Is this Something I Should Worry About?

The other day I was taking a nap in my room in my apartment. I was in and out of sleep but eventually fell in a very heavy, deep sleep. All of a sudden I had this weird sensation all over my body and it scared me because I thought I heard a noise right next to my ear. I woke up suddenly and couldn’t go back to sleep.

The next day this same thing happened again but this time I couldn’t open my eyes and I could have sworn I heard someone say “Close your eyes…” I’ve been freaked out ever since.

I live alone in my apartment and I get a little paranoid anyway. So my question is, is this something I should be worried about? or is there any explanation for what happened? Please answer. I get more and more freaked out everyday.

Asked by Cara Watson

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  1. privacy is not good specially in long time but I wonder why this event is occurred by day and you no sense any thing by night ? the night is righter for this occurence than day because majority of paranormal happening ( appearing spirits ) occurred in nighttime ? can you explain hereon please ?

  2. Hi Cara,

    What sort of sensations did you experience .. please be specific? There could be many explanations, and some of them very ordinary.

    Love & Peace
    Ama Nazra (Victorian Paranormal Connection) on this page under Friends.

  3. Were you awake when you couldnt open your eyes? Or dreaming.

  4. It should not be happening and the most reliable way to stop it is through calling on Jesus Christ He will make it leave for good.

  5. When you’re alone in your apartment and you’re paranoid, you do become sensitive to your surroundings. It doesn’t matter if there’s a presence or no presence, you’re at your most sensitive when about to sleep. Your brain has a tendency to play tricks. Brain tricks can be triggered through anxiety.

    Spirit-wise, spirits tend to occur late at night because it takes a lot of energy to occur in daylight. When they do occur there’s an overwhelming amount of energy that flows around the room.

    To really investigate what’s going on do a little research on your apartment to find out the history. I wouldn’t advise calling out or trying any magic unless you’re 100% certain what you’re doing, as you don’t know the consequences. Also think about how you are in your apartment in the day. Do you feel safe?

    If this does turn out to be spiritual, it’s probably not evil.

  6. you r astral projecting or trying 2. If it was a buzzing sound and the sensation was like vibrations then yes u were trying to astral project. The spirit calling you could be your spirit guide or something nastier. dont worry if its something nastier if you dont believe it will hurt u it wont. they r usualy really weak spirits. If it was strong you would be dead.

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