How to Open a Portal?

A friend and myself and maybe a couple others are thinking of attempting to open a portal to the “netherworld, other side, spirit plane,” or whatever you want to call it on Halloween, or more specifically on All Hallows Eve (the night before) as I believe that’s supposed to be the time when spirits are most active.

Anyway my question is, how exactly could we do that and can we make it permanent?

Asked by Paradox4

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  1. Hi Paradox4

    If you had ever had anything to do with a demon, or a truly terrifying ghost, you would not be considering opening a portal into anywhere.

    I have. I am trained to close portals, get rid of ghosts and other darker entities, and help people like you who have got themselves into truly horrendous trouble through actions they thought might enertain them.

    Do not even consider doing this, if you love anyone in your family, in your life, your friends and your neighbourhood. Every single person you care about will be at risk. You are inviting habitation .. and its not a joke.

    Love & Peace
    Ama Nazra (demonologist) listed here under Friends

    • Absolutely!! I agree!! You should really listen to Ama!! You don’t want to invite this sort of thing into your home or your life or the lives of your friends and family!!! I foolishly did the Ouija board once with a friend, and a spirit,(I think it was my friend’s grandmother) who told us to stop using it and to burn the board. We took it to the beach and did exactly that!!! Be very careful when messing around with any kind of divination or tool of necromancy( Necromancy= tool or method to summon or speak o the dead.) No one really knows what they are inviting in, and some say that this connects to the “void” which is a place where lost souls and demons dwell. Not a place you would want to contact. Be very careful!!! You may think it’s fun now, until a ghost or demon attaches itself to you or your family!! Ama has dealt with demons first hand and has crossed over many lost souls so she knows what she is talking about!

    • hi my name is aly and i just wanted to know if you could tell me how to opena portal that welcomes entities i know the risk i’ve searched the entire internet and i know what can happen i assure you that if you tell me how i will first take it into consideration and i wrote specifically to you because i trust you and i dont want to end up with information that is not reliable anyways please send me an email later when you have time to answer me i would really appreciate it .

      Thank you .
      Sincerely Aly

      • Hi Aly

        Are you talking about portals which send spirit back to their own dimention rather than allowing them to enter ours? Like an exorcism, for example?

        There are many ways to send spirit back to where they should be, but it depends on the spirit as to where their ‘home’ is … and I wouldn’t recommend anyone try an exorcism rite on a demon without the proper training.

        But for some spirit, a simple prayer to God may be enough to allow them to pass over. But it really does depend on the situation at hand.

        If, however, you are asking about opening a portal in the hope that only the ‘goodies’ will come through into our world, forget it. There are no guarantee’s and it really isn’t worth the risk.


      • Hi Aly,

        “I know the risks because I have searched the internet” .. sorry, you don’t know the risks, nor the consequences, of opening a door into the unseen and inviting ‘something’ to come through. You CANNOT guarantee what will enter into your life .. and it will be your life they enter into. A spirit doesn’t need a door created by a living person, a ghost will use them anytime, because the doorway contains the energy of the person doing the creating, and it allows the ghost to attach to you and drain you of your energy, and a demon … is nastier than anything you could possibly imagine. Words cannot describe what they do to a person, but go and check out a few mental hospitals … some of the ‘insane’ within them are possessed by demons.

        Do not be foolish enough to consider that you should open a portal for any reason. If they are supposed to be there they will open themselves naturally, and close again afterwards. We do not need to create permanent holes in the wall between this ‘world’ and the ‘spirit world’.

        And yes, I do know what I am talking about.

        Love & Peace
        Ama Nazra (demonologist)
        Listed here under Friends)

        • yeah i guess you are right thank you for your feedback i just wanted to know but i appreciate your help . I wil spread the word to my friends that its nothig but a bad idea .

          • Thank God. And thank you Aly. I would hate to see you and your friends hurt.

            Love & Peace

        • Great post, Ama!


      • Hey! Aly

        You may also want to consider reading this thread … its about a desperate person trying to close one … but who is having trouble.


        … its about a desperate person trying to close one … but is having trouble.

        That’s enough to put anyone off …


        • and to prove my point, I repeated myself – LOL!

          • Hmm.. I think that’s called nagging, but in this case its justified. LOL

            Love & Peace

  2. I cannot believe you would even consider dong this, but if you do, remember when somthing bad happens to you or anyone you love, it gonna be ur fault. I cant stop u. But if you do, good luck, and good luck getting the help and closing the portal and getting help.

    • when i was a teen ager i thought it whould be cool to open a portal to bring up a demon needless to say it desroyed my life and my friends soon after we did it bad things begane to happen and it wasnt at all good my cousin who did it with us changed drasticly for one he was nice dresser and aprep of sorts but after we did that he strted getting tatoos and became very mean something happend that night to all of us and it took me 25 years to stop it and to make omens with it i lost alot from that and ill never do it again my sugestion to you never ever open anything becouse what can happen may be your last masterk

  3. My advice for opening a portal is quite simple.
    The spirit world is not fun and games. I can’t begin to accurately explain how dangerous it can be to invite something onto our plane. Ama is right, it’s much more risk than it’s worth.

  4. It is very simple I say seriously but I don’t warrant what will happened afterward . at midnight go to a cemetery alone and call them ….they will come late or soon and you will meet them.

    • what I offered it wasn’t my mean deceases but it was demons

      • This isn’t good advice, Manss, sorry. Opening a portal may let in a good or benign spirit, but you don’t know what else may follow it through.

        • Luna , I didn’t offer to Paradox4 to do such if you have read my first comment here I had said :
          ” It is very simple, I say seriously but I don�t warrant what will happened afterward . ”
          as you see I didn’t instigate him/her to do such risky action but I told if he didn’t give up

          • Yes, Manss, you did advise against it, but you then proceeded to tell him/her what to do. If it were me, and I knew how, I would have stopped at the warning and not instructed this person on how to do it. For me, it is a matter of principal. If this person were to open a portal at my instruction, and something horrible happened to him/her or his/her friends or family, I would be, in some way, responsible. I wouldn’t be able to live with that. Sorry, Manss. I respect your opinion and enjoy reading your comments, but this is one time where I would have to disagree.

        • You are right Luna …I will try don’t announce anyone to such ways again

          Thank you and be succeed

  5. hmmm…..and I quote:

    “…attempting to open a portal to the �netherworld, other side, spirit plane,� or whatever you want to call it on Halloween.”"

    My first thought is, if you deal with dark things, then danger may be your only end.
    You could say this topic is well out of my jurisdiction. So, whatever Ama says……please, for the sake of your own life/love/sanity/morality/etc….do what Ama suggests. This is no game. She’s a professional and I would heed her warnings.

    My second thought is: You sited many different descriptions of what you “want” to open. I also don’t know what to call it. A portal? A netherworld? a doorway to transdimensional chaos…….the fact that i don’t know what I’m talking about, gives me just enough information to know I shouldn’t be messing with it. I may not hold all the same beliefs as some folks on here…but when I speak to those who constantly deal with such concepts….I pay attention. I personally think that a “portal” could be quite different then the “spirit world”…so I’d want to know where I thought i was going before diving in blindly just for entertainment.
    For this, all I can say is…..Ama does know how to describe these things. So again….please heed her caution.

    Third thought was: What?!? A portal to the netherworld? And you want to make that permanent? What the hell happened to throwing eggs and gorging yourself on boat loads of candy? When did we revert back to…..”We must auger in the time of the Underlord…..we give praise to the Dark horned Interloper!!!” Just dress up as your favourite character and party with your friends. Geez!

    Very last thought was: Somebody beat you to it:
    (you can also search “Norway Spiral” on youtube if you want to see it….it was very pretty!!)


    • You ‘do’ find something interesting things, Siddle. :-)

      Thank you,
      Love & Peace

    • Yes, Siddle!!! You definitely come up with some interesting finds!!

  6. Hi Paradox4

    Why, in all that is in Heaven and earth would you want to open up a ‘door’ for all the nasties to enter??

    Take my advise – don’t play with the supernatual world. This is not light entertainment. It is not a joke. It is not something to play around with. You should always respect the dead and the devil, for much harm comes to those who think this stuff is just for laughs.

    Everything should be treated with the utmost caution. Opening portals in an extremely dangerous thing to do – even for the most experienced of us, who do it during the course of an Exorcism Rite.

    Keep safe, my friend. There’s plenty of other fun stuff you can do at Halloween that doesn’t put yourself, your family or your friends in grave danger.


    • Yet another person with “first hand” experience!! She is the author of “BOOK OF TRINITY” a based on true events novel. Events that happened to her and she DIDN’T open a portal!!! If you ever get the chance to read her book(which I recomend!) you will understand what you would be inviting in and why she is telling you NOT TO DO IT!!! I am sorry. I loved seances and Ouija boards on Halloween when I was a kid, but I was just lucky nothing happened and a good soul came through to warn me not to mess around!!!Everyone is right!! There are many other things you could do on Halloween(which is my favorite holiday, by the way!!) Best of luck!! No one wants to see any harm come to you, that is wh they are telling you this!

    • Sooner Or Later Or Later Or Sooner, People In This Life As We Know It, Will Be Using Mechanical Technology, Yes, Mechanical Technology, If Not Already, To Do That Kind Of Stuff, Probably…. What Then? What Do We All Do Then? And, How Do You All Know, That Some People, Haven’t Already Done That Already, If Not Already? Creepy, Very Creepy! from elise renee gingerich age 39 in Lawrence Kansas

      • Elise,
        With all the spirit activity that has been going on lately, it is a good possibility that someone has opened a portal and found a way to keep it open. Matter of fact, I believe, Siddle posted something to that effect, further up on this thread! :D

        • Hi Luna

          Yep! And someone else has counter-acted that, by opening up another ‘gateway’ which leads back to God. A lot of spirit being dragged into our world, are not coming here willingingly. Most are bemused by where they are. The ‘gateway’ is there in order that those spirits can return to their proper home should they wish. There they will be safe and at peace.

          Its a very busy time.


          • It would have been simpler to close the first gate.

            Love & Peace

          • What? After the ‘horse has already bolted’? A bit late, me thinks.

            Besides, a lot of poor souls who were in ‘purgatory’ have now been returned to God. So, it had it’s ‘up-side’.


          • I was being ‘general’, talking about the people who open gates into just about anywhere, who do not know what they are doing .. opening another gate into heaven doesn’t provide a fast track from the first, unless its deliberately linked to the problem gate .. and if you don’t know about it, how do you link it? it’s better to close a gate when you find it open. If its natural it will open itself again (and close again .. and open etc). If its man-made .. well, we don’t need man-made gates that remain open. The energy affects the earth plane, and any people living near the gate, usually adversely.

            That being said, what gate were you talking about AJ?

            Purgatory is an interesting illusion. I’ve ‘pulled’ people/ghosts out of the ground, because they thought they had to remain ‘buried’ until the ‘second coming’ of Jesus. That was an interesting group ‘dream/vision’, there were probably 10 of us doing te work that night. LOL Oh, how my shoulders ached the next morning when I woke up. :-)

            Love & Peace

          • LOL!! Ama!! Was that that time that I was messaging you and you told me that you were doing spirit work the night before and that now your arms hurt!!! You’re a busy little beaver!!! :D That must’ve been quite an experience!! Pretty sad that those poor souls thought that they had to stay in the ground until the second coming of Christ. Glad you were around for them. Wonder how long they were in the ground before you came around?

          • Hi Ama

            “I was being �general�, talking about the people who open gates into just about anywhere, who do not know what they are doing”

            Oh! I see.

            “.. opening another gate into heaven doesn�t provide a fast track from the first, unless its deliberately linked to the problem gate .. and if you don�t know about it, how do you link it?”

            Maybe they did know how to link it?

            “what gate were you talking about AJ?”

            Someone claimed to have constructed a ‘gate’ specifically to rescue soul’s. Did I read it on the internet? Can’t remember!


          • Yes, Luna, arms, shoulder and hands.. and I could feel all their fingers.

            It was a very odd ‘dream’. LOL

            AJ .. I would love to know about the ‘gate’ if you ever find it again.

            Love & Peace

          • Hi Ama

            Okay-Dokes! I’ll have a ‘cruise’ around and see if I can find a reference to it somewhere.

            Trouble with me is, I tend to ‘flit’ about and end up stumbling on something interesting, whilst actually looking for something else. You know what its like ……


          • Yes, I do, AJ, that’s why my favourites folders are jam-packed. LOL I get back to the pages eventually. Actually, my bookcases (10) are jam-packed too .. and I am going to the Theosophical Society bookshop today, to look around for more. :-) Some women collect clothes and jewels, make mine books!

            Love & Peace

  7. I would not suggest it. But I know how quite by mistake. A seance is one way. This was a way I became haunted when my brother died. but there may have to be some one who has passed in the house in an accident or other terrible death. Look up my story “My brother was killed and then haunted me.” Portals are opened also by mirrors like Nastrodamous. the great psychic. Portals are opened with the ouija boards. Sometimes portals are just opened by accident. for example a recent death. Sometimes if a person has been hurt or beaten a portal is opened. Like domestic violence can open up a portal. Your most effective method is if it is a recently deceased person, doing a seance. But the terror that comes with opening portals really is not worth it. An intensive haunting usually occurs. You may see or hear demons or the devil himself. How do I know, I have experience all these things I have mentioned.

    • Bravo , it shows you have some experience but I feel some of your explanation is
      relevant to some guesses. For example I think you haven’t seen what you described about that horrible views while opening a portal also i doubt every body be able call deceased without some capacity and conditions but as I told in my first comment in this post calling of demons are very easy.

    • Hi Anon,

      In my experience most portals/gates close themselves, unless someone interferes in the process. A portal opens to take someone Home after they die, but it immediately closes again. Even in our ‘rescue’ circles gates opened and closed, although we were often there for hours at a time. To have them remain open disrupts the natural flow of energy of the world.

      I haven’t read your story yet, but how does domestic violence open a portal?

      I have never been frightened, certainly not terrorized, by a portal opening, even those into the dark, but everyone views things different. The problem comes from what uses the portal to cross between the planes!

      I agree that it is far better to leave alone those things we do not understand.

      Love & Peace

    • Hi Anon,

      Are you Carri? If you are, your story is posted twice.

      Love & Peace

    • Thank you for this, and I am glad your recommendation is not to try it. Yes, Mirrors are another form of portal(I commented about this on another thread called “know any good ghost stories” by Ama Nazra. I had a mirror that may have been haunted and quite possibly a portal. To close them, you can use a cross or crucifix, and there are other things, but if you look up the thread, Ama tells the other things(if you are not Christian), so I guess, the only thing I can tell you is be careful, and that ny advice is NOT TO DO IT!!

  8. i look at it this way you wanna think its a game play it you will be the next jumanji have fun running from the elephants

  9. i forgot if you want to make it to were they cant leave make that deal so they cant mess with you haha

    that was sarcasim because “you cant not stop it”

    one thing called loop holes you and your friends will be one you wont die phsyical but mental take your chances have fun why it last

  10. I’m not going to sit here and chastise you and tell you not to ask such questions…what I will do is give you something to think about. Think about those around you…your family for instance. In inviting such things into this world, are you willing to risk not only your well-being but the well-being of your loved ones? Everything we do in this world has consequences. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction, I’m sure you’ve heard that before. At some point we have to stop thinking of only ourselves and consider what the repercussions will be for the people around us…those who didn’t have a say in the decisions we made. It is not up to us to decide the fate of others and in doing what you’re asking, you are. You are deciding to not only throw yourself into a horrible situation but, you’re also doing it to everyone you come in contact with. Now, maybe you should decide if those are consequences you’re willing to accept…and for the sake of your family and friends, I hope the answer is no.

  11. Wouldn’t It Be Cool To Use Actual Mechanical Technology, Like In Those Sci Fi Shows? I Think It Would Maybe Be Cool To Use Mechanical Technology, Like In The Sci Fi Shows! (It Sounds Way Too Creepy On A Spiritual Level Though, Way Too Creepy On A Spiritual Level, To Be Messing Around With Stuff Like That!) Please Do Not Be Messing Around With Stuff Like That! And Thank You, Have A Nice Night! heh heh heh Heh! elise renee gingerich age 39 in Lawrence Kansas USA

  12. Dear ana, i was wondering about something because my friends say they have “ghost friends” that they “tamed” but i dont really believe them also they said they have “ghost powers” and that there is a “black shadow king” that they destroyed. first are black shadows real? and second of all is there a way to do what my friends say they did?

    • Hello Saravv75,

      To start with a ghost is the spirit of a person who has not passed into a healing place when they die. They hang around humanity, feeding from our energy, and they are about as tameable as you are. Can someone tame you without punishing you to do it? Or do your friends ‘feed’ their ‘tame’ ghosts, which is how they think they are controlling them? I’ll tell you right now, they are wrong.

      I have no idea what your friends believe ‘ghost powers’ are, but if you would like to get them to explain, and them prove them to you, I would be interested in what you see, hear or experience, in the meantime .. I doubt they have any at all, but I’m happy to have my mind changed on that opinion.

      Since I do not know what your friends said they did, I cannot answer if there is a way you can do it too .. when you answer that question, I might have an opinion.

      Who do they say the black shadow king is, and how did they destroy him and when .. that sounds a lot like they are playing a game .. my son plays ‘dungeons and dragons’, or something like that, with his friends. It’s a role playing game, and they really enjoy it, but its not real. Are you sure your friends are not joking with you?

      Love & Peace

      • Hi Ama

        i just wondered if you could answer me this question ,two nights ago a friend of mine played on a ouija board and opened a portal he said it only moved once and they decided to back out and said goodbye to it could you tell me if this will have closed the portal as it said bye back he then took the ouija board out side smashed the glass pointer and burnt the board since this ,he has had strange things happen like objects in his house been moved eg found his kettle in the sink , his trainers was moved from the hallway to the kitchen etc can you explain why this is happening and if it can still harm any member of his family or friends …….he has been that scared he has now had his house and himself blessed. Thankyou.

        • Hi Anonymous,

          The gate/portal is more-than-likely closed but that doesn’t mean the entity that came through is gone. Ouijas open gates, and saying goodbye usually closes them. Burning the board is a really good idea. We don’t need any other gates, particularly as the board doesn’t control ‘where’ the gate opens into .. that is controlled by the attitude of the strongest human ‘mind’ in the group gathered to use it. If you are in a good mood, it ‘might’ be ok, but if s/he entered the process frightened .. you could link to anywhere.

          Two nights ago, and your friend has been blessed already. Good idea. The blessing should move the ghost out of the house, and depending on who did the blessing, and where the sent the ghost, hopefully its back where it belongs .. not just gone off to harass someone else down the road.

          Love & Peace

          • Hi Ama
            Thankyou so much for answering my question it is much appreciated, my friend was blessed with a preist who used holy water and salt and he has not had any more happenings and has now been adnised by myself never to mess with anything like that again. Thankyou again shona x

          • Good advice, Shona. I am glad your friend found help.

            Love & Peace

      • thats what i think….they might be joking with me and it makes me kinda angry. i cant really believe them much but i’ll see if they can proove it thank you for helping me out! btw they said that black shadows are very evil ghosts. i still dont believe them much

        • Black shadows, Saravv75? Could they be ‘shadow people’ .. you can research them on the internet. Most stories say that they either don’t interact with humanity, or only watch what we do. A few say they are evil, but it is not the general experience of those who can see them. Some black shaodows are demons .. but not very often.

          Love & Peace

  13. First if you are drug addict or play cards of any kind or oulja bords,behave badly or just call ghosts spirits,fairies,angels or demons you will get something more agressive or dangerous than you expected!!!Don�t call angels fallen ones will lie you that they are good but they are not, they will lie to you and don�t do any of this things, pray to God,stay in school or at joob or with family…….Just don�t do things that i have mentioned up first because you will get not what you wanted always,sometimes that spirites or ghosts will lie to you and scare you really grose and make you wanna pee in your pants,in other words scare shit out of you,when you don�t have luck even make nightmears when you sleep (bad dreams are not just bed dreams,that are demons that make you horror vision when you sleep)or hurt you in any way…If you want to call fairies don�t they are all arround you where are plants,if you do you are dommed because bad ones that represent black magic will prank you, just place food like sweets or fruts,and remember don�t ever try to call spirits or to open portals from other dimensions of wizards wiches ghosts demons or any spirit ,reptillian creature like dragons or any creatures that you can�t see eazy here it this world ,don�t do it!!!That creatures and monsters and ghosts are just traying to prank you and to eat you and thay are monsters ,if you have luck to get good ones it�s a metter of time when bad ones that hate good ones sence their way that they were with you ,they will attack you or scare you especally when you don�t expect,because they hate good ones and if you had contact with good ones ,bad ones will attack you, and even if you are going to try to get help ,others are in danger to , it�s stupied to invite monsters fro other realms here because this world is new to them and they have strong appetite and it is hard for them to resist to attack or scare or do harm and drink blood!Vampires,wizards,wiches,dragons,trols,goblins,any kind of monsters or spirits all that people know and talk about or have written books or made movies and cartoons about are in fact very real and they all exist and it is stupied to give them way to this world ,remember this is not a joke everything exists and it is everything possible so don�t try do do anything stupied like that to open doorway from other realms to this one because a lot of trouble for this world can happen not just to you and family or friends!!!I am not traying to scare you or i am not joking with you and i am verry serious about all things i sad and mentioned because i had expirience with that and scared me to not move for huors! paranoid state is not good for health and all people here tells you good: DO NOT DO THAT!IT IS SCARY AND DANGEROUS!!!Just pray to God and when you are in normal trouble like some bully is chacing you(example) when you hide to corner for several seconds ask God for help and when bully comes bully will see what you don�t see scary muscle man that will scare him away and that is angel, remember don�t even call for angels because demons or fallen angels will lie to you and make you do random murders and posses you or get you in any kind of trouble,so pray to God for help and ask God for help and than angels will help you those are real angels ,God�s angels…That is how it works!Remember to listen to all those people that sad don�t do it you don�t and give as message that you are ok!if not we are all responsible…maybe i gess if you are smart enough you will not do it, stay good and here in this worrld and you will be ok.

  14. Just to say, i’m glad to see a lot of good advice has been posted (Ama) but also praying to Archangel Michael is a very good idea, asking ‘him’ for help.

    No, not a christian ‘thing’ but trust someone who is quite spiritually ‘aware’, don’t open a portal because there is no way you can know where it ends up and the person who clears up will not thank you.

    Remember, evil comes by invitation only, don’t invite!

  15. Just don’t. I have opened portal’s before, they are not easy to open and immensly harder to close. It took me and to others to close it and we are all experienced plus we are chaos users (The power that is used to open most portals).

  16. portals are helpful depending on the intention and who its helpful to. wen i am opening portals just to transfer energy from one place to another i often discover that life forms notice my focus entering into an area . if i do not lose them they will follow and wait tel the portal is good enough to go through. i cant simply wait tell they leave because they some times scan my focus and trase it back to me. it dose not take them long. even if they do not get the chance to enter through the portal they will follow me and such.

    their is a huge prossess that is needed to make a safe portal. but hay you want to have scary fun. so why not just open one up with out making safety measures and such. who cares if they haunt you even if you only attracted good life forms. good life forms don just be quite and do what you say like their pets. they move, offset energies that you can feel, they even speak and move things.
    maybe you should open a portal jut so you can have a hands on experience. i call life forms and learn from them about many things. as long as they do not scan me are become willing to steal my energy. i do not attack them all the time. their all ways trying to leave some of there energy wen there cast away so they can find there way back to me. there never easy getting red of. and portals that have been cosed are started but shortly ended before completion can be oped by entities.

    i do energy work properly so everything is safe are what ever. one ting i found easy to get red of entities is to take all there energy and reprogram it so its your energy. because entities are only energy that can be observed, they will die if there completely consumed. all so other energies that hurt6 human bodies will keep entities away from you and anything you are envalved with.

    if you are a human in a human body it may be hard for you to do any of this and be safe. it is very easy for me and there is no danger for me because i am who i am and i do what i do in such a way some entities find me scary. but hay you should do what ever you want to do. even if its just for laughs and just or a day. the effects may be longer than what you wanted and the thoughts you had may be completey different. but how will you know if you dont try right? its not like they can tough and kill you hahah just because they can do that to may humans dose not mean they can do it to you as well. so have fun with what ever to decide to do.

    try googling psi energy ball then learn how to do it then program it to be a portal. the programming it is just what you want it to do.

  17. Are you people really serious, talking about portals and stuff. have any of you really read the bible to find out what exactly is the devil and his demons doing? to me you guys sound so clueless. i cant believe that the devil has his hands wrapped around you guys. playing with demons and spirits. this is exactly what he wants from you. no one has the command to cast out demons except through Christ Jesus. there is no such thing as souls leaving hell and going into heaven, cause the bible clearly states that when a soul is cast into hell he/she can not under any circumstance leave that place becos its his punishment for not following christ and when a soul is invited into heaven they can not leave heaven not even to warn their dear family. playing with evil spirits and thinking that is fun is only going to send your sould deeper into hell. people wake up, you dont have such powers. excepting evil in ones life is damnation to your soul. burning in hell for eternity and being tortured forever is not something you want to do. people think about it, no disrespect for anyone who read this but in reality whether you heed this or not is your own will. one day you will be answerable to God. I beg of you live your life knowing and fearing that Jesus Christ will have judgement over your soul when you dead, then just living and doing what ever you like, cos at the end its not worth your own soul. the devil rejoice when he hears such beliefs. the biggest lie he has ever created is God is not true and that there is no such thing as Heaven and Hell. i urge you all, stop thinking foolishly and live a rightous life. why worry about the devil and forget that Jesus Christ is the only Almighty God that through him all things are possible. and remeber the Satan hates you. he is a lair and a cheat and he would do anything and everything to get your soul where he wants it. and becos we are made in the image of God and we remind him daily of God, he hates us even more. But its not to late Jesus loves you and he wants you for himself. Imagine living in a place where there sis no more sorrow no worries no hurt just peace love unity togetherness and we are indeed kings and queens of the most high God.
    to whomever reads this. please think twice before you make any nasty comments, this could be the last warning that Jesus sends to you to change your life and follow in his footsteps. remember being a Christain and a true follower of Christ if thats what you choose is not going to be an easy life, theres’s goig to be much more greater difficulty ahead and thats cos the devil is going to have to work three times as hard to get you to turn away from Christ. but i say hang on to that clock of God and he will surely see you through. Remeber Gods timing is not our timing and what he does and when he does things its always perfect. and god promises everlasting life if you only learn to trust and put your faith in him. he is not a God that will go back on his word. he wills urely see you through every thing. and remember God is a just God and no matter how bad your sins are he will surely forgive you if you ask with all your being and you truely turn your waysaround. and as far as the east is from the west he will know your sins no more.

    God bless you people and i hope you guys heed this message.


  18. Jai, were are the facts? learn about humanology, psychology, physics,and biology, also learn the history of all realigns and how and why they were made. i dont have to disprove your blind illogical unrealistic clams because facts, proof, logic and the nature of life and all its aspects disproves it very well.

    In the bible it says not to pass judgment on others and let them willing chose there life choices. why are you disobeying your god your master your ruler tat controls you with a book that has been altered and changed and has added text. why have you commented on this subject wen your comment has noting to do wit the topic? there are many people that dont believe in realign. are you going to find every person that dose not worship your god and make them? you sound worse than god base realigns make non believers sound.

    you are very closed minded. are you aware of haunting and energy working? god believers use energy and are able to be haunted. search it on the web. you contradicted your self. you said that people are able to cast out demons through Christ, and you said that no spirits are aloud out of heaven or hell.

    why do you fear god wen god is sopped to be holy and not evil? why are you following god? in the bible it says something about only the week following. are you involved in society? it dose not seem as tough you understand what happens to followers.

    notice that ll iv said is easily researched and findable online. i have not lied are made whiled clams. everything i said has been proved and is on the internet and in books and life lessons. we you consider taking an English class before writing a persuasive comment.

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