Is There Really a Place Like Narnia?

Please don’t take this one question literally, but I was curious if there really is something like Narnia: you know another world (or dimension or whatever)?

Because as I’ve heard on another theme of this site, there are some elements and creatures, we thought are fairy tale.

So do you think there is something like that?

Asked by Victoria

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  1. Hi Victoria,

    The Chronicles of Narnia was a series of books written by CS Lewis, a Christian gentleman that we all grew up with and loved. My kids used to play ‘Narnia’ all over the town. The lion was supposed to be Jesus, sacrified and reborn. They were hero stories, and the good guys won! Lovely.

    Is a place like that real – where magic rules? My personal opinion is yes, and that its not that far from us, being here around us, in another ‘age’, when ‘realism’ was not the focus of reality, and we were allowed to believe in fairies without being thought odd, or that we were dealing with something demonic.

    Fairies, fauns, and dragons are a part of our mythology, and actually very real .. in my opinion, given that I have seen/experienced fairies and dragons .. and had two ladies write to me recently on about their having just seen fauns. I would love to see a faun .. it was one of the Narnia characters too.

    Are they multidimensional beings crossing over into ours .. maybe. Are we multidimensional beings crossing over into theirs .. possibly. Either is good, as far as I’m concerned.

    Love & Peace
    Ama Nazra (listed here under Friends)

  2. I’ve wondered the same thing many times as I love Fairy Tales. I’ve always thought to myself, that maybe the writers of such stories were influenced by something a little magical. Like perhaps, these mystical little beings want their stories told…sort of like a magical muse, if you will. It’s a fun thought. :)

    • Good idea, Diana. I think along the same lines myself, having ‘written’ my book with the ‘help’ of various forms of angels. I know fairies can be very chatting. :-) And ghosts love to have their stories told. I’ve written a couple of ‘stories’ under the ‘influence’ of a lost soul who wanted to say what happened to them.

      Love & Peace

  3. What an interesting thing to read.

    I do remember as a kid (around 6-7 y.o.) a strange happening in my grandmothers house. I was playing at her kitchen when I noticed a little man sitting on the (box?) they used to keep the wood for the kitchen stove in. He just sat there dangling his legs. Dressed in trousers and a sweather (or possibly a shirt) and a hat/cap – greyish brown. The whole person was in that colour scale actually. When he noticed I was looking at him he jumped down and ran across the floor and out the door.

    Of course no one believed me – and after a while I din’t believe it myself either. But the first days I was sure I had seen a gnome. (Here we use the word Nisse, Gnome was the closest I could think of in English) – it refers to a small nature being living on the farms, mostly in the barn or stable – taking care of the animals and the belongings if he is treated nice. If not – he can be mean and in very rare situations fatal.)

    • I thought of a gnome too, or a fairy .. they don’t all come with wings, Nimue.

      There’s so much more to nature than we simple humans understand.

      Love & Peace

      • I personally believe there is such a place with those creatures in another dimension. Everything has a reason and its own way of life. So my opinion is of course. There are such creatures but a few of them live among us but some people can’t see them. I am a crystal child so I can see them sometime and they are not evil they are nature spirits in other words. the creatures that I have senn are gnomes, fairies, dwarfs, brownies and goblins ect. So yes they do. Regards Rene

  4. I had a dream when I was about 9 years old (A long time ago). I went into a cave and came out in a “new” world that was wilderness.

  5. I have always said that fairy tales all of them at that that there is truth behind them each and every one of them. I would also think that there is a place maybe not like Narnia but similar places with creatures that we could only imagine but they are there and some times we get lucky enough to spot one or interact with one. I have seen things that no one would believe some one once said that they saw a nymph a tree nymph I believe them. I believe in faeries as well and all of those little woodland creatures that stays in the back lights away from us humans but if they feel safe around certain ones then they will reveal themselves to us some times and even help us. Things of this all ways keeps me on the look out and wanting to know more and more about these type of things. Good question I think. loving this I can not wait to see others comments on this good or bad.

  6. Interesting opinions .. :) I personatly believe that everything you can imagine is real- literally :)

  7. I will make this as short as possible,but some 25 years ago,my girlfriend and I were walking on a levy next to the ventura river,there was a full moon so we could see very well.we both stopped at the exact same time and starred ahead.My girlfriend grabbed my arm and we were both transfixed by small people that came up out of the ground,walking side by side my girlfriend looked at me and I looked at her at the same time she said did you see that and I replied the little people and she dug her nails into my arm,we just stood there and watched ,along came a troop of six holding a egg on a four poster bed but the legs were straight like polls instead of up and down,heres the crazy part all of the little people looked like the picture cards on a royal deck,they were dressed in this manner,my girlfriend and I saw the exact same thing we are not drug users although it felt like it .does anyone have a idea on what we experianced?They went down a hole on the other side of the levi.t.y.magikman

  8. Hello Magikman,

    I wonder what was in the egg? Or who? They were obviously treating it with great care. What country are you from? What you both saw was, possibly, a royal court of elementals. I’ve read of the royal courts of the fairies, and literally met a deva (a boss lady), she was magnificient, but she wasn’t tiny at all, she was about four feet tall.

    Never forget that you had a truly privileged experience. It doesn’t happen to people very often.

    Love & Peace
    Ama Nazra (listed here under Friends)

  9. AMA i am from AZ.USAand you?happy holiday if you celebrate,take care MAGIKMAN

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