Is What is Happening to Me Being Transferred to My Dad?

I’m very confused! Around 20 years ago we moved into a house which I have only recently found out the previous owner had died, he was a heavy alcoholic too. Also my dads dad was supposed to have been a very bad man (according to my dad), also when I was around 11/12 years old I came into contact with a witch, all this happened around the same time and ever since I feel I’ve been cursed!

Very bad things happen to me of which the list is endless, every single mirror I have owned has smashed, my family was torn apart by my dads drinking, I lost my job, a baby, all my relationships and my health has deteriorated drastically!

A couple of weeks ago my dad came to my house (I’d not seen him for a good 6 months) talking to me about spirits and angels and he felt I needed him! Its only just come to light that my dad has had the same things happen to him too. My mum and brother haven’t felt any of this, I think me and my dad have some sort of psychic connection and we were very closely spiritually connected so I’m wondering if what’s happening to me is being transferred to him too!

I’ve started bringing crystals into my life to repel anything bad, I’d just like to know your opinion?

Asked by Katie

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  1. Hello Katie,

    My name is Ama and I’m a spiritual healer, among many other things. You can find my webpages here under Friends. I am very sorry about your baby.

    I am not wildly superstitious – though I won’t walk under a ladder, I will pat the black cat that crosses my path. Broken mirrors are dangerous for the glass, its only a ‘belief’ that they bring seven years bad luck, (I’ve broken a few over the years, large and small) and never had any problems) .. but if someone ‘believes’ that strongly enough, they will find reasons to blame the mirror for what is happening in their lives.

    We all have psychic bonds with our families, until we choose to cut them. It’s not hard to do, but they will reconnect if you still have an emotional bond with anyone (family or not), through any emotion from love to hate.

    Cutting ties. In your imagination see yourself and the person you want to cut ties with. Between you there is one cord, or there might be lots of them, going into all different sections of your body (through your chakras). Pick up one cord, get a pair of scissors (all in your mind) and cut the cord. Personally, I use a sword or dagger, but that’s me. You can cut cords in a bunch if you want to. You might find some a little tougher than others, but they can all be cut. You can do them one a day, to get a sense of the emotional detachment, if you want to. Keep going until they are all gone.

    Or you could use this invocation to break the connection between yourself and others (as I said, the people who are supposed to be connected will reconnect easily enough – and you might get phone calls from, or meet people in the street, who are connected to you for the wrong reasons .. that can be odd. It’s up to you then if you want them to reconnect .. you have to choose to let them – and just as easily disconnect them as well). you’ll notice it also removes curses.

    My father was an alcoholic, as was his whole family. It’s genetic (which means every person in the family can ‘inherit’ the illness). To not repeat the pattern I have chosen never to drink alcohol .. I am allergic to it, even the smell of it can make me feel sick (and I used to drive taxies). I could have chosen to carry on his burden, but instead I chose another path, as you can. Another way to change a pattern like this is through forgiveness. My father disrupted our family with his behaviour, but, when I was old enough to understand, I forgave him and before he died he knew that. Forgiveness is an incredibly powerful tool that helps us, not just the people we forgive. It sets us free.

    Are you passing your bad luck back to him, I doubt it. Is he passing his to you, I don’t think so. Do we create all our own .. in my belief, which is common among spiritual folk, we do. We create our reality so that we can learn to grow from our mistakes, and make a happier life for ourselves.

    Were you cursed? Not unless someone actually told you that you were in person. A curse only works if someone knows about it, not just ‘thinks’ it might have happened. If we think it might have, then we are creating our own ‘curse’. Either way, the Michael Invocation will take care of the problem.

    Spirits and angels – what has your dad been learning?

    Love & Peace
    Ama Nazra

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