Is Disneyland Haunted?

I visit Disneyland on an average of 3-4 times a month and over the last 2 decades I have listened to stories of some of the Cast Members there (what Disneyland calls employees) and they swear that at least 2 shops in Tomorrow land are haunted. In one shop when they open it up in the mornings, frequently things have been moved around and all the drawers and doors inside the shop are open. In the other one twice employees have seen the figure of a young Woman disappear into a wall.

As for myself, I have seen at least 3 ghosts in Disneyland and have seen a video of another. The first ghost I ever saw at Disneyland, and who I still see occasionally is Walt Disney himself. Sometimes near the firehouse, above which he once had an apartment, other times near Sleeping Beauty’s Castle.

The next two Ghosts were seen near the same area, but years apart. The first one was a Man dressed for the Christmas Season who walked through a Hearse-Sleigh that during Christmas time is in front of the Haunted Mansion. The other ghost that I saw near the Haunted Mansion was that of a Young Woman, no more than 20-22 years old looking who looked at me and ran into the side of the mansion.

The Video interesting enough was also taken near The Haunted Mansion. It was after the park was closed and a surveillance camera caught a figure come out of the Haunted Mansion, walk through the closed gates to the mansion, walk through several chains and disappear near the Pirates of the Caribbean Ride.

They also say that occasionally just before the Park Closes, people working in the Pirates ride see the ghost of a small boy who they have been able to identify as a boy who was supposed to come to Disneyland as part of Make a Wish foundation but died the day before he was able to make the trip. They see him alone in a boat, after the ride stops riding through the ride.

Asked by Raymond

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  1. Hello Raymond,

    It’s nice to know the young boy got to visit disneyland, even if it was after he died. As to the rest .. a place that attracts that many people, and much emotion, happiness, sadness, and fear (it doesn have big rides doesn’t it? I”m an Aussie) will draw ghosts like a magnet draws metal filings. Some will stay and some will move on, as long as they are doing no harm, they just add to the show.

    Love & Peace

    • Hi Ama. There are a few scary rides at Disneyland. The Tower of Terror, Splash Mountain, Space Mountain all are somewhat scary and can cause people to be scared. There is another Ghost at Disneylad although I am not sure that it is still there since they made major renovations. Back in the early 1960′s a young Man got Drunk and decided to walk along the Monorail Tracks and predictably got killed by the Monorail. For years, at 9:30 at night you could see that Ghost over the old parking lot either going towards the Hotel or coming from it.

      • Thank you Anonymous, do they run ghost tours? LOL I know how popular they can be in Australia.

        Love & Peace

        • They run a haunted tour of Disneyland around Halloween but it has nothing to do with the ghosts there. I wish that Ghost Hunters would do a show at Disneyland.

  2. Raymond,
    That is fascinating! And I’ve often wondered if it could be. Now, I’m not sure about Disneyland. Never had the pleasure of visiting Mickey on that coat. But I have gone to Disney World. They like to use a lot of holograms and such, so I probably would have chalked it up to imagination (as that does get worked a bit while you are there) and/or mirages that are part of the experience.

    But, I’m certainly not discounting the idea. There are a lot of people… a place where, if you are not careful (ok….mostly if you are not willing to use your brain when considering safety) you could end up as an apparition pretty quickly.

    Unfortunately, I’m a skeptic of things I haven’t seen (reluctant skeptic may be the phrase. Want to believe, just haven’t seen evidence yet. I know enough to say I could never rule ANYTHING out just because I haven’t witnessed it).

    So do you happen to have links to such stories, videos, etc? Would love to check them out and read up on this more.

    On a side note: Space mountain rules with an iron sceptre. Tower of terror could be fun, but every time I’ve gone there are teenagers with camera phones that use a lot of flash to take pictures of the “scared people” riding. Very annoying and disrespectful, not to mention retina searingly uncomfortable……so not sure what the experience is really like because of all who attempt to impede it. I know you go up, down and see spots for hours afterwards :(


  3. Hauntings can happen anywhere. I have ran into spirits in newly built buildings. I believe spirits can travel around to higher energy locations such as Restrooms in other buildings by clinging on to people.

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