Is it Possible to Summon a Daemon?

After recently reading a certain article on this site about daemons, it peaked my curiosity. They seem like amazing creatures.

Does anyone have any idea how to summon them? They seem like good creatures to have around.

Asked by Shelby

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  1. Hi Shelby,

    I don’t recommend anyone summon anything they don’t know a lot about. Start, first, by learning as much as you can about what daemon are, because its very easy to ‘summon’ something that is not friendly and do yourself a heck of a lot of harm.

    Or better yet, don’t summon them at all. They are not play things, and, depending on which person you talk to, they have lives of their own to get on with, or are created specificly for certain tasks by a person and can only be used by that person, or .. they could be demons playing games with your mind.

    Love & Peace
    Ama Nazra (demonologist)

  2. The daemon that resided in my previous apartment [if it in fact was a daemon at all] was not fun. It was not chummy neat or cool by any means and in fact made me very uncomfortable. So uncomfortable that I came here searching for answers over four years later. I can agree with you on one thing though, they are fascinating and do seem like they would be amazing creatures. Perhaps it’s best then to gather that curiosity and gather as much knowledge as you can on the subject. Maybe one day, one will present itself to you and you’ll be better equipped than I was to handle the situation. I have to agree with Ama on this one, I wouldn’t summon or even attempt to call upon anything especially if it’s for your amusement. If something from the spirit world is meant to enter into your life, it will of it’s own free will.

  3. Hi Shelby

    It depends what kind of daemon you’re asking about. Daemon’s can be anything, from elementals of our planet such as:

    gnomes, earth elementals
    undines (also known as nymphs), water elementals
    sylphs, air elementals
    salamanders, fire elementals.

    which are created from the earths energy, to self-constructed entities which are made from a persons own energy specific for a task, such as being created for:
    hexing/cursing another
    poltergiest activity
    healing etc.

    In fact, the list is endless on what self-constructed daemons can be ‘used’ for.

    Some folk can create daemon’s from their own energy at will, whilst others create them sub-consciously.

    In all cases, the definition is that the daemon itself is neither good nor evil in its own right. It takes on characteristics of all aspects, just as humans do. Or, to be more specific – its takes on the characteristics of what it was created for.

    As for summoning a daemon – the elementals will make themselves known to you if they want to, so no need to summons them. In the case of the self-constructed daemon, this is indeed a potentially extremely dangerous thing to do unless you know exactly what you are doing, how to keep total control of the daemon durings its entire ‘lifetime’ and – most importantly – how to destroy the daemon once you’re done with it.

    Daemons which have ‘broken free’ from their makers energy, and learned to survive without being ‘fed’ from their creators energy (particularly those who were created to do unpleasent things) are a complete mare to get rid of and do not respond to exorcisms (unlike demons/fallen angels, who are governed by Gods Lore.) A rogue daemon like this has the potential to be every bit as nasty as a demon, if that is what it was created to be like.

    Probably the most generally well known daemon you’ll come across is those who display poltergeist activity. These are generally created subconsciously by someone who has excess negative energy which is externalised from their body. Although the daemon is still connected to the creator, it is able to be quite destructive without the creator consciously being able to control it. The wierd thing is, if only the creator realised how and why that poltergeist was present, then the creator would not only be able to control it, but also destroy it. Again, exorcisms do not work on this kind of poltergeist as it is neither an earthbound spirit (ghost) nor a demon and therefore not created by God.

    The most famous daemon example I can think of at present is Matthew 14:25-33 where Jesus’ image appears, standing on the lake, next to the desciples boat. The daemon created took on Jesus’ characteristics (even speech) then encourages Peter to have faith enough in order to do the same. Jesus himself, meanwhile, was still up on the mountain, praying. The daemon is a remarkable ‘quirk of nature’ and should never be underestimated.

    Can they be fun to have around?? Well, it depends on the daemon. The one who came to stay with me for a few months last Christmas was a cute little daemon which had been construsted by someone at some point then ‘set free’, but they’re not all as cute and harmless as that one was.

    Quite often, children create daemons as companions, particularly if those children are the quite reserved types with little or no proper friends of their own to play with. Again, it depends on the childs character as to what character the daemon takes on. (Children can also befriend ghosts, angels and demons.)

    My advise would be to tread carefully when it comes to daemons, just as you would with any other kind of spiritual matter.

    I hope this has helped?


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