Is it Possible for a Dog to be Possessed?

I just want to ask if it is possible for a dog to be possessed?

I have a Rottweiler named major he is close to five years old and up until a few weeks ago he was the best dog anyone could ask for. But after moving house about a month ago is when he started acting strange he would bark and attack things that were not there and sit in the corner and just growl and yesterday was the day he tried to attack me.

There is something in this house and I think its attached itself to my dog so please any help and advice I would be grateful.

Asked by Chris Richter

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  1. May it is nervous that its location is changed or may… feel a thing there that is harassing it

  2. Hi Chris,

    Rottweilers can become vicious as they get older. But .. you might also have some beings in the spiritual planes tormenting him, so I would either have a minister from your local church come and bless your house, or ask a medium to come in and clear the energy, and see if that settles the dog down.

    We had fairies that used to harass the cats, and I”ve seen one chased out the catdoor at my old house – the door flapped outwards about 12 inches before the cat got to it, and then he went through. Before that I had watched Charlie’s (cat) ears being flattened and pulled about .. he simply lost his temper, and chased the little entity out of the house.

    It might sound very strange – but I’ve seen stranger.

    Love & Peace
    Ama Nazra (listed here under Friends)

    • HeHeHe! You gotta love those little critters, eh?

      Do those fairies wander right through your home, Ama? Or do they just seek out Charlie to annoy??


      • We live in ‘their’ world, AJ .. so ‘my’ home is actually theirs. I have always found they have the attitude of ‘what is mine is mine, and what is yours is mine too’ .. that’s why they borrow things they like, and usually don’t give them back .. unless you ask nicely, and firmly. LOL

        As for Charlie .. I think they loved playing chasing? It was not like he could catch any of them .. he has a problem with sight – can’t see long distances – and they can move very fast. LOL

        Love & Peace

  3. ah may may be because it is not feeling good in the new environment .if you too have
    negative feelings after coming to this house it might be due to the energy level of the house.oh i am just a beginner in this stuff .i don’t know.well my puppy was behaving in a strange manner when i left him in a particular place .

  4. While it is possible for animals to become possessed it takes an extremely powerful demon to do so. I don’t want to alarm you but it may have attached to you and the dog sees it. Have you had any strange dreams? or perhaps just eerie experiences? Notice some things about yourself that you have never in you life done before….best wishes!
    Julie & Joshua Austin

    • hi julie ..i have noticed a change in my demeanor i used to be a very calm laid back guy but as of late i constantly feel anger towards people and that is not like me and it all started after moving in here around the same time major started acting strange.As for nightmares i have only had one since being here which is strange because even as a kid i never really had them.

      • I’m not going to claim I know everything about everything because we continue to learn about the world around us everyday. However if you are having problems that are most concerning to you first try to identify the incidents in which you are feeling like you aren’t yourself. Sometimes to keep track how often it happens keep a journal of how you are feeling. It is important to get these feelings out because the more you hold it in the harder it is to get the help you need. If you feel especially threatened burn sage it has cleansing properties just be sure the room is open so you will not suffocate. Keep in touch!


      • Hi Chris,

        If it was a demon, you would not have had ‘one’ dream, you would have had many, and be feeling a lot worse than you are at the moment. What you could have is an angry ghost that is affecting everyone’s emotions.

        I should have put this invocation in the last message, but like to give people a chance to do things the Christian way, if that is their calling.

        So .. this Invocation clears people and houses. To clear a house change the third line to read ‘remove all attachments from my home’.

        // Read it through a few times, then say it out loud. And if the problems persist .. you can find me here, or through links on my site.

        Love & Peace
        Ama Nazra (demonologist) – listed here under Friends

  5. Hi Chris Richter

    Interesting ….

    Well, it could be the dog is not adjusting well to its change in environment – animals really don’t like change. It might be some kind of spirit bugging him. It might be a change in diet??? Or, it might be an illness.

    My advice would be the get your dog checked out by a vet first off – to rule out any underlying health issues. Maybe get some advise on diet, to see if that might have any baring. Also, advise on general behaviour problems. I knew of a rottweiler once who got particularly grumpy when it was really hot – what is the temperature like in your new home.

    If none of the above get results, then I would suggest getting your house blessed – just in case a spirit is tormenting the poor animal.


    • I more agree with your concept than an paranormal cause but we must don’t forget a rare of strange and unknown animals like wholly black cats and dogs( especially at night ) be themselves a demon or some demons tend to those or participate with those

      • I’ve got two black cats Manns – Charlie & Molly. Rescued them last year. I don’t think they are any more, or less ‘evil’ than anything else. They are, what they are – just the same as everything else is, what it is.


        • Hello

          first , I told some strange and unknown animals no all . secondly ,we haven’t seen them before and they appear in a place sudden and unexpectedly. you say they are what they are and I don’t see except tow cat with black wool . I don’t want do make you worry but be careful (especially about black
          cats) those can be cause to absorb demons at night (it is not an axiom to be certain but i tell maybe)

  6. to everyone who replied thank you i will try all these suggestions and see what happens

  7. I believe it is possible. Growing up my family always had dogs. All of our dogs were well taken care of, they had regular vet care and most importantly they were loved. Each dog had their own issues. Some would be very nervous for no reason. Other would be very hyper and some even mean. Over the years, each of those dogs ran away from the home more than once. They were all afraid to go into the basement and they would look up and just stare, or bark, or stand in a doorway and just look as they were watching something or someone. One dog in particular got very vicious. She was a playful, loving dog, then over a period of a few months she started biting, growling, and just wouldn’t let anyone come near her. We took her to the vet for tests and they could not diagnose any medical problems. It got so bad that she would stand at the top of the basement steps and just look into the basement for hours, yet never wanting to go down the steps. One minute she would let you pet her, then all of a sudden she would turn her head like she was looking at something, then snap and try to bite us. I do think that animals can see things that we can’t and after the turn that our dogs took, I think possession is possible.

    • did you yourself feel any horrible entity or see a frightening shape with ghastly face there ?
      Then actually that dog stared to basement for hours ?!

      • We never saw a face or anything…However we did see shadow figures quite often. When you would be in the basement, you always had a feeling like someone or something was watching you.

  8. First get the pet checked for any physical or emotional condition that may be causing him stress. If It’s not a health issue. Its possibly a spirit/s, stressing your pet out until the point it becomes incredibly moody, like humans who are being bullied can remain stressed, or go insane from bullying over time, this spirit/s are tormenting your pet until it could get to the point of insanity developing in your pet, pets suffer emotionally as well as humans do. The spirit/s may be directing your dog with commands to harm you.

    • I took him to the vet which was not easy with how he has been acting but he does seem to calm down a little bit once i get him out of there.And from what the vet has told me he is perfectly healthy so i am stumped right now as to what is going on

  9. Dogs have much better senses than humans, so he could be hearing or smelling that upsets him. It may not necessarily be something in your house, he could be sensing something outside. My dogs regularly freak out for what appears to be no reason. We almost always find fresh deer tracks in the yard later. Do you live in area with alot of wildlife, or could your neighbors’ pets be getting into your yard? If your dog is picking up the scent of other animals it could be triggering a hunt instinct in him, which can make him difficult until he loses interest in the other animal.
    Another possibility is EMF fields in the house. High electromagnetic fields can affect people and animals. If your dog is being affected by EMF fields, it could trigger an aggressive response. High EMF is most likely to be a problem in homes with old wiring.
    If you believe his distress has a paranormal cause, try calmly and firmly telling anything that could be bothering your dog to leave him alone. Take charge of the situation. But please keep trying to find a natural cause. Trying to address a paranormal cause will do nothing to fix a problem that has a natural cause. Until you figure out the problem, be careful with the big guy. I doubt he would deliberately hurt you, but dogs react aggressively to fear. Make sure he’s looking at you before you touch him. Call his name, make sure he knows it’s you that’s near him. I hope this gets sorted out soon for you.

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