In Two Places at Once?

I live with my boyfriend in a bi-level house. Last night we had our friend, Matt over and were all in the kitchen talking. I had to run downstairs really fast to our room to grab something, so I told my boyfriend and our friend I’d be right back. Well, the basement door is right by the garage door, and I went downstairs.

When I came back upstairs my boyfriend and Matt turned pale-white right when they saw me. They asked me how I got downstairs so fast. I was confused, I had told them I was going to my room. They then told me they watched me walk into the garage instead, and saw me standing there staring at them in the dark not saying a word. It was at night, and our house does have odd things happening all the time.

There is no way I was upstairs, I was fully awake, fully sober, as were they; and have had paranormal events happen to me all my life.

Weird huh? I even made sure they weren’t pulling a prank on me. They were actually terrified.

Asked by Samantha

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  1. Hi Samantha,

    Being in two places at once would be fantastic on the busy days. :-) I’m sorry it freaked your boyfriend and Matt out, but its not totally unusual. There could be a number of explanations.

    What was your state of mind at the time? Were you cranky? There is a ‘ghost’ called a ‘crisis apparition’ which can appear to family members when someone is in trouble. The person who ‘appears’ is alive and well, but they are perhaps, thinking deeply about their families, when death is near .. and so their spirit translocates itself and they touch their family and then return to wherever they need to be.

    And then there are entities called dopplegangers, who can copy the appearance of a person, and then its not you being in two places at once, but someone sharing your image being one place, while you are another.

    Is your house haunted, by any chance? Perhaps the men mistook a female ghost, who might be the same shape and size as you, same hair colour, etc, for you and only thought it was you staring out of the garage?

    What else do they remember seeing at the time?

    Love & Peace

    • Hello Ama, thank you for reading our experience!
      My father passed away a few months prior, along with my grandmother…I was mourning for them at that time.
      I also lived in a house where a man had hung himself in my room before my mom bought it. The house was very high in paranormal activity and I feel as though I’m being followed by odd incidents.
      Since this post there have been many more odd things, such as glitches in time, lights turning on and off, music in dead silence, music overbearingly loud in non-silence, doors slamming shut, etc. Frankly, we are all still spooked lol.

  2. strange story but i might have an answer. i heard on the t.v. show “Ghost Hunters”, that we all have a spirit or something that looks exactly like us, and if we ever see this thing, we will die. i’m not kidding, but i didnt do any research on this so i’m not sure if that’s true or not. maybe that’s what Matt and your borfriend saw. the spirit look alike of you. ?????

    • Hi Pntera

      What you are discribing is called a Doppelganger. I saw 2 older versions of myself when I was around 5 years of age. It turned out my mum had had 2 miscarriages between giving birth to my sister and giving birth to me. Once I had found out the ‘truth’ the two older me’s went away. Up until I found out the ‘truth’, I used to play with them all the time (I almost typed “played with myself” then, but then thought better of it – LOL)

      I am now 44, so the theory that if you see your Doppelganger you will die is complety false. How irresponsible of the tv program to proclaim such a thing!


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