Is it a Bad Thing When I Feel Like Something is Watching Me?

Whenever I’m at home I feel like something is watching me sometimes. My own bathroom is the only room that I feel like something is watching me all the time when I’m in there alone brushing my teeth or when I’m in there. I’m the only one that feels like something is watching me.

Is it a bad thing that something is watching me and that I’m the only one that feel like something is watching me? What can I do to stop it because it scares me?

I also saw a shadow before but it doesn’t scared me as much as what I feel when something is watching me. My mom and older brother also saw a shadow before but they’re not afraid of it so I know that they are fine with it. But I’m not.

Asked by Terry

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  1. Hi Terry,

    Have you tried telling whomever it is to ‘go away’. Say it firmly. You don’t to shout. If it has any manners, it will go. If not you might consider closing the mirror (which can act as a window or a door). You can do this by drawing the sign of the cross across it (water will do) three times and saying something like “I close you in the name of Jesus Christ”, or in the name of God, or whatever deity you believe in.

    Try that first, give it a couple of days, and if the problem persists .. we have other ways of sending ‘watchers’ packing.

    Love & Peace
    Ama Nazra (listed below under Friends)

    • Ama,

      A quick question?

      Reading Terry’s comments, I was wondering if there is a special umm… connection with spirits and the bathroom?
      A few friends also had the same experience with a feeling of being watched in their restroom. One occasion, when she looked out her window seen a black cat (yes a black cat, what a coincidence)staring back at her. Other times felt uncomfortable to the point that she left her house for the evening until somebody came home so she had company. Always happen when she was alone.

      • Good morning DK,

        Here’s a long waffling answer for you. LOL

        What is the one ‘constant’ about most people’s bathrooms .. water. Lots of water. What do people generally do when they get in the bath or shower? Relax? I would hope so anyway. When a person relaxes they tend to ‘drop their guard’ and become more vulnerable. It’s usually a small room, the window might be hazed in some way so that people can’t see in, and the water is warm and inviting.

        So .. warmth, sense of safety, relaxation .. step into the water .. be peaceful …

        In metaphysical terms water relates to emotion. The more water, the more emotion. We teach people to ‘drop the problems of the day and let them be washed away’, or words to that effect. What happens to everyone’s emotions if people are doing this unconsciously, without thinking ‘wash the negativity and stress away’ .. it accumulates at the bottom of wherever it is dropped. What feeds on negativity? What likes to make people feel unsafe? What likes to invade people’s privacy and give them a scare? Either that or come and inhale, and react when a living person walks in on them? After all, they remember the privacy of the bathroom too .. ghosts.

        To me a restroom is more a toilet. These days the bathroom and toilet are often built separate of each other. It’s a very good idea, for various logical reasons. In Feng Shui we are advised to keep the toilet lid down for reasons such as ‘all the luck in the house will flow away’, or the money. But again, its the same reason. We release pent up energy when we use the loo. In that case we (should) choose to ‘flush’ it away ..

        BTW, washing our hands after a visit to the loo serves many purposes, not just hygiene .. when a person does energy work for someone else, one of the ways to cut the connection between themselves and the person they were working on is to wash their hands. This works the same with self healing. There’s generally a metaphysical reason behind most actions, as well as a health giving one, we have just forgotten what they are.

        Love & Peace

      • Hi DK

        Bathrooms are notorious for allowing positive energy literally flow away. Kitchens and utility rooms aren’t much better.

        Feng Shui recommends placing a crystal just after the U bend on toilets, showers, baths and basins. The crystal is supposed to act like a net and catch energy and return it to the room before it disappears down to the sewers.

        I’ve had crystals on all water outlets inside the house for years and this does tend to stop that negative feeling that seems to reside in rooms where there’s a water outet.

  2. Hello,I am far from an expert I am just a person who is experiencing things on a regular basis every since I moved into my new home it became way way more pronounced and I was an Atheist.LOL I was cured of that the hard way.But,before what ever started to want me to recognize he or whatever was in my home with me I would have such a strong feeling someone was watching me that I would get my rifle out and sleep with it near by.LOL!! I was at home at night alone for a month or 2 after moving here because my husband worked nights and my daughter was still living in our hometown finishing the school year.I even have 2 pitbull dogs and one would always act strange but,this feeling of being watched was something way more than your occasional creepy feeling this would last for hours and I really felt a presence that was watching me.I even went and made sure noone could see inside my house from the out side by adding a sheet between my mimi blin d and curtain in every room of the house.My husband would make fun of me but it had that big of an effect on me,because that was how strong I felt it watching me.I found out about a month later when all hell broke lose here for about a month what it was and it was not a peeping tom as I thought.But,I think Ama is right after I came to terms with what was happening and it was not easy but I stopped being afraid and I would tell it to stop scaring me and it could be here if it would quit aggravating me like it sometimes would.But,I was very serious and I really know their are energies or entities here and I would sometimes scold it like it was a child because sometimes it made me feel like it was child like when it aggravated me in its many annoying ways.But,I know that feeling very well of something watching you.

  3. Hi all,
    The bathroom… can’t believe this! Wonderful to see because, guess what? lol Yep. Right after Thanksgiving the basket on the back of the toilet started flying off and into the shower. First once or twice a week, then many times a week. I was getting aggravated! Then, right after Christmas it stopped and hasn’t happened since. Wife and I were talking about this a few days ago and realized something:

    It was the holiday season. Whatever ghost it was, it probably died here in this 101 year old house (which I LOVE!) around then. Just sad, or angry probably. I have a feeling it/she/he will be back next year.

    But! This was also the same time my wife, daughter and I found a new church in our new town. But, my wife’s faith is growing so fast, that if it is a dark spirit, it may have been upset about the season and our faith. I don’t know…


    • Hi Keith

      Does this happen at the same time every year, or just this year?

      If its a one off, it might not have been a ghost. Was anyone in the household under stress at the time? Or depressed? Or angry? Or uptight? It may well have been something they were subconsciously doing and not any outside influences.


      • True AJ, poltergeist energy,

        - or it might not have liked your brand of toilet paper, Keith? Ghosts are people too. :-)

        Love & Peace

      • AJ,

        I mean it slammed that basket hard. The marks on the wall? We tried 6 times to duplicate them. It had to have go up in elevation more than 3 inches at a great rate of speed!

        Yep, just quit. I’ve always been here when it does it, but then again… I’m always here! lol It only happened a few times while my wife was here. Once just after we went to bed, then once while we were watching tv.

        At first, we thought it was the cat, but the force it took to move it was a lot more than what that cat could do. Big heave basket.

        And Ama, it didn’t have toilet paper in it! LOL Hair straigtening iron, hair dryer, weird brushes of all types, and other implements of female hair destruction devices. hehe

        This was around the same time when I really started to struggle with what I knew, and what I thought I knew. About me and my journey. I wanted to dismiss it all, as Ama knows, but spirits haven’t left me alone in 12 years now. Thats when Ama took me by the hand and said, “It’s ok Keith. This is real, but its not bad…”

        So, maybe my frustrations helped to manifest these actions?? Still think it was spirit though, especially with what happened last night with step-daughter.


  4. AJ and Ama,

    Not sure if this matters at all, my my golden retriever won’t go near one corner of the living room now. It I toss his toy over there, he just whines, refuses to get it. I told him, “No, YOU get it. Use Paw. Paw. Paw.” He gripes at me, but lays on his side to reach for it as far as he can without actually going near the rocker! Whimp! Incredibly smart dog though. I’ve had another one, but this guy is amazing. He literally understands most of anthing I say to him, but has never been scared of anything before. hehe


    • Sorry Keith, I am reading with blinkers on this morning, and waiting for my breakfast to provide some brain food. LOL

      Hit the house with the Michael Invocation. Or ask your angels to FIND whomever is in the corner and TAKE them .. into healing. I want to say ‘take them outside’. Are you sure you don’t have fairies?

      Love & Peace

  5. Hi Ama,
    Will do, but I couldn’t sleep either last night. Gotta do it when I more energy. S45 minutes worth llast night. Same thing with Katie, but I didn’t know what was going on up there, maybe thats why I couldn’t sleep. She finally went to sleep at 5, right when I did.

    As faras fairies go? I don’t even know what one is. Little women with wings, wands? No way…. lol


    • You don’t need energy for the Michael Invocation, you just need to say it out loud. It doesn’t need your energy to work.

      And fairies are elemental beings .. sometimes with wings and sometimes without .. and they loved giving Charlie cat a hard time when we lived in Armidale NSW. Here .. they seem to stay in the orchard, bless them. :-) Now if we could just keep the shadow people out of the house. LOL

      Love & Peace

  6. usually the demons that are in a place don’t show themselves simply but may they will you feel their presence. Some of those have a huge negative energy and if they look at you , you feel them unknowable

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