Is My Granny Trying to Tell Me Something in My Dreams?

I’m 22 years old and I want to know if my granny is trying to tell me something through my dreams.

My granny passed away when I was 6 years old but I was very very close to her. My mother was her only daughter she had along with 5 sons so she was very attached to my mum and me also. After she passed away I keep getting her dreams quite often but she has always been very nice to me in every dream.

I recently had this dream where in all my relatives are in a wedding and I saw my granny and I am so excited to see her that I go around telling people that she is alive… nobody believed me, but later other people also saw her and that is when my dream ended and I woke up completely startled! I realized that I was sleeping sideways on my left hand and I got completely scared because I felt someone is holding my right hand. I tried to console myself saying its just goosebumps but I freaked out because it did not reduce. I ran into my mothers room and told her I had a dream about granny and went to sleep after a while.

When I got up in the morning mother called me an asked me to explain what happened, once she heard my story she told me that she has similar experiences every now and then. She also told me not to get scared because its just my granny.

When my granny passed away there was a lot of problems regarding her death, since we are Hindus we had to follow a lot of rituals because the time and date she died had a bad influence on the house. Later the room she died in was locked for a few months. For the next few years they locked the room same time and date and nobody was supposed to stay in the house only for that period of time. I do not know know why and I feel she keeps watching me if I am alone and tries to give me other messages through my dreams.

She died because of kidney failure and she had a lot of responsibilities before she died. Is there anything I can do to help her and help myself? because I have been facing a lot of problems lately., Please do reply.

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  1. Hi Anonymous,

    My grandmother died 8 years before I was born – that didn’t mean she didn’t visit me quite frequently over the years until I was 29 .. she did. One particularly memorable time she put her hands either side of my head helping me to calm down and find peace, when I was very sad and very lost. I had a vision that night that really changed my life, and I know she was there helping me with the experience, just as she had been there, appearing in doorways, and out of the corner of my eye, all those other years.

    Going by the dream I would be asking ‘who is getting married’? I’d be expecting someone in your family to announce that it is going to happen quite soon .. or is it you? The dream meaning of ‘wedding’ can also be the ‘joining of things’, apart from people, like two businesses merging together? Is that due to happen? Perhaps, because you have been worried about yourself for a while now, she’s telling you that everything is going to just fine.

    Grandma held your hand. That’s lovely. :-) Don’t be frightened. From everything you have said in your message, I think grandmother is at peace and happy in the heaven you and she believe in.

    What did she want you to know? Something nice is about to happen .. and people will remember her because of it .. I believe.

    Love & Peace

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