Is Something Watching Me at Night?

Here goes, not every night but most nights when I’m in bed i get this horrible feeling that something is watching me from the corner in my room which is the darkest part in my room or by my door. i only get the feeling when my back is to the door/corner, i feel that something is there and its watching me closely and slowly moving closer.

I had a priest come to my house and bless my room and me (because of another situation) am i just imagining this or could there be something watching me at night?

Also i get this a lot when I’m home alone also i see shadows and hear things too but I’m not afraid of them as i don’t feel any threat coming from them.

Any reply would be great thank you.

Asked by aimz

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  1. Hello Aimz,

    Shadows .. shadow people .. mostly they are just curious about humanity, they don’t do any harm, nor mean any harm. There are other entities that can seem similar, but they are not so friendly.

    Having had your room blessed, you ‘might’ be imagining things .. so what I do when my ‘imagination’ is working overtime, is use house shields at night. I like to sleep peacefully, and I am a ghost magnet at times. LOL

    You can find them here: this is my website, so if you have any questions please ask me. These shields are wonderful. They keep the negative stuff OUT.

    You can put it up over the whole building, and ask to have the building cleared of any ghosts when you do. Instructions are on the page.

    Tell me how you go.

    Love & Peace
    Ama Nazra (listed here under Friends)

    • hi thank you for replying ,things have be quiet for abit now altho i still have the odd shadow that likes 2 peek round corners at me but i dont feel any bad vibe from that.
      thank you for the advise and help ill try it out …
      Thank You

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