Is There an Ancestral Connection to Spiritual World?

Both sides of my family seem to have serious experience with the spiritual world – this includes beliefs in dreams, having experienced hauntings and communicating with the dead even. They’re also very deeply religious – Christian.

Those of us within this generation seem to have these blessings/curses thrown at us HARD. It is like we all connect with this other world as very young children and keep going from there.

Is this common? Is this hereditary?

Asked by Robyn

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  1. Hi Robyn,

    Yes to both. It is common now, so many more children are being born aware .. I know of lots of 9 year olds who are mediums long before they can cope with ‘seeing’ something that ‘isn’t there’. My 25 year old daughter, and a lot of her friends, are all hypersensitive to energies of various forms. It’s like someone threw a switch and switched them all ‘on’.

    The spiritual gifts do run in families. If your grandmother had it you might, or your sisters and brothers, though it might skip your parents, kind of like curly hair. And the gifts are all different, and come in levels of strength. And if you inherit from both parents, you could be extra strong, or have nothing at all ..

    Now my opinion is that we choose what we will experience in each lifetime, before we are born, so people are choosing to be this way .. because the world energy is now ready for us .. you could look at it as the magic coming back into the world .. but first we have to clean house, and we are forcing ourselves to do this, because no one can live comfortably in a negative environment, so Spirit is helping us confront our pain and learn the freedom that comes with forgiveness. Old structures are being destroyed, because they were created by greed and focus on it .. and Mother Earth has her opinions too ..

    We have so much to learn ..

    Love & Peace

    • That makes perfect sense Ama – as you always do!

      I know once I took upon myself the negativity of the people and things around me, my door to spirituality all but closed – except for the truly negative things.

      Once I made the conscious decision to not do that and done some cleaning – both spiritually and physically (such as unfortunately no longer associating with those who are ALWAYS negative) – I see I’m regaining strengths.

      And yes, there is still sooo very much to learn. Maybe one of these lifetimes I’ll figure it all out..or at least enough of it!


      • Hmm… you should see some of my comments before I edit them, Robyn .. sometimes they are all thoughts and no sense at all. LOL And today my whacking great headache is not helping at all. :-)

        Love & Peace

  2. Hi Robyn

    I think it has always been that way but, when a person is threatened with being burned or drowned or cast out of their society for declaring they have such gifts, then it’s probably wisest to keep those gifts under your belt if you want to stay safe and/or alive.

    Thankfully, these days folk can be more open about thier experiences. The worst we’ll get is the JK’s of this world telling us we’ll all burn in hell for it – LOL! Thankfully, JK isn’t God and, as it is God who has granted us these gifts, I can safely say it is actually perfectly alright to possess them.


  3. tell me about it !! i come from a family of hunters !!! and been seeing all kinds of spirits since i was 4… i got that from my grandpa on daddy side, he could see and speak to the dead..grandpa on mommy side did all kind of other dealings even turning into animals in some occasions.. if it’s like Ama says am still trying to figure out why i would choose to be born in a family like this.. although when i was 12 i gave up my ability to do this. know i wish i didn’t.. so i just linger around in sites like this..:(

    • Hi Midnight,

      Generally we choose our families for what we can learn from them, and what we can teach (by example) to them. Also certain genetic mixes make for greater psychic gifts?

      You might have put your gifts ‘aside’ when you were twelve, but you didn’t lose them completely. That too was a choice.

      Love & Peace
      Ama (who had to ‘relearn’ some of her gifts too)

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