Is Justice and Punishment a Trait of Man or God?

Do you believe in “Justice” and or “Punishment” as a God trait or Human trait?

Asked by Big Chief

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  1. Hi BC,


    You know my answer to that. I believe in Balance. Justice and punishment are human constructs. They have been created so that one person can control another person. It’s not just in the churches, its also in every other structure in society where any one person thinks that they are better than another person.

    We have so much to learn …
    Love & Peace .. start there.

  2. I don’t believe that “Justice and Punishment” is from The Deity. I don’t think that The Deity is a judging creature. But, I believe in “Karma” as “The Law of Balance”.

  3. Hi All,

    If one believes in the Christian bible, then one has to accept that ‘god’ set the laws for humankind – We’ll start with the 10 Commandments and then move to Exodus ch.21 and read all the common and natural laws which were layed down by the biblical ‘god’ – quite interesting. They are fair and just as far as punishment, restitution et all are concerned. – at least that’s what find.

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