Is it Possible That I Could be a Modern Vampire?

I’ve been wondering about it after I read all the stories of vampires and for a long time as well.

I hate to swim, 5 minutes in the water and I get irritated and get out. I hate being in the sun, I’m always in the shade coz the sun burns me really badly and I get a terrible headache if I don’t ware my sunglasses when the sun is out. I hate being hot I would rather have winter all year long. I hate crowded places, ft feels like I cant breath.

I like putting myself in pain for some reason. I never liked it at all. A few years ago just the thought of hurting myself made me want to faint but now I want it.

I don’t know maybe its a phase I’m going through with the pain thing. Like getting myself tattooed and pierced. But the rest of it all has been like that for like forever.

Please leave your comments on this. I would love to read what you think about this.

Greetings Bekkie

Asked by BekkieLassy

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  1. Hi Bekkie,

    No, you are not a vampire, you don’t mention craving blood (life force energy), apart from anything else, and I am much like you. I don’t enjoy swimming, I find it exhausting. All my energy seems to drain out of me in salt water. It takes longer in fresh water, but I will still play in creeks .. I love fresh water. The sun .. I burn, I don’t brown. And heat stroke .. that’s what causes the headaches .. I can get it from 10 minutes in the sun. And I prefer to be cool, not freezing, because my internal temperature is set higher than the ‘norm’, and I overheat very quickly, and its very hard to cool down again. Cold showers don’t do. Believe me I’ve tried. I’m 49 now and have never coped in summer.

    Crowded places – you have a gift called empathy. You can pick up on other people’s emotions, and too many people can make me feel like I am suffocating too. So can warm air, actually. I can’t cover my face at night, because I can’t breathe, and yet I know there’s plenty of oxygen available in the air under my bedcovers.

    Cutting yourself .. honey, go and get some counselling. That is caused by emotional pain – as a way of getting away from the hurt you are feeling on the inside. It’s not a solution. It truly doesn’t work. No, I haven’t done it myself, but my daughter has friends who do, and we are always trying to help them.

    As for tattooes and piercings .. there’s nothing vampiric about them. Have fun. I am a chicken about needles and pain, so its not something I will do, but my daughter has some stars on her ankle, and a variety of holes in her ears. I banned her years ago from having her nose pierced .. she suffers from allergies. Nowadays, like me, she is allergic to metal and can’t wear jewellery of any kind .. but she used to.

    I won’t say vampires don’t exist, because psychic vampires certainly do .. and people do crave blood, and choose to drink it, but they do not have super powers. It’s not like its represented at the movies.

    Love & Peace
    Ama Nazra (demonologist) (listed here under Friends)

    • Thanx alot Ama. We have so much in commin.
      I just want to clear one thing I have never cut myself and the thought never crossed my mind.
      I had a very long time to think about all of this. The piercing was just a fase I went through and i over the vampire idee.
      I juts accepted that i am diffrent from most people and am more sensitive to most of the things around me.
      I vampires do exist… well done for them. Ill just be me.
      thanx again for you comment and yor right. I am sesitive to others emotions. I cant bare being close to someone who’s sad or angry. It’s like they drain the energy out of my boddy. I always try to get away as fast as possible.

      • Hi Bekkielassy,

        The cutting comment came because I had just heard of another of my daughter’s friends doing this. I really want people to know its better to find a different way of dealing with their pain.

        Here’s a solution to use when you go out in crowds, or even in your home when someone is being difficult. Up on the right, over the healing ‘newest questions’ you’ll see a link to White Light Shields. Go and learn them. The personal ones are really easy to use, and will make life so much easier to manage, because you will not get swamped by other people’s emotions. The house ones are good too, for peace and quiet at night, or even during the day.

        I’m glad you are settling the rest.

        Love & Peace

        • Thanx again for the advice AMA
          I’ll go check it out sometime

  2. Hi BekkieLassy

    Vampires … an interesting subject.

    There is such a thing as a psychic vampire. Basically, what happens is the ‘vampire’ person or entity literally draws off the victims energy to enhance their own energy. The result is the victim becomes very tired and listless. If the victim is physic, their abilities become imparred.

    As for physical vampires – well, there is a medical condition called Porphyria. Porphyrias are a group of inherited or acquired disorders of certain enzymes in the heme bio-synthetic pathway. There are 8 different types of porphyrias in total. It is believed that legends involving vampires and warewolves originated from the physical conditions associated with some forms of porphyrias. However, I do not believe that physical vampires (in the cultural form) exist. Only the poor souls who suffer from on or other form of porphyria.

    Regards cutting yourself, I agree with Ama – this is definately a health issue and I strongly urge you to seek out professional help to find out what is behind the self-harming.

    I hope you manage to get to the root or source of your problems soon.


    • Hey A.J Ryder
      Oh dear I replyed on Ama’s comment but forgot yours.
      I just want to clear this out. I have never cut myself or tryed to harm myself in any kind of way. Just the thought of it gives me the chills. I hate blood so much that I get light headed just emagining someone bleeding alot. I actually almost fainted when I got my skin diver piercing.
      Please be assured that I will never harm myself on perpose. But thanx for caring

  3. What is a modern Vampire. We know that the whole vampire myth started, because of the bloody way that he ruled. He was the original Count Dracula. The old vampire was a myth and nothing has changed so I would think that the modern vampire is a myth as well. I hope that you are not basing you question on thr recent tv shows and movies. They are just make believe as well. Is your question meant to be funny or do you really think that there are real vampires eunning around. My eyes are very sensative ti light and I keep my house dim day and night but I am not a vampire.

  4. The ‘mythology’ of vampires existed before Vlad Tepes, JK .. I think he’s the man you were speaking of when you said ‘the bloody way he ruled’. He only became Count Dracula when Bram Stoker took the myths and wrote the book.

    Love & Peace

  5. Here are some places where those interested can read more about Vampires:

    The Vampire Compendium

    Vampires in Culture

    The Dangers of Romanticizing Vampires

    The Vampire in Science

  6. The short answer is no, as vampires are mythological creatures, though similar entities are described in Eastern cultures, they were written about in a book by Bram Stoker in the 1800′s which then brought them to the attention of the West and subsequently hijacked by Hollywood for scary movies.
    A bit like the Loch Ness Monster and Unicorns, lots of literature about them but no actual basis in fact. However, both the Loch Ness Monster and Unicorns exist in literature because of mistakes made with REAL and NON paranormal events.
    The concept of a vampire is so bewitching many people identify with them.
    However, apart from the cultural description in the East of demonic creatures similar to Vampires, there are also medical diseases that can cause the same sysmptoms ; sensitivity to light, long teeth ( only because the disease makes the gums shrink and bleed easily ) etc so a medical check up wouldn’t go astray! Needless to say, many a poor person suffering a genuine medical condition were persecuted as ‘ the undead ‘ by uneducated eastern villagers who couldn’t understand the sudden changes in someone they thought they knew so well, as suddenly pale, with long teeth and bleeding from the mouth! The poor person was just sick but they didn’t understand that.

  7. Uhh… No offense but, I think those are signs of rabies infection… Being bitten by wild animals as a child I’m a bit too familiar with similar sounding symptoms. Did you get bitten by rodents or animals that are know carriers of rabies?
    Symptoms don’t occur instantly and there are cases that it took years before any symptoms of rabies develop in an infected person. I suggest you go see a doctor for that.

    Another is that you may have lead yourself to think that you are a Vampire. There were studies about people believing they were vampires, but it turns out that those people only believe they are. The blood sucking, shape shifting, manipulating vampires that we all know in popular culture is not real. I have been digging deep about the history of Vampires and it seems that the modern Vampires that we know of today got it roots from a fictional novel written by Bram Stoker, he took the legends and myths of an actual historical figure and made a hit monster from it.

  8. You may be even allergic to the sun if the it hurts you to go out in it. As for being upset that’s something else maybe depression. You should see a doctor about those two things.

  9. Thank you all for your comment and not to judge me.
    I should say that I am over the vampire thing. I can say that it was only a fantasy hoping to be one but im over it. I am special in my own way and at the age of 23 I’m pretty much used to all my sensitivety around alot of people and the sun and every thing.
    Oh I just want to say. I hate blood. If I should see to many blood I will faint. Thanx for trying to unravel my mind. something that I cant even succeed in. lol. Oh I love my tattoos and I realy want more. I found out that its an addictive pain. It happens to everyboddy after their second tattoo. I took out the skin diver piercing in my hand. It was just in my way. From now on no more piercings for me. Not clever to hurt yourself to look pretty.

    Thanx alot
    Peace and Love

    • Hey Bekkie

      Glad you’re feeling more settled.

      “Thanx for trying to unravel my mind. something that I cant even succeed in.”

      I think I can safely say, we all find it much easier unravelling other folks minds, rather than our own – lol!

      Glad the peeps on here have been able to help you.


      • Hi guys,

        One guy I know says his tattoos are his artforms, and they are, but he has to wear long sleeve shirts (and trousers) for job interviews.

        Site your tattoos well, Bekkie, society is not that open-minded these days.

        Love & Peace

        • Hey Ama
          Oh dont be worried to were I put my tattoos.
          Im thankfull for the advice though. I dont want my tattoos to show all the time. Im not getting tattoos to please others, i have them to please myself. Their al hidden and the others I want will also be under my shirt.
          That guy you talked about is completely right a tattoo is a art form you love and the only thing you can actualy take to your grave.

      • Hey A.J
        Thats completly true. i falso find it more easy to unravel others mind and sometime know exactly what they think just by looking at their body language.
        I can be very complicated at times and most of the time I don’t ewin know why I am reacting that way.
        but i made peace with who I am and all my friends love me for who I am and tell me that I am special in my own kind of way.

        Thanx again

  10. I agree with unraveling one’s own mind is really tough stuff, because the very first thing you would do is deny any form of accusations against yourself. Because many of us thinks that we know ourselves far better than anybody else we often think that there is nothing wrong with us. Often times when I’m alone I keep thinking to myself, “how do I look like on another person’s eyes?” well, to be able to do that you have to think like a totally different individual devoid of any personal knowledge about yourself and observe how yourself behave in comparison to other people’s norms. It’s a very complicated hodgepodge of psychological stuff, which would often make you feel degraded in the end if you asses things wrongfully.
    The best thing you can do however, is be yourself, do things as best as you can, and be the best that you can. Enjoy your life and do not get affected by the negativity of the things around you. As long as you are doing what is good and what is right and you enjoy your life to the fullest, I think you’ll be just fine.

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