I Need Help With Phobia of Night Sleep

This question is for AMA, however if there is anyone who will also be able to explain my experience then please do feel free.

I hope you can help me. I am just trying to figure this out because I need to know how to deal with this. I have developed a phobia of night sleep because sometimes I get up in the middle of a night and I would either see someone, or like on several occasion two people wearing all black were floating on top of me and looking down on me, or sometimes I will see like a dark shadow moving about and as soon as I am up and my lay my eyes on it or them, they or it disappears. Although I can see what they are wearing, I have never been able to see their faces. It has been like this since I was 4 years old.

I live alone and sometimes I would be sleeping but not in a deep sleep and I would hear someone coming in my house, as in I would hear someone walking around my house. The kind of sleep Im talking about is like if someone gets in the house you will hear them or if there is other noises in the house you would hear etc. For example, the last occasion, I was sleeping but not in a deep sleep, then I heard someone coming in doing their usual stuff. So I said to myself that I had enough let me get up and go and see who is it or what they want. Just as I was waking up, I dont know what happen but all I remember was I went outside my room then I saw my older brother, he was wearing all white and by the way my older brother lives in a different country. So I asked him, how did he get in my house without the key, he did not answer me how but instead he was just smiling at me politely, so I asked him again what did he come to do in my house at such late hours, his reply was that he was around the neighbourhood, so he thought to come around and check on me. He was not giving me a lot of answers, I told him that there is food if he was hungry and then I showed him the room where he was going to sleep in and I told him that I didnt want to be disturbed and that I was tired. So I went back to bed. Immediately after I went in my bedroom, I woke up and realized that It was a dream. But I cant remember how I fell in such a deep sleep to dream that because before that I remember waking up to and confront whoever that was there and the things I have mentioned they happen very often. Basically I want to understand what all this is about, if you know please educate me.

Another thing is that most of my dreams come true and there are certain things before they happen, I usually know before they happen. For example, if I am going to get into something that will upset me or good news, I usually know before it happens or if I was going to get unexpected cash or going to be broke, I usually know before such things happen.

Asked by Kj

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  1. Hi KJ,

    I guess we won’t be able to throw you a surprise party, because you’ll know about it (the gift of clairvoyance (seeing) or clairsentience (sensing things)). That takes all the fun out it. :-(

    Let’s do the easier bit first .. do you know what astral travelling is? Your brother and you seem to be good at it. He comes to visit, but he’s very noisy, because you are both on the astral when you hear him. You might feel you are in a light sleep, but from what you said, I think its more that you are only just out of your body for the evening .. you two could go and have coffee somewhere. :-) There is only ‘here’ and ‘now’ on the spiritual planes, so you could go and visit him too .. and maybe spook him the same way? Have you actually asked your brother if he’s dreaming about you at all?

    The other sound of footsteps might be a ghost revisiting his old home. Since he doesn’t seem to be interacting with you, it might simply be a memory implanted into the fabric of the building by strong emotions. That’s not anything to worry about. You might consider smudging (white sage) the house to change the energy structure, that might release the ‘recording’ of the steps?

    Now, your other nocturnal visitors .. you don’t describe any really strong emotions involved in their visits, apart from the usual fear that spiritual beings inspire in us. They could be a number of things, ghosts, family members visiting, or shadow people. I don’t think they are anything nastier, because if they were, you would know.

    Shadow people seem very curious about people, and like to watch. There are very few stories of them interacting that I think are to do with the ‘real’ behaviour of shadow people, other entities might like to pretend they are them, but they give themselves away after a while. I have yet to read of any shadow people that are harmful. Have you tried telling whomever to ‘get out of my house’ in a big voice, when you see them? They obviously don’t stay about, but I would tell them loudly that you don’t want to see them again, and see if that settles things down.

    In the meantime, we have houseshields. They keep out negative entities. You’ll find a link to White Light Shields above ‘Newest Questions’ there on the right. Learn both the personal ones and the house ones and use them. It won’t stop you astral travelling, it will just keep you safer.

    And next CareTaker might be nice enough to drop in a few links from his site about Shadow People, Astral Travelling .. and anything else you think is appropriate please. Thank you CT.

    Love & Peace

  2. I know exactly what you are describing. Its been happening to me for as long as I can remember. I knew the day my Mom passed that something was wrong called her she assured me everything was fine. She died a couple hours later. I started having dreams about being in the house we lived in in a different state years before it would be like it was then my parents my sister and myself. the whole time while dreaming i know my Mom is dead but enjoy the time I get to spend with her in the dream. Got to talking to my sister about it and she also has dreams like that. I don’t care for astral projection cause i often feel like I am being drug somewhere I don’t want to go but I love my visits with her. Do you ever feel like that? Like you start floating up being pulled away and struggle to wake up?

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