    Anyway….not a great ghost story….but I know the person it happened to and was present for the experience. And not that long ago.
    Good question, Ama!!!

    • I think that was a great ghost story, Siddle! How spooky! Did you ‘feel’ anything while you were waiting outside the door?

      My experiences are often as simple as that – like the ghost who craved hotdogs (and so did I).

      This happened on the 4th Jan 2006. I wrote it up for the ghost stories part of my site – a much neglected area these days. LOL

      “The last ghost I dealt with (in2006), not including today, is Lester. Lester lived in the house my friend L has just moved into (he also died there). She asked me to come and collect him after her 2 year old son looked up the stairs towards the bedrooms and said ‘man, mummy’. So I went to the house on thursday and got him. He was a rather demanding old man and gave me a headache to start with. I then got very hungry. Instead of eating there among small kids and very pregnant visiting friends, I hooked Lester into my energy and went to the supermarket. It was 3.00 in the afternoon and I wanted a hamburger. Well, the hamburger idea was a bit too much work, and the hot dog stand was right there in the shopping centre so I decided I would have that instead. .. only it seems Lester doesn’t like hot dogs – so I forgot. I then went into another shop, did whatever and thought again of the hotdog when my stomach rumbled .. and then forgot. I went into the supermarket, got the drinks I wanted and then thought of the hotdog .. and caught Lester’s comment about no hotdogs while he was in the middle of it .. so went and got one anyway and took great pleasure in eating it while he ‘chatted’ to the angels and then ‘went into the Light’. LOL And giggled all the way home.”

      Life is good,
      Love & Peace
      Ama (still smiling)

      • Ama,
        Yes, I remember reading the Lester Hot Dog story. It was the second one I read in fact! I am a bit ADD, so I usually go to the bottom of the page and see how much time I need to allot before digging in while at work……and I saw “Lester and the Hot – Dog”…..I was hungry at the time so I read it before reading one of my other favourites below it “All Teeth and Claws”.
        You have some great stories/experiences on your real-ghost stories page!

        to answer your question: I didn’t “feel” anything, until I looked in the mirror and saw the restroom. It was eerie how much it looked like a place in the basement of the building I go to in dreams. That sent chills. When Shawn further explained the goings-on of the people he saw in the atrium/ballrom/speakeasy area, I also got chills. That was all.

        In fact, I have some questions about abilities/sensitivity/perception. I know it can degrade in life with the wrong filters (or repetition of filtering), but I want to know why I can’t “see” like I used to (which was pretty similar to Shawn’s, regarding visuals). I know filters are having impact on my abilities in lucid dreaming as well, as some abilities in dreamworld used to come more natural to me.
        But instead of completely side-railing your great question. I’ll just e-mail you when I get a chance later today…if you don’t mind. Want your thoughts on conscious filters and perceptions in regards to degradation in ability.

        Again, great question/topic!
        Fascinating, and I can’t wait to see other responses from folks.


        • I’m happy for you to write directly to me, Siddle.

          Love & Peace

  4. Can do …

    There’s a couple I know here in Australia, living about 85kms (50+ miles) miles away who occasionally get haunted. The lady does not like ghosts. Her partner is more relaxed about the whole thing.

    Yesterday afternoon I got a FRANTIC phone call from the lady. She had just popped out of her bathroom, and as she did her spare room door handle rattled, then turned itself in front of her, then the door opened, and ‘something’ walked across in front of her. The bed, whose cover had previously been straight and flat, was all messed up, and there was now ‘something’ in the kitchen making a noise.

    She rang her partner, got my phone number, and rang me .. and as we were speaking, her on the phone which lives in the kitchen, a set of kitchen tongs rose up from the bench and made their way to the floor – while she had hysterics on the phone.

    It’s an hour drive to her place, and I made it in about 50 minutes. I was speeding all the way, just once in a while. When I got there she was shaking like a leaf, but there were no ghosts in the house, because I had cleared it from here before I left to drive up there. I gave her the K2 meter to check the house out for herself, and led the way, room by room, to make sure everything was quiet. Her partner arrived (from the middle of melbourne .. also about an hour away) and we all sat at the dining table, and both of us calmed her down. The K2 reacted once when we were talking, but there was no ghost there. I got the giggles, but the lady was calm enough now not to over-react again.

    By the time I left she was talking about learning to be clairaudient (hearing ghosts) because she had heard the ‘male’ ghost speak twice during the ‘visit’.

    All’s quiet up there or they would have rung me by now. LOL

    Love & Peace

  5. That’s a great story, Ama!! And, a great demonstration of how well the Micheal Invocation works!!!! I enjoy reading these!!! Thanks Ama!!

  6. I just published more of my own personal experiences:


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