Is it Possible that My Spiritual Openness Absorbs the Negativity in this House?

If you have read my previous story My Paranormal Childhood, you should remember my lifelong bond to things unknown. So, since my last submission I have graduated from high school and am 19 years old. I have begun my life with my childhood sweetheart. We are kind of at a rough beginning because we have no place of our own. We are living here with his mother and younger sister. It has been 7 months since I have moved in here and my mind id so mentally tired from the spiritual battle I fight each day. You all can say that its what every normal girl goes through with her future mother-in-law.. But my eyes are open spiritually and see things beyond what others simply skim over. There has been a lot of tragedy in this home. This is the home that the divorce of my fiance’s parents took place. This house is basically the root of my sweetheart’s heartaches and bad memories.

In the end years of his parents’ marriage they had friends form their home country of Guatemala stay in the room where my fiance and I stay in now. It was a young woman and her mother. They were the cause of the divorce because little did my fiance’s mother know, her husband was having an affair with the young woman. Her mother was encouraging it as well. And in this very room they stirred up a plan to kill my fiance’s mother and keep the house and marry my fiance’s father. The young woman’s mother made a poison and to make sure it was potent enough, fed it to my fiance’s puppy. The poor beagle puppy died shortly after.. So every day she would sneak small amounts of the poison into my mother-in-law’s coffee.. as the days progressed my mother in-law started feeling sick every time she drank the coffee her heart felt like it was going to burst out of her. She never took coffee from he never again after that.

Later on, my mother-in-law found out about the affair between her husband and the young woman and the separation became permanent and divorce followed. It has been about 9 years since then. I feel that there has been hatred growing over the years. As much as my mother-in-law denies it, she is not over the heartache. But she substitutes this pain with anger. The anger is uncomfortable. I feel it in the house even when she’s not home. in many ways the anger that dwells within my fiance and his younger sister are similar. They get into so many fights over the most unimportant things and literally beat each other up over it. My fiance has marks still from when his mother would hit him with phone charger wires (or the thinnest wire she can find). I find it unhealthy to be this angry all the time. It tearing this house to pieces. I’m afraid the negative energy is going to kill my dear fiance.

After a unusually violent fight between him and his sister, he fell very ill. The anger was still very thick in the air. The bitterness was almost enough to suffocate me. I was very scared because he was running an incredibly high fever, He was convulsing violently and vomiting frequently. As a very faithful Christian I began to pray for him and crossed him with anointing oil. As I placed my oiled hand over his heart, a very ugly face with wide eyes and sharp pointed teeth came into my vision. When I saw that face I began praying in tongues, My voice was almost booming throughout the room. Then an overwhelming feeling of fear flooded me and sent me crumpled to the ground and I sobbed loudly still praying in an unknown tongue. Whatever spirits in this home really has a hold of this family. It is rather sad to watch.

Every once in a while I can hear something walking on the second floor. Not too often though. Though they do not see the danger in their behavior but I do. Sometimes A wave of despair will hit me for an unknown reason when nothing bad had happened to me that day. I had a dream the other day of huge black sharks eating everyone around me. I am a very strong woman but there are times when I feel my spiritual strength giving in to whatever is in here. Yesterday I had an argument with my fiance and a strange feeling of aggression came over me. It made me feel like wanting to strangle him. Many times when I have gone to church shrieks have come out of me when worshiping at the altar when the women at my church prayed over me. Is it possible that my spiritual openness absorbs the negativity in this house?

Asked by Marisa

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  1. Hello Marisa,

    Yes, its possible that you are vulnerable to all the emotions based in fear and pain that are floating around that house. You might not be vulnerable to the entity that used to be around your fiance. It might simply haunt that family, or you might have prayed it away when you were speaking in tongues. Although you have a very emotional reaction in church, nothing you have written here makes me wonder if you are possessed. We all react differently to the release of trapped emotions, so cry, and yell. That is up to us.

    To protect yourself and your energy I would suggest you go to my website and read about White Light Shields and House Shields. The link is below at the bottom of the ‘Pages’ menu. The page explains how they work. Learn them and use them. They are very simple and very effective for blocking out negative emotions in trying situations.

    Have you told your fiance’s family about what the entity you saw? What was their response? Do they have any legends in the family about someone connecting to a negative entity, or being haunted by one?

    That’s it for now,
    Love & Peace
    Ama Nazra (demonologist)
    (listed below under Friends)

    • I have told my fiancee about the thing I experience here. He believes but is fearful of confronting anything spiritual such as this. He has told me there is a long history of hatred in his family. Most of them do not even speak to one another. There were also many bad acts done out of jealousy and impulses of rage. I have read about the White Light Shield and feel that is exactly what we need to keep this house under control and free of whatever spirits dwell here. I will be sure to post whatever happens.

      -Marisa A. Chapoy

  2. Hello Marisa,
    The commenter above me, Ama, gives fantastic advice!!! I would follow it if I were you!! Come to think of it,…I have!!! LOL!! The white light shields work like a charm and I have had to use it many times.
    You appear to me, by your explanation, to be an Empath. You pick up more easily on others emotions and sometimes, are even affected by them. Ama’s advice of the white light shield is a great one in your situation because it will block out some of that emotion that affects you in your fiance’s home. it will also work on the entity. However, should you start seeing it more frequently, Ama also has a Micheal Invocation that works as well!! It calls upon your Guardian Angel to remove negative energies and entities from your own energy and even your home. You automatically speaking in tongues when you envisioned the entity makes me think that maybe your guides briefly spoke through you to help you remove the entity. I don’t think you were possessed.
    I am gathering that, at this moment in time, you and your fiance cannot move out on your own due to financial reasons, so my suggestion is for you to follow Ama’s advice, about the white light shields, but to also to cut ties. I don’t mean, in the sense that you leave your fiance or his family, but it is only natural that when you are close to people, their energy connects to yours and vice versa. You do this by, imagining in you mind that there is a sort of cord connecting to you and your fiance(and his other family members if need be) and you take a sharp object(in your mind, I envision a sword, Ama a sharp knife(I believe) and literally cut the ties. The release should be instantaneous. You will feel a difference, and use the white light shields as often as you feel the need. You may need to cut ties more than once, because it is natural for those we are close to to reattach themselves to us. Best of luck and keep us posted!!!

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