Is It Just Deja Vu?

I’m not crazy, but often I dream about things and a few weeks later it happens. I notice the similarities between the two and I get a really weird feeling which makes me feel quite sick.

Before, I have just passed this off as deja vu, it may just be but I have answered questions before they were asked.

I haven’t said anything as I feel that it may be nothing, but I was wondering if I may have a gift.

Asked by Steve Smith

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  1. Hello Steve,

    Not deja vu, clairvoyance .. the ability to see the future. Some people do it through dreams, and some through visions (me being one of them). It is a gift, though sometimes it can feel like a curse. You are not haunted, nor are you possessed by some entity giving you the images.

    Keep a diary and write down all your dreams, and date them. Look for patterns in the dreams you see, you might see messages in the patterns .. the other thing is .. when you have something ‘come true’, you can go back and check if you actually dreamed the experience or whether it was a ‘composite’ event (made up of a lot of small dream images from your inside memory that might only have ‘seemed’ to make it a true event).

    I am not doubting you have a gift, but trying to ‘keep it real’. I like to keep my feet on the ground. :-)

    Love & Peace
    Ama Nazra (listed here under Friends)

  2. Agreed. Sounds like clairvoyance. Deja Vu does have a certain feel to it. Usually, however, with Deja Vu, you can’t quite put your finger on why a situation feels familiar. Still I think it comes from a similar place: A connection to spirit self, where time works a LOT differently.

    I had a dream a month ago, where my wife met me in a room in a huge dream-city I go to every night. I “pulled her” to me so I could ask questions, as I was extremely lucid at the time. It was when we met up that she told me “she had already lived.” I asked her to expound, and she simply said, “we all have, hon! We have all, already lived these lives. We all died long ago”

    Now, my wife didn’t say this a week later in reality, so I’m not specifically targeting Deja Vu here, but rather making the point that in a very lucid dream, my wife told me that we still don’t understand time……that everything we experience is a resonance from an old series of frequencies still ‘bouncing around the cosmos’. She seemed a bit candid, but it has to make you think.

    Do we dream of the future? Or do we remember the future in dreams? When we dream, do we experience spirit time, real time, dream-time or a culmination of all?

  3. Hi, I believe I have had some similar incidents happen to me.

    I know I’ve experienced these things before, but have just brushed them off or due to the length of time passed, I don’t remember what the experience was. The two most recent occurrences have been within the last 10 months. The first was shortly after I started my current job as a bagger at my local grocery store. I stopped by a checkstand to get a drink of my soda, and as soon as I got my drink and looked up, I remember thinking to myself “Wow, this scene looks way familiar.” After thinking about it for a bit, I remembered seeing a very quick flash image of the exact scene before.

    The next occurrence was probably a month or so after that,(also the most recent, no others sense) when I had bought an old military surplus rifle. As soon I brought it home and opened the box up, I got another flash image of the exact thing I was looking at in the moment. It had my mind very boggled to say the least. Could this be this clairvoyance thing? With the exception of the one about my job, I never see the “flash image” or “vision” I guess is what you would call it, until I’m in the moment that it actually happens. I’d appreciate your input on this.

    • “After thinking about it a bit I remembered ..” is not really deja vu. It can be your mind building a memory around something that happened that might seem very similar. In the supermarket, if you were looking at a brand new stand of clown biscuits, with clown, that wasn’t there before you got to work, but when you glanced at it you ‘knew’, instantly, that you had seen that same ‘whole picture’ a while ago, perhaps in a dream last week, or even last night, then that’s deja vu. An instant feeling.

      Clairvoyance allows us to see into the future, for most people, the past for many, and ‘this moment in some other location’ for some people. It’s not a flash of ‘I’ve done this before’, but a deliberate choice to ‘look’ outside of time and space as we know it. Some people only do this subconsciously, and so have an ‘inner knowing’ feeling about things, and some see visions – real pictures – of what has/might or is happening.

      I hope that helps,
      Love & peace

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