Is it Normal to Feel this Energy?

I believe I can feel the energy of, well, anything I touch and focus on. I was sitting in my bedroom, alone, and I was really bored. I was the only one in the house, and I was waiting for my mom to bring me some food from a fast food place. so I started randomly touching things. I started doing this because when I’m at a furniture store or an antique shop, I would touch the things I walk by. when I did, it felt like I could feel the energy of the objects I touched. its hard to explain.

so I’m touching random things in my room to see if this happened, and it did. I could feel vibrations in my fingers, like touching a vibrating phone. only, some objects had a really big vibration, and others hardly had any vibrations at all. I thought that was just the energy of the object.

so I decided to light some ocean incense. I just lied there on my floor, while the incense burned. as the smoke passed over me, I reached my hand out to it. I felt the strongest vibration on my fingers. stronger than any vibration from the other objects I touched before. I pulled my hand back, I was frightened at first. I don’t know why, but I just was. so I reached my hand out again, and I got the same strong vibrations. I thought this was really cool after I got used to it. so that’s what I did until the incense burned out.

as soon as the incense went out, the was a sharp knock on my bedroom door. but when I went to open the door, thinking it was my mom with my food, nobody was there. I stepped into the hall and look into the living room. I yelled for my mom, but there was no answer. so I went to look in the driveway, to see if her car was out there. the driveway was empty. there was nobody at home at all. we had no animals either.

so I walked back into my room and I didn’t know what to think of that. I thought it could be a spirit, since we have one in the home, but I’ve never felt anything as strong as the vibrations from the smoke.

i don’t think this is normal for most people to feel. I’m kind of confused and a little scared, because I don’t know what this is. if you have any answers or anything that would help me, I would really like it if you comment. thank you, Lil’ Paws.

Asked by Lil’ Paws

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  1. Hello Lil Paws,

    Yes its normal to feel energy, but not everyone can do it. And different items have different energy, their own, or the energy accumulated from the people that use them, like chairs. I notice that more and more children are being born with special senses, or heightened senses, and they see much more than you and I do. We need to cherish them, for they are the way of the future.

    What the knock on the door was, unless the house moved suddenly, I have no idea, but it didn’t seem harmful. Odd things do happen from time to time.

    Love & Peace

  2. hi thats a good question, let me begin to say that i cant answer just give you possiabilty. now myself i know what you mean with the feeling because i have the feeling daily for going on 4 to 5 months now.

    my first thought was that it was in my head, playing with my nerves on reaction of movement. how i would explain certain feelings are stronger than other’s is that in your mind some where you are atracted to that object. hearing knocking and noise’s come with having a spirit in your house. you where by yourself. i have another theory on it about being in touch with your soul you pick up on other sense’s. so you feel and hear things and the spirit can feed off your energy. so thats the knock. it hasn’t caused me any harm but people are diffrent in many was.

    thats just a couple of my thoughts on it is it could be normal i never asked.

  3. You could be in two plains at once. The psychical one and another one. You could be using more energy which powering your ability to feel energy.

    Every thing is energy and nothing is solid. You could be noticing what everyone has all ways felt bet never noticed. Your non solid atoms moving against an objects atoms.

    Dose anyone know of higher are lower vibrations can put objects on other plains?

  4. I think it’s a sticky area when we get into what is or isn’t “normal”. I mean, what is normal really? Personally, I think most people have some sort of latent extra sensory ability whether they realize it or not. Realizing it takes us acknowledging it, and that’s a scary thing for some people. So to them, it would be out of the norm. For others, not so much.

    I’ve always had a knack for feeling the emotions of others. Now whether this is a gift or just the fact that I’m good at reading body language, I can’t be sure. For me it’s normal, because I’ve been this way for as long as I can remember.

    I think maybe, if you stop thinking about it in terms of normalcy, it won’t seem so strange. If you’re comfortable with it, develop it. Let it happen. If not, my best advice is to try and ignore it, maybe eventually it will subside.

  5. thank you. i have heard about people who can feel energy, see auras, ect. But what about feeling the smoke?

    i mean, that wasnt just energy i was feeling. it felt almost solid. i did that again, a few weeks later, to see what would happen.i was moving my hand back and fourth, and i was jst staring at the cieling, the smoke of the incense, and random stuff. then, when i moved my hand backwards, it felt like i hit something. when i jerked my attention back to my hand and the smoke to see what i had touched, i saw smoke. and that’s it. just, smoke.

    how do you explainthat? if i have a gift, i would like to know what it is, what i can do with it, how to use it, that kind of stuff. i’m really curious, because last i remembered, people couldnt feel smoke.

    if anyone has any answeres or suggestions, please tell me. i would really lkike to know. oh, by the way, i do have a spirit in my house. i have photographic proof, an E.V.P, i’ve heard my name be called, my animals are scared of it, and i’ve seen it. but i would like comments about the smoke thing. thanks.

    Lil’ Paws

    • Hi Lil’ Paws,

      Smoke is just denser energy, made up of air and dust particles .. like the table is denser again, made of particles we describe as wood (or whatever). The molecules are woven tighter together, so it feels ‘harder’ to the touch.

      Some entities might give the appearance of ‘smoke’, and they might seem hard to the touch .. but really, when it comes down to it, we are all made of atoms, in multitudes of different forms. That you can ‘touch’ something that others can’t is wonderful. How does it react when you touch it? If its an intelligent ‘form’ does it try and communicate with you in some way, or are you very ‘grounded’ in some way that ephemeral things feel like ‘solids’ to you? What other energy beings have you tried to touch? Have you tried it with your ghost? If your animals are afraid of it, have you considered crossing it over? It’s had its time on earth, and the animals are living beings, and you and they are not supposed to be dinner for the dead.

      Love & Peace

  6. Lil Paws,
    Only a limited few psychics who can playback and watch movies related of an object’s history in vivid 3-D (even more vivid than the real life) by just touching that object and even can walk right through those scenes for a better viewpoint to inspect. Though that past cannot be changed afterall it’s just a documentary movie.
    For the movie of the past to roll, first (the gifted) you must look past yourself, forget yourself, and forget the room you are really in, can the movie be played. And better practise it with some safe objects (at home), not something unknown that may have been possessed by or registering overwhelming negative energies.
    And, the smoke you felt so real to the touch might just be a vivid screen a crude medium of projecting in forming.
    Well, lucrative as it might be in term (despite crusaded mission as might be intended) even if into archaeology, since without actually digging already can tell ahead where the exact spot to begin with.
    Later, if a visit to the Egypt pyramid, and be guided by indigenous Nubian through those tomb-raider passages, to where you can lie inside an empty crypt and to probe around, you might see a mirage of a small pyramid so real in floating until you touch that, it’s different, a static shock and sparks will incise a faint diagram onto your finger.
    Since you’re like an excavator or empath or movie-player, you’d find it hard to resist collecting informative profused things like antiques, so better be careful if planning on scavenging any for treasures as latent risks of negativity may involve (such as a skull or battled knife or furnitures linked to a massacre), as to avoid unexpected freak accidents.
    One day you’ll understand the world we’re all in is just a matrix, as if inside a computer programmed virtual game, sane or insane is no longer the concerned norm, since a particular role can be easily defeated (mortal) or energized, or ultimately be reprogrammed (immortal) again !
    What cryptic there, maneuver your designate play make your stay worthwhile, is the main theme.
    And the spirit you mentioned, if undeniably perplexing, well, identify it is not that hard.
    That’ll need some of your high resolution wide-view photos that taken, by you alone, inside your house especially your bedroom.
    Who knows, might turn out to be, just a holy guide (or a god whom I view as teacher or master) spurring you all around to taking up your intended task, or just a friendly dead relative.

  7. it seems so real. its so weird, i just cant explain it. and when i do run my fingers through the smoke, weird things happen. i cant touch something, and see event related to an objects history. ive heard of so many things psychics can do, read so many stories, but i’ve never heard of anything like this.

    its deffinetly different. i just dont know what it is. thats all i want to know, what this is. answeres?

    Lil’ Paws

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