Is Something Attached to My Kids?

My daughter found this website and began to tell me about some other peoples’ experiences. I am of Native American decent. I have seen ravens before a bad accident. They followed me to work, flew above my car for miles and appeared in my dream. I have seen a creature that flies. It is black and looks much like a bird but is only wings no body or face it was in public and at night. My son saw it too so I am not crazy. It swooped our car and just woosh it was up and gone. In one house we rented there were rat like creatures that were the size of pigs. You could only see them out of the corner of your eye, never head on. Again, lots of people saw them… or kinda glimpsed them. At the same time there were hand prints coming down from my 16′ ceilings! These hands were at least a foot in length.

At another house a hooded, faceless creature appeared with its arm around my shoulder in a polaroid picture. Its hands were much like the ones I saw the prints of in the other house. The fingers long and pointed.

In the house I live at now, there is less activity for me. I got drunk one night and was talking about God and was getting pretty mad because I don’t like the idea that we are like lab rats and the air became thick… when I awoke the next morning I felt as if I had had sex but nobody was in my house. We have a hot tub outside and there was a thick goo all inside of it that appeared out of nowhere. I did a cleansing with prayer and sage on the house and the hot tub area.

My son is 25 years old and he has lived everywhere that I lived. He is tormented with dreams. He fights demons and he has insomnia. The last dream he had before leaving this house (about a year ago) was fighting a demon and it told him that if it couldn’t get to him, it would get to his nephews.

And since, my middle daughter moved back home with her two sons and it gives me reason for concern.

In this house we have had things fly around and once I ran into a male figure in the hallway. I thought it was my son till I realized it was too tall… it was solid and I literally bumped into it in the dark. Reached to turn on the light and nothing was there. I regularly burn sage and pray over this house.

Lately my daughter who is staying here comes in and says, “what?” She hears me call her name. She says it is my voice. The kids have some nightmares from time to time but nothing bad. I pray for them. I worry more about my son. At 25 years old, he doesn’t sleep very much. He drinks to sleep. He says it makes the dreams shut off. That means he drinks a lot. That worries me. I asked him to pray in the dreams and he says God has better things to do than to stop his bad dreams. He won’t ask for help. My other daughter wrote you because she is experiencing every kind of haunting. She has been tortured by spirits since I can remember. I don’t know if there is anything that can be done. It is like something attached to my kids, now 30 and 25. What can be done about this?

Asked by Kathy

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  1. Hello kathy,
    First off, I think your best course of action is the Micheal Invocation. This can be found on Ama Nazra’s website(she is listed here, under friends) This Invocation calls upon The Micheal Angels who are our guardians and protectors. This class of Angel wars with demons and is appointed as our protectors by God Himself. each and every one of us has a Micheal Angel at our right shoulder to protect us, but they do not interfere with our lives without our permission; that is why the invocation is necessary. Also, a blessing by a local priest or pastor is helpful, or if you wish, you can contact Ama herself, as she may be better to assist you herself. Ama is a demonologist(meaning that she has knowledge of and the ability to fend off demons, and she works exclusively with the Micheal Angels) She is also a Spirit rescuer, and will send any lost souls into healing, if need be. Give the invocation a chance and contact Ama as soon as possible. She is sure to get back to you in a more timely manner if you contact her through her site(even though she is on here frequently! :) ) As for your son, WE are God’s most important things to do, worry about or be there for. Tell your son not to count God out. The Micheal Angels are God’s gift to us to protect us. Call on them and they will surely help. They have for me. God is ALWAYS the answer in these situations. Best of luck and keep us posted.

    here is a direct link to Ama’s Micheal Invoction:

    • LOL

      Hello Kathy, LunaT got here first. :-) And covered most of the major points. Let’s see what I can add?

      All of the first mentioned beings could be defined under the elemental kingdom, including your hooded figure, but .. not necessarily the friendly version. I am glad you are away from them.

      I am not surprised your son has insomnia. It’s not fun to fight demons in our sleep, and they will use threats if they cannot stop a person any other way.

      Protection for your family: On these pages are white light personal shields and a house shield that has been tested and proved very helpful over the past 14 or 15 years. Please learn them and use them. Your daughter, or you, can wrap them around your grandsons. You can request the househields for your kid’s houses .. I do it for my kids (25 & 27) quite frequently, and one of them lives about 1000 miles away. It works really well. It’s better they do them themselves, but you are matriarch .. so exert your authority over your family, and ask for help.

      Your son drinking will only make things worse. I know it numbs the senses, but it doesn’t ‘stop’ what he is experiencing, it just stops him being so aware of it. It is better he learn to protect his energy/himself. And in the long term it is healthier for his body.

      And as Luna says .. GOD has time for every single one of His Creations .. your son most particularly, because he is suffering, and God loves us all and doesn’t want anyone to suffer.

      Would your son write to me privately? You can find an email link on my website, which is listed here under Friends – Victorian Pararnormal Connection.

      Love & Peace
      Ama Nazra

  2. Another thing which you and they can do is quite simple. You take, and make a cross symbol while reciting a few words. Begin at the top of your head, and say a prayer (whatever you usually do). when you finish, at your forehead, say “in the name of the Almighty Architect”, go to your abdomen, and say “and of the Omnipotent Son”. Next go to your right shoulder and say “in the name of the Benevolent Holy”, then to the left shoulder and say, “Mother. Basically like this:

    Almighty Architect

    Benevolent Holy Mother

    Omnipotent Son

    This must be done over the whole of the body as I had said earlier. But it also must be done over your heart, and your forehead as well. So you do this essentially three times, which in turn, forms a trinity over your heart mind and soul, which also in turn incorporates the whole of the being. I know this sounds like some catholic ritual, but trust me when I say that this is much more powerful. This was taught to me by what I figure was an angel, one time when I and one of my closest friends fought a demon out of another person. This demon was powerful enough to actually trans-mute matter into different forms. This incantation protected us, so I imagine it will work for you as well. But you must believe that it will work, not hope…but believe!

  3. I am seeking help and answers. Since I have moved into my apt 7 months ago with my two young children weird things have taken place. At first they were small like the TV being on and not remembering if I had left it on. Then a half eaten piece of fruit in the fridge. I had my locks changed just invade it was the maintenance guys. Recently it has gotten worse. My daughters first Easter dress was laid out on her bed not by myself. The detached head to a doll was at the top and the body at the bottom. The head had a red circle like a sniper mark on it and die was written backwards across the dress
    . Since this incident I won’t let her come home until I can move. This morning I found a butcher knife stabbed into her bed mattress. My children’s father does currently live with us but the recent incident happens while we were asleep. I need spiritual help.

    • Hello M,

      My name is Ama and you can check me out under the Friends title up on the right of this page – Victorian Paranormal Connection.

      It all sounds very grim, but very human to me, although it might be a ghost who has been dead for a long time, and knows how to manipulate objects. To take care of any ghostly problems you have three choices. You can ask your local minister to come and bless your house, or have a medium come in who specialises in Spirit Rescue (ghost busting) and talk to the ghost and get it to cross over, or you could use this Invocation that Luna mentioned above, to clear anything negative from the place. Then, if the problem persists, you will know its a person fooling around, and not any spooky.

      // The instructions are on the page, and if you have any questions you can ask here, or from an email link to me on the site.

      Love & Peace

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