Intelligent Ghost?

I have always believed in ghosts, as everyone in my family has had experiences with them along with myself.

I moved into an apartment 2 years ago and things started to happen, like things being moved, but I thought it was just me or my dog. My dog would always look at the kitchen and stare at the oven, then put her tail between her legs and go into her bed in the bedroom closet.

Most recently my boyfriend moved in and now once or twice a week, one my kitchen chairs will be pulled out as if someone was sitting in it. At first I blew it off to my boyfriend doing it, but he swears he didn’t. Now I make sure all the chairs are pushed in before going to bed, so I know it’s not one of us doing it.

This week, it moved two loaves of bread that are always by the microwave, about 10 feet away. So far it’s not a bad ghost, it’s just letting us know it’s there.

Sent in by luvhalloween, Copyright 2011

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  1. Hi luvhalloween

    This is an interesting ghost story, but its not a question. Did you have a question?

    Not all ghosts are troublemakers, but they all drain energy from the people in the place they are inhabiting. If the two of you find yourself getting progressively tireder, angrier and fighting a lot .. it could be because of the effect the ghost is having over your emotions .. depending on what is trapping it on this plane. When that happens it would be wise to have your house cleared.

    Love & Peace
    Ama Nazra (listed here under Friends)

  2. first off , respectfully I recommend : you are a girl and must dealing with girls and it is meaningless a girl choose a boy as private friend.

    Then notice please some indoor dogs and cats watches Television .Those sit in a furniture and stare to TV and watch those favorite movies and programs for hours , even if TV system be turned off some cats gos to it , click its switch and does turned on it. therefor it is not an acceptable opinion if a dog or cat focus on a place it has seen a ghost.

  3. First of all I dont want to offend everyone who believes in ghosts. Secondly, demons do the exact things ghosts do and are the only spirits that can. They transform. Many people who claim to see ghosts in theirs homes, later claim to see demons in their homes. Read my comment on ghosts. Its on another comment from someone who commented on ‘the demon in the oak tree’. Third I believe in God, the devil, angels, and demons. I also believe that ghosts are demons transformed as long with ufos and aliens, gnomes, etc. feel free to ask questions. Demons can do all but the listed five things: know God’s plans, read your mind, touch a pentacost, repent to want to love God and be saved, or love.

    • Hi Chelsea,

      With the number of ghosts that around this statement of yours would be very frightening “Many people who claim to see ghosts in theirs homes, later claim to see demons in their homes. ” It’s not true. Most people who have seen a ghost in their home, only see the ghost and not something far more horrible – unless someone tries to convince them that is what it is. The difference between the two is enormous.

      It’s a mistake to think that demons are ghosts – they aren’t, nor are ufos and aliens .. they are the same thing btw .. nor are gnomes, one of the groups from the elementals that nurture this planet, regardless of what your church teaches.

      Love & Peace
      Ama Nazra (demonologist).

  4. Demons know everything but they cant read our minds or know God’s plans. They know what youll fall for and believe

  5. one more thing. They REMEMBER EVERYTHING!!!!

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