Is Something Trying to Hurt My Family?

Okay, So five years ago there was a horrible tragedy in my family. My brother who was 16 died in a Car Accident. A couple of days before that he had said he felt he wasn’t going to live much longer.

Right before my brother had died my grandmother had started to begin seeing things in her bedroom at night. For example, people, animals, objects. To this day she still sees things. She says that she sees a red ball like orb and it will come to her and she touch’s it with her hand.

My other brother Jason, has seen things too. One night he woke up to a black figure with red sparkling eyes choking him. Another thing that happened was he dreamt of I guess a demon like throwing him around the room and when he woke up his wife looked at his back and he had scratches covering his back.

Now I had seen a man a couple years ago in my grandmothers house. A tall man in black with a top hat but he didn’t make me uncomfortable I just ignored him. Just Recently things had been happening to me, as the things increase with my brother and grandmother.

The first dream I had was of like a little demon boy that attacked my grandmother and laughed at me, and when I freaked out and asked for him to bring her back, he told me the only way I could ever save her was for me to go through the fire and die.

The second dream I had was just the other night, and I kept seeing this demon and it was girl wearing a white shirt and everything else was black. She kind of reminds me of the girl from the ring. Any way I kept seeing her, and each time she got closer to me trying to attack me. Finally in the dream my brother that’s still alive saved me and the demon ate his face but stared at me the whole time it was doing it. The second weird part of the dream is everywhere I saw the demon I would see my brother that past away just standing off in the distance watching.

When I told my brother about the dream he almost started crying. He told me that the other night when he was laying in bed at my grandmothers house his closet doors open and he was so tired he got smart with it and a ball flew out of the door and hit him in the chest. He then covered his head with the blankets and went to sleep. And what my grandmother has been seeing is getting scarier. She’s seeing my brother that’s still alive standing in her room at night when he’s clearly in his room asleep. I get very uncomfortable at night when I’m alone, like something’s with me and wants to hurt me.

So my question is. Could there be something trying to hurt my family? What could it be, is it harmful to us, and why would it being doing this? Or is it just a special thing my family has to see things? I don’t know, please help. This is getting Un-bearable.

Asked by Katie Bennett S

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  1. Katie,

    You need to pray, you need to get a priest, you need stuff througout your house and your grandmothers house representing god, the saint, crossed, blessed salt. I had a similar situation with my family and to this day and horrified, and cannot sleep alone . You need to believe in god, wear blessed crosses, and get bibles, read them daily . I hope things get better, I’m praying for you and your family . x

  2. Hi Katie,

    I am so sorry your brother died.

    Some possible explanations of what is happening:

    Your grandmother: you did not say how old she is, but as people age they get closer to the higher realms (heaven) in their energy, and they can start to see things that other people don’t, so your grandmother’s experience might be more related to her own life, rather than anything happening to your brother. You don’t say she had any premonitions about him, which I would have said would be likely if she was seeing things because something was going to happen to someone in your family. And your brother might have had a premonintion of his own death, or he could have just been kidding around. We all remember things different through hindsight.

    Your living brother in grandma’s room: he might have been astral travelling, which is normal for everyone, and healthy. Our spirits leave our body when we sleep and can go all over the place, and checking up on grandma might be one of the places he went to.

    The Ring, I think, is a horror movie. How many horror movies do you usually watch? You see, they implant images into our minds that can often come out through our dreams, when we are feeling frightened and overwhelmed by something else that is happening in our lives.

    That all being said, it is possible that a nasty entity is bothering your family, and without being quite as dramatic as Anonymous above, I suggest you talk to your grandmother and the rest of the family, about having your homes blessed by a Minister from your local church, just for the sense of security it will bring. That should put a stop to most visitations. If the problems continue after this is done, or people don’t agree, you can contact me via my link on these pages (Victorian Paranormal Connection under Friends) and we can discuss it further.

    Love & Peace

  3. Hi Katie,

    I know what its like to have lost a brother. My eldest brother died also (a drunk driver caused his death) and I’m so sorry for your loss.

    Sometimes, grief manifests itself in many ways. When we lose loved ones, we become more susceptible to the paranormal as we want to see/hear/talk to them again and we start thinking about contacting mediums (even though we may not actually do it) etc. So we put ourselves in a heightened state. We become more aware of our surroundings, and our minds can manifest things that aren’t there.

    That is ”Logical Steph!”

    The more ‘involved’ side of me wants to say to you that you need to ask Grandma why she touches this red orb? Surround yourself with friends who love you, gain more positive energy in the house. When I feel vulnerable, I imagine my whole home in a glowing warm white or golden light. I imagine the people in my house the same. I imagine myself bathed in the warm light too. Nothing can penetrate the warmth or the light itself.

    Ama has a great incantation for Archangel Michael which may help.

  4. i was always intreasted about reading about spirits and i read the stories about everyday. my friend and her mom can see spirits and tell me to stop reading them or something bad could happen to me is this true?

  5. Hi Amanda,

    I was someone who grew up reading ghost stories .. that was after they started talking to me from about the age of two.

    There is a belief that we attract to us things that we focus a lot of our attention on .. so in a way your mum is right. I doubt she wants you to be haunted, just like my mother didn’t want me to be ..

    I do not know how old you are .. but if you are young, say early teens .. put the books away for a few years. They’ll still be there, and you might avoid spooks in the house for a while. I recommended this to my daughter, who is a lot like me, and it helped her.

    You can check me out by clicking the Victorian Paranormal Connection like under friends on the right of this webpages .. up the top.

    Love & Peace
    Ama Nazra

  6. That really is scary. I wish I could help but I’m far from helping you. Do you know how many scratches your brother got? I heard from a show that three scratches can be demonic. But I am not really sure. And I read the commits above. That also scares me in some ways. But I hope everything goes well for you Katie.

  7. Hello Katie,

    My condolences to you and your family. I would just like to say that I am not a expert on these things buy would just advice to your family to bring god closer to you, that means pray pray pray. A house that is religious and free of sins then is more safer. And really do talk to someone about this get real help.

    God be with you.

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