Is it a Poltergeist or a Ghost?

I have lived in my house a long time now and I have had benevolent poltergeists/ghosts in my house. The reason why I put both is because I can’t tell if he is one or the other and need help distinguishing. He often plays tricks and is very peevish and during such times he does not show himself yet at other times I can see him clear as day and converse with him. I am sure both entities are one in the same for I have asked him if he did the pranks himself.

He does such pranks as simply playing with the lights or rolling things around or throwing non breakable objects across the room. He always appears as an elderly gentleman looking to be pushing 65 – 70 years dressed in semi formal attire with a long sleeve button down black shirt and what I presume are khaki slacks. He himself is very bony to the point of being skeletal but still looks fit enough to be living

Asked by JR

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  1. Hi JR,

    Since you can have conversations with the gentleman, what happens when you ask him to stop rolling things around? What does he say, and does the activity intensify? Does he say he will stop and then it gets worse?

    Love & Peace

  2. honestly we don’t mind that he rolls thing or throws things he is a good kind of fellow and it is all good sport. he has never hurt anyone who we introduced. he is almost as good as the dogs at watching the house for us. and yes he gets well along with the dogs

  3. Hi JR,

    If he’s not really causing problems, its up to you whether you let him continuing living with the family, or not. Ghosts need human energy to remain on this plane, so he’ll be feeding from all of you. If there’s plenty to go around .. again its up to you .. but if you guys start suffering from depression, unexplained illnesses, or start fighting with each other, or the dogs become unsettled, I wouldn’t let him remain any longer.

    Ghosts are supposed to be in heaven, not hanging around trapped on our plane, and they are trapped. They are offered a way home quite frequently, but for various reasons they don’t choose to take it. The longer they remain, the hungrier and angrier they become. It is not about the age they were when they died, but how long ago their death actually took place.

    Use caution and commonsense. It is very easy to get them to cross over, in most cases.

    I can help if you need it,
    Love & Peace

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