How to Close a Portal?

So me and one of my friends were talking one day and he told me that he practices magic. He said he was new and didn’t really have anyone to teach him. So I told him that I know enough to help him and I told him make sure you only do spells with the purpose of good.

So about a month passed when he called me saying that he had learned something amazing and to come over right away. When I arrived at his house I could tell there was something off. When I asked him what he learned he said he learned how to open a portal from the astral realm to here. (I know that astral creatures can get here on their own but think of this like a magnet to attract them here) I told him that he shouldn’t have done that and we should try to close it right away.

I tried solo first but that failed. We tried together and we still failed. I tried Ama’s invocation but they keep coming and terrorizing me and him. I don’t want to just leave it there.

Asked by Jacob

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  1. Hi Jacob

    Who taught your friend to open a portal in the first place? Did he read it in a book or on the internet? Did he get told how to do it by someone? Or was it something he just did? Can he remember exactly what he did?

    What is coming through? Demon’s or elementals of some kind? Have any escaped into the big wide world?

    Sorry – I know – way too many questions. LOL!

    Personally, I’d be wanting to place a sturdy door on the opening of that portal and lock it securely, as soon as possible. So why not do just that? Imagine filling the house up with white light (this will chase the little critters back in to the hole) then once the house is clear, imagine placing a white door on the opening of the portal, then imagine a huge great bolt on the door to hold it firm with a large padlock securing it.

    Once you’ve done that, then you can work on reducing the size of the secured portal opening until it finally reduces its size into nothing.

    And finally … tell you friend not to do anything like that again. Its potentially an extremely dangerous thing to do.

    Hope this helps.


  2. Hi Jacob,

    Right .. the Michael Invocation doesn’t close portals. It’s not designed to do that. And, truthfully, you are unlikely to be able to do it. No offence intended, but you didn’t open it. Your friend, have you questioned whether he actually wants to close the thing, or whether he’s, on some level, enjoying all the weird stuff that is happening?

    And what do you mean by ‘terrorizing’ .. more information please .. and then you can write to me privately .. via my link here under Friends, and I will see what I can do. Get your friend to give you the spell he used to open the blessed thing, and email it to me, word for word. There are links on my site.

    Love & Peace
    Ama Nazra (Victorian Paranormal Connection)

    • They are giving me negative thoughts, depresion, nightmares, throwing items arounds the room and I have a couple of scratches.

      • Thank goodness CT did not publish that! (I’ll assume it was a link to a website!)

        OK! Jacob – I can’t help but wonder why you are the one being attacked by those ‘critters’ and not your friend? Would this be because you are the one who actually opened the portal?

        It’s ok – we won’t shout at you. We are all here to try and help you resolve the problem as quickly as possible.


      • Hi Jacob,

        I asked you to write to me privately via a link on my site because I don’t want the general public to know stuff that has led to you being hurt .. in the meantime, here’s a link to a white light shield that should stop what is happening to you by protecting you, when you use it,

        but to clear whatever is bothering you you are going to have to write to me from a link on that site and give me whatever it was your friend used to open the portal .. and I agree with AJ .. tell me why whatever it is is attacking you, or is it attacking both of you, was it you who opened the portal?

        It’s important if it was you in the first place, because you are the one who needs clearing.

        Love & Peace

      • Jacob,
        Follow both Ama and AJ’s advice, but you may need to find another Wiccan to assist you and your friend in the closing of the portal. You may even need a high priest or priestess, an elder of sorts.You have to close the portal the way it was opened, so to speak, or as I have seen AJ post on other threads here, you must do “like for Like” You need to gather up all the information from your friend about the spell he performed, word for word, whether it was his own spell or one he got from a book or the internet( I think that it would be decidedly easier, if it was a spell of his own,because his energy is in the spell and will be easier to close it, but if it is someone else’s it may be more difficult.) what exactly he did, what candles, incense, oils or herbs were used, etc.. did he properly open and close his circle before and after spellcasting? What deities did he invoke? I used to practice Wicca, but have decided that it is not the path for me. I am sure there is much that Ama and AJ can do for you, but my instincts tell me that this portal needs to be closed the same way it was opened; with Wicca. Best of luck and if you don’t know enough to do it yourself, please follow my advice and ask someone with more experience! It is very important in this case!!

        • also, Jacob, your friend will probably have to be the one to close it, with the assistance of the high priest or priestess, but be careful and selective who you choose. There are many swindlers out there just looking to take you for a ride. If you research Wiccan networks you may be able to find someone who is somewhat reputable and possibly able to help you.

  3. Those portals are left closed for a reason. These entities are in a different plane. Demons usually emerge. It is difficult to close the portal. These portals are opened by what you did or by accident. A violent act opens them, domestic battery or black spells open them. But once opened these entities are aggressive. I had a real battle going on. They came at me in the spiritual realm through dreams or physical world. I was under attack. I had to put on a cross. I prayed a lot. I called in a Catholic priest. This still did not stop the attack. I finally had to move out of the house. The attacks finally stopped. The attacks lasted about 1 and a half year. I had to do all those actions to get the demons to stop attacking me and my family. We had to relocate the demon still remains at my old house. He has been seen there.

  4. Hello Jacob,
    I dont know if you already tried this, but …..

    Have you tried praying to God for help? From what I understand, everything is in subjection to him. It may sound too easy to be true, but I would think its the most logical.

    The practicing of magic got you guys in this current predicament. I think the continue involvement in it, ( attempt to use magic to close the portal) will only worsen the situation. Try it, what do you have to lose.

  5. Through prayer an fastning an thoughts an actions of happiness of good can u exspell all demonic materia

  6. Jacob, lol you all are so funny with your gods preys spells and such. the portal is made with energy that you are not fumiller with so its much harder to move energy wen you cant mentally move all of it. the one who made the portal is most likely connected with it. small week portals need to e managed by a life form in order to stay exiting.

    first cover the entire portal with your focus on both sides astral and physical plans so you can feel the portal. you will feel cords attached to it. the cords are attached to the life form and portal for maintenance. you will also be able to locate the energy that is keeping it moving in or and out side of the portal.

    second. you need to attach an energy cord from you to it so you can monitor it and move its energy because you are far to week to destroy a portal with out knowing were it is and the type of portal it is. you need to have to focus on the desire to move every other cord that is not yours out of the portal and keep it out. every life form that is connected to it will rush to he area that the portal is in they will attempted to connect back to the portal and steal your energy for many reasons.

    third, you can fear what will happen and you can no think about future out comes are you will be disconnected from the portal and you will lose most of your energy and feel as they your dying and the life forms most likely will damage your astral body so you cant ever do energy works that will disturb them again. so you will need to exert dominance fearlessness and confidence.
    start taking the energy of the portal and through it into the ground so the earth can alter its form and do whats called grounding. so you need to take out the energy from the portal and force it into the ground. make sure wen you take from the portal you are also tarring it apart like paper. you do not want to take piece from it hat can be resembled.

    you nee d to keep energy from fusing with the portal. if the portal is getting energy from a life form, that is ok because the life form is losing energy and will stop giving its energy to the portal in order to live. by the time the life form stops giving to the portal it will be to week to fight well. if portal is getting energy from the environment from ether side you most place an energy barrier so energy can get in and also the barrier needs to extract all energy in side of the barrier. the barrier will push energy through it so no energy is inside of the and it6 will keep energy out. this wil stop most things from keeping the portal existing. dont forget to force all energy deep into the earth.

    as soon as a life form changes the energy in the area or surrounds you are its self in energy. ten the energy is easier to move because it is no inside of a life form. so quickly force it deep in the earth. any energy that is not inside you should be forced inside the earth so the life forms can use the energy. this will make it hard for them to do most attacks so they will try to scratch and hit you. they are all astral and you are not. so you can have the desire to touch there bodies. then you can move you body inside there’s and move there energy around witch will hurt them. and you can place the same kind of barriers around them as well.

    the portal will be destroyed before the life forms will be. and its much harder for them to stay in your plain wen there is noting they can use to keep them in the same plain. you dont need to make them go through the portal are anything. you just tare apart energy forms and force them into the earth.

    you dont need to ask nicely are make deals are reason with them. wen you began to destroy the portal you must have intentness of killing all that appose your will. there is no tallerence there i no mercy are forgiveness. you must kill!! if they try to leave. pull there energies back and force them to stay while you tare them apart. do not let them exape. they must die.

    if you close a portal it can be opened. so why would you ever want to close one? are you not able to make another ? wen you are dun using one simply destroy it and make sure you move energy in the area were the portal was because mos times a portal can weaken the barrier of plains. why do you all think its so hard forming closing and destroying portals? also why do you let lifeforms be aware of your portals and why do you not know ow to make portals that do not alouw life forms to go through it? why do you make it possible for them to connect to portals that you make? and why do you make them in your living areas wen you do not know how to properly form and manage them? why are you a;ll so informationaly impaired?

    i make strong portals and nothing bad ever happens! i have 3 portals in my room with that connects to 3 deferent types plains and places just to import hat you all would consider very bad energies in to my room. each portal has what many of you ignorant people would call demons. i dont hide my portals i just make them inatainible. yes there are powerful life forms that see my portals but they dont care to do anything with them are disturb me because i know how to make portals. my lifeforms cant sustain there forms if they are not aloud in my room by me.

    PS. just ask the right type of life form to destroy are move the portal away from your area. its very easy and simple to do. if you dont want help just move the portal your self. Like hello so easy to do!

    • Hi James,
      I started out reading you comment deciding to ignore your opening snide comment about us somehow amusing you with our beliefs, and continued to read past to the rest of your comment thinking, this persons might have a different take on how to help Jacob, but then you further decided to insult us with your “ignorant” comment and I felt that your comment did not further warrant any more of my time. You don’t get people to listen to you by laughing at them and insulting them. If you hadn’t done that, you might have warranted a bit of respect, for your take on things. Too bad.

      • some times i mess around and type using deferent personalities . then i analyse the replys. you mentioned your reading experience but you did not say anything about the information i typed. you seem to only care that i i called anonymous people mean things and such. i never specified. i kept it general. did you filter out the information pertaining to portals and life forms and only the mean insulting parts? why would you read a long reply that you were not fond of only to leave a comment informing me that you did not like it?

        why did you tell me i could have gotten respect for typing nicely? why would i need respect on a site like this. i dont even have a profile on this site why do you believe i care?

        any way i just typed that to see how much i need to improve on my typing skills. i was typing pretty fast for my regular speed. now that i have red my post i see my errors. half of the words are missing letters and i need to group information in paragraphs better. well im going to work on my typing and grammar also my spelling.

        • Spelling and grammar isnt really that important here. Those who visit and participate are from all over the world and not professional writers.

        • “some times i mess around and type using deferent personalities . ”

          Are you possessed??

          • A.J. Ryder
            lol thats funny. no i am not possess. i do many tings to improve my knowledge of humanology. If your going to ask why i seem different based on my reply’s. then my response is that i live in a human body, but i am not human.

          • LOL I don’t think so, AJ, he’s just rude.

            James, I don’t care if you can’t spell either .. but here’s a technique for correcting it, and sentence structure .. read your answer out loud slowly to yourself before you send it. It’s not a perfect way, but it will help.

            And I agree with LunaTerra .. why should we pay any attention to your answer when you arrive on the group and start insulting us all? You are not proving yourself a person worth paying any attention to .. and a long message will mostly be ignored when the person doing the writing seems to be mocking us.

            Also, from your comment I am replying to, you don’t care about how you write as long as its ‘fast’ and with a personality that is NOT your own .. so why do you care that we don’t have any time for you?

            You have two choices, in my opinion, you can start again as yourself, and take more care with the impression of yourself that you are handing to us through your writing, or you can go away. We’ll be delighted with either.

            Love & Peace
            Ama Nazra

          • yes Ama i am rude. thank you for answering the questions that you did answer. im not going to make any effort of being liked or what ever. i know most of the behaviors that follow relation of certain characteristics that o mainly portray with others. there is no knowledge gain. i have a strong desire for information. im not going to decrease my intake just to be liked are fit in a group because it will not benefit me. it is not fun to pretend to be a certain way nor is it unfun. some times its necessary in order to learn.

            i would pic a different personality to protrey but why would i wen i still need to know the effects aspects and everything ells about this one. there is an easy simple nice way to learn with out the use of what i am doing but no one ever wants to be evolved with my learning. i use to ask question about there characteristic to see how they would respond to things, but no one liked answering any thing that held knowledge. i use to ask people what they considered respect, love, peace, unity, emotions, and so on. i learnt that many people had different abstract thoughts and believes. hardly anyone new facts, and the facts they knew were common obvious ones that many people know.

            it became clear that people hate excepting the fact that they dont know things. they never tried to improve there self just to be improved. people did self improvement for reason that were not only about them such as status, Medea, judgment, ethics and such. i learnt that people are very unaware of the effects and nature of actions and inaction and how to calculate all the veritables . then i learnt that i would have to experience the answers instead of trying to get them. so i must do things in certain ways to get reactions that grant me knowledge.

            i am more than just rude. i am the psychology defecation of androgynous. everything hing i type on his sight is to increase my knowledge. every word is not in vain. even of there are no reply’s. i account for everything. the unred parts of my response serves a purpose as well as the parts that are red. is its…(i have no nice words to feel in the “….”) that people would rather stop reading great answers just because they feel insulted because they chose to relate there self with the general people that fit the description of whom i was insulting.

            i never give incorrect information on this web sight just to learn to learn. all the information that i give is true. this reply has a purpose as well.

          • Hi James,

            So you came to our group expecting to be badly treated, dropped in, was rude to everyone, and can’t understand why people are not happy about it? You must have been dealing with very young people before.

            The characteristics you are trying to understand – if there is concensus of opinions about things like love, or whatever, they might all be right, or close, but if they are children, they only understand on one level, when there are actually many different levels of understanding that we can grow through during our lives. What sort of profound revelations were you hoping for?

            I agree that some people don’t like to know they don’t know things, but as we mature, hopefully, we come to realise that we don’t have a hope in hell of knowing everything. But when someone comes along who wants to teach us things, we have to be open to learning them. It’s no use trying to shove knowledge down someone’s throat if their mind is closed. You can talk until you are blue in the face, and they won’t remember a word of it.

            Yes, we all learn by experience. It really is the best teacher, and on this planet of ’cause and effect’ .. its the only one that really makes an impression. You can fill your mind full of facts and figures, but until you apply them to yourself … they are empty numbers.

            You wrote: i am more than just rude. i am the psychology defecation of androgynous.

            Really .. have you used a dictionary on those words? Because the image in my mind is .. not good – and I know what they all mean. :-)

            You: everything hing i type on his sight is to increase my knowledge. every word is not in vain. even of there are no reply�s.

            Your own words increase your knowlege, and if no one replies, how does that increase your knowledge? Sorry mate, but that makes no sense to me at all.

            You: that people would rather stop reading great answers just because they feel insulted because they chose to relate there self with the general people that fit the description of whom i was insulting.

            No, actually .. people don’t stop reading great answer. Great answers do not usually incude insults. They include wisdom and knowledge. Hopefully the teacher knows also to use kindness.

            I’m glad you don’t give incorrect information. I shall be watching to see what you do write, but please .. temper your words with kindness. We do not require your insults, they show an immaturity and a lack of understanding of what is acceptable behaviour on this site. We do not appreciate rudeness, and your reasoning that what you do is ‘all right by you’, again, shows a lack of maturity that should not be part of a teacher’s way of behaving.

            Love & Peace

          • Hi James

            ” then my response is that i live in a human body, but i am not human.”

            Cool! I’m not human either so, good to meet you fellow alien. (handshake smiley)

            Where you from originally? Met any others of your kind down here since you’ve arrived? What have you learned about humans, thus far?


          • A.J. Ryder,
            i never said i am an alien, and im not saying im not. there are many ways the word alien is used so i am not able to correctly state if i am or not.

            i dont remember my past. all i know is that im in a human body with characteristic humans do not have. also my astral form is not human or look human.

            i dont know if you are Hummering me, teasing, or bean truthful. so please inform me.

          • Hi James,

            You said you are not human, but you are at least half human, your body is regardless of its oddness, otherwise you couldn’t survive as you do on the planet. That doesn’t mean you are an alien, it is possible you are from the fairy folk, or there was one person here who said they used to be a cat .. I think .. was it a cat? I have met humans with fairy spirits and alien spirits, but not animals ones .. but who knows? I guess it would depend on the animal. :-)

            Your astral forms looks whichever way you want it to. It will appear to be what you want it to be, or what you think you are. It’s an energy form, and could look like a elephant if you commanded it to do so. Since you say you know about changing energy (wolves question), I would have thought you would know that.

            Love & Peace

          • I would be willing to bet everything that I own that James is in fasct a human being

          • ama,
            yes some one did say they wer a cat
            will you teach me about fairies and aliens? i know noting of the two.

            yes i know astral can change forms with will. i did not expect are desire to see a form i only wanted to see how my body is but it was shaped like my physical for for obvious reasons. so i desired my astral to form what felt natural.

            the human body is programmed with certain human aspects. so being in a human body dose change the way life forms do things and such in the body. i am not human at all. if you dont believe me then whatever.

            i just want to learn about fairies and aliens now. will you teach me?

          • James – This page is “How to Close a Portal?” – We need to stay on the topic at hand as much as we can. If you want to ask other questions there is a link at the top – //

          • HI James

            “dont know if you are Hummering me, teasing, or bean truthful. so please inform me.”

            I’m being totally honest with you. Please, start a new thread in the Q&A section like CT suggested and then we can discuss this all you want.


          • LMFAO

            I was thinking the same thing A.J. :)

    • Hello James.

      You a perfect example of why I tell people not to fool around with things they do not understand.

      And no, I am not one of the ‘ignorant’ people you are writing to. I am one of the intelligent folk who know how to do what you do, and know better than to do it.

      What you wrote here is a great explanation of why people should NOT open portals. Thank you for that. I don’t think you did it on purpose, but the information on the multitudes of dangers is very good.

      Love & Peace
      Ama Nazra

      • CareTaker thanks for the information it is helpful.

        Ama i’m glad you don’t apply negative comments to your self wen they do not apply to you. i red some of your typing’s to other post and there good. i dont know what you are refereeing to wen you said “I don�t think you did it on purpose” Not including the typos, i did type what i typed how i typed it purposely. i intentionally formed the portals . i require certain non human energies to maintain my sanity also my astral and physical body’s heath.

        To Everyone,
        the dangerous and risk i typed are just a few obvious ones. there is no such thing as common risk and such wen working with portals do to the fact that earth bast logic and facts also physics are completely different wen you take two realities that are far different, they can blind together and tare things asunder. mixing compounds with other elements forming and creating new tings or things that are not new but not know to exist by in the human knowledge. its like learning the world and everything in it again. you will need to know it all fast if you want to know what to do how and why to do it.

        If you believe the life forms on this planet are evil, nasty, crazy, manipulative, scary. Then the ideal that there are a number of different forms of life with and without physical forms existing on other planets is far to horrifyingly difficult to think about. They do exist and have existed before earth. portals can be formed almost any were What will you do how will you prepare what will you prepare for are you strong enough for what ever it is. how will you know what there intentions are? Who cares! that’s to much to thing about for most humans, but how dose one decrease the amount of paranormal activities so them can live a mundane life?

        Dont make portals!!!! but if you still want to make portals its quite easy. a portal is a connecting shape of energy that weakens the beerier that keeps plains separated. Example= a hole in the wall. that is the concept. a concept is not a simple instruction of making one. its just a necessarily element of a portal.

        • Well James, I was hoping you weren’t being rude to us on purpose, nor feeding untrained minds with information that might end up with them getting hurt .. just because you can. I try to temper what I teach with commonsense. I ask people to write to me privately when I think an issue really needs to be sorted, otherwise I try and write in a general way, and don’t call people names.

          If you are some sort of alien, and not a very selfish 13 year old boy, you might consider adding psychology lessons to your training, so that you will understand ‘how’ the human mind works – and then perhaps what you choose to say, and how you say it, won’t offend people.

          Also .. good english, good spelling, and good sentence structures would make your messages a lot easier to read than they are now. We don’t expect it from our non-english-speaking friends, but I don’t think you are a foreigner .. though you are welcome to correct me there.

          Love & Peace

          • Iv blunt direct and uncaring. most people say that’s being rude. so its just easier saying that i am rude wen im not. i dont call people names. i stated facts that are supported by there typing’s. i never said any one was anything because i kept it general and did not point out individuals. therefore they insulted there self with my words.

            people find website to get information to handle a problem and you immediately take them away from the website that everyone can learn from. this is one main reason why there is no detailed information of tings that can be dangerous. its also a reason why people do things like make portals. there is no information informing people of dangers and real facts. the people are anonymous on here as they want to be and you get them from putting information on the web sight that can help others understand the pro and cons so they may make better decisions.

            i have a few psychology books that i learn from. i take psychology classes. i analyze everything all the time. i read books in other things such as energy and other life forms. i obtain information in a few paranormal ways as well. i am studying to get my masters degree in psychology. No you dont cal people names. you do something much more painful witch you said in your second paragraph. you judged, restricted the responsis i could say, made everything i ever said seem s though it is trash and dose not have any good qualities. you even changed the point of this discussion. you have good grammar so i think you know what you were doing in that second paragraph.

            your third paragraph shows that you lied to me. you said you dont care about the grammer or spelling and it did not mater. now you tried to make me feel out of place and unable to go on with this discussion.

            have you learnt how to stop me from typing the way ii do in this page? i said before i dont care about anything but learning. The solution to get me to stop replying like this is vary simple. im not completely sure what you truly want, so enjoy your life and you are able to get want you want. you just have to stop mentally relaxing or doing what ever it is that might be impairing your cognative skills.

            See what i did there isn’t that awesome.

          • Studying for a Masters Degree and you cant even spell?

            AND you think that you did something awesome? Hilarious AND ridiculous at the same time :)

          • i never said i can or cant spell. i said i need to work on it but i never stated type of words i need to work on. i am able to learn psychology with my grammar and spelling skills that i use wen i am in class. i never said that i try to spell correctly on this site.

            wen i said i did something awesome. i did not mean i did anything awesome. the sentence had an abstract purpose. your typing is refreshing to read.

          • Hey CT,

            Why do we play with these people? I suppose he’s a change from the fundies. LOL

            James, acknowledging you are blunt, direct and uncaring is not going to excuse the behaviour. And I did not tell you what you could or couldn’t do, I was asking you to be more careful and polite. I was also asking you to consider the safety of other people before posting what you ‘think’ they should learn. Your opinion is valid, but we have children who read this site, so why not ask CT to pass messages through to your private email for those who want to learn to do things your way? And if you have webpages with the information on them, you can post the link here and, if CT is happy with it, he’ll allow it to appear in your message. If he doesn’t, he’ll have a very good reason for not doing so.

            Right now I doubt you study psychology simply because you respond like a child. If English is not your first language say so so we can all understand your difficulty, otherwise I too will continue to think you are very young. As for grammar and spelling, as I said before, your messages would be much easier to understand if the words couldn’t be misinterpreted to have some other meaning. I am still giggling over your comment about being androgynous (my) yesterday.

            Love & Peace

          • Hey Ama

            I just dont have any patience with people like this. Perhaps it is a fault but I am just being honest. I suppose he is entertaining a bit. I admit that when I was in college myself I tutored grad students and high school teachers working on their degrees and many of them could barely write, spell or do math! My question was ‘how did they get that far in the first place?” I dont know if James is psychology or working on a Masters or not and it would be irrelevant anyway. I tend to be blunt myself and am sometimes called a smart alec but all I see in James’ posts is nonsense – of course that is MY opinion

          • Don’t get me started on high school teachers who can’t spell anything over five letters, CT .. you could have knocked me down with a feather when the man confessed that. I was teaching 8 students from his class how to spell that term. The standard of education now is appalling.

            I am blunt too, and call a spade a bl**dy shovel LOL I’m an Aussie, what do people expect? LOL ;-)

            What can we do about folks like James? Well, you do the right thing. You let them speak. You also let us disagree, and you state your opinion when you feel its appropriate. Can’t fault you there, and I wouldn’t. You are a good moderator of this group.

            If James can’t take it he can leave, otherwise .. maybe he will learn to address himself to the group more politely. We are not here for his entertainment, though he has provided me some. :-)

            Love & Peace

          • its very simple. i dont care about anything on this site but learning. i am learning new things so why would i change what i am doing before i am dun learning in such a manner. i dont care what anyone thinks of me. i just want to learn witch i am doing.

            my key bored dose not work well with my long nails so some times i dont press the keys hard enough and some tiles i misspell and i dont care to correct much. englesh is the only human language i speak. i dont use words to think. i have to learn the culture and ethics to understand the way people use words so that i can use words in the same way as they do so that i am correctly understud. that takes to much time over the web so i use all words literally. talking to communicate is not natural for me. i must use more abilities than many people to understand and reply so my gramer is not great all the time.

            just so you all know. i dont feel anything towards any one. nothing is personal to me. i dont take things what you would call personal. you dont have to prove your reasons for anything because i am not looking for friends and such. i just want more information in general. i do not have a stopping point for knowledge. if you wont me to stop are do things differently your going to have to say it bluntly.

  7. i fully agree with AMA. the way i am using this site is not proper and im not even nice about it. i sm being sinsear as i have been on this site.

    you all are so nice with your morals and ethics. it appears that i have come to the ending of my questions that i did not bother to ask because i used a different way of getting the answers. no the questions had nothing to do with the topic. im all dun being rude and what ever ells i was being that was not nice.

    thank you for replying and approving my replies. no this dose not mean i turned over a new leaf so to speak.

    • Just so you’re clear on this I am the one who moderates the comments here :)

      • do my topics need to be paranormal?

        • Well it would depend upon ones definition of the word “Paranormal”. We have questions about religion, strange creatures, UFOs and Aliens, the afterlife, and a lot more. Pretty much anything “out of the so called normal”

          The reason I ask that we try to keep these on topic is because it makes it much easier for those who come later as well as our many many visitors who read but do not comment (Probably 99% or more of all the visitors to this site do not post comments).

      • CareTaker
        im sorry i forgot to say your name wen i was thanking you. i new that you approve comments wen i was thanking people. often forget to include names

    • I get you when you said you’re not human, James. You are by definition the epitome of an internet troll. Let’s consider the characteristics of said troll for a moment, shall we? Internet trolls generally show a lack of knowledge to the topic at hand (let’s just start with your first comment for this one). Check. They use a mixture of friendly and confrontational replies (one would only have to read a few of your comments to get the gist on this one). Check. They use attention seeking gimmicks (as in your statement about not being human). Check. They make provocative statements and sweeping generalizations (as in calling everyone here ignorant.) That fits you to a T now doesn’t it?

      I find this usually boils down to d-ego (digital ego). You don’t have much by way of social skills, so therefore you are probably lacking in genuine human interactions. Perhaps your time would be better spent out of your mother’s basement and in the real with those of us that are human ;) If you’re half as intelligent as you seem to think you are, I’m sure there are tons of things you can find to do with your time, other than attempting to start flame wars.

      Now, I did just violate the most important rule in situations such as this…not feeding the troll. However my curiousity is piqued now. I have to ask, since you are admittedly not a human being, what exactly do trolls eat?

      • i dont know why you made your reply about trolls. i said i would stop being rude.
        you said ” Let�s consider the characteristics of said troll for a moment, shall we?” you ask me a question and you did not wit for my answer. you said lets considered. it makes no scenes for me to comment wen you never stated if you are using facts are true information. consideration can mean thinking of facts or adding things like what ifs( depending on the couture and grimmer of the person that uses the word). therefor it all seems abstract to me and i cant respond to your reply.

        Ego. i dont have self- importance. i see why i would matter to in general. why would i care if i matter or not? why would i want to matter? why would it ,matter if i mattered and why would it be important for anything to matter? I dont know the reason of self-importance. to me respect is expectation from one person to another person depending on there life style.i dont admire anything. i do not have an ego of any kind.

        Social skills. no i do not have them and i only need them wen i communicate with words such as texting righting and typing. wen i communicate with my voice, people enjoy talking with me and being around me.

        why did you assume that i think im intelligent? iv said many times that i want to learn and improve my knowledge. why did you judge my intellect without app the proper information that is needed?

        i dont know what you mean. i dont know what rolls eat. i dont care what they eat. its easy to say soe one is troll wen there are many accepted guide lines of what is a troll.
        i would go on but i have no interest in this.

        • Really, you have no interest? You took the time to write five paragraphs in reply to my comment so obviously, you are interested.

          The thing is, you wouldn’t have even bothered to say you’re not going to be rude anymore if you weren’t a troll. You would have just let it go. Instead, you did exactly what I pointed out when I said you used a mixture of friendly and confrontational replies.

          I’ve come across a lot of “people” like you. You thrive on confrontation…it feeds you. So, I guess I didn’t need to bother asking what trolls eat. I already have my answer.

          I’m not a confrontational person by any means. Everyone who has interacted with me here knows that. In fact, I tend to bite my tongue when things make me angry or upset. However I draw the line when I see people that I’ve really come to like being disrespected in such a blatant manner….which is EXACTLY what you did.

          I don’t know what your problem is, and frankly, I don’t even care. What bothers me is that you just don’t seem to understand the concept of respect. You don’t get it unless you give it…and certainly you can see that you aren’t deserving of my respect, or any of the others you callously insulted. Someday when you’re an adult, you’ll understand.

          Oh look at that. Now I’ve lost interest. Don’t let my lengthy reply fool you ;)

          • Hi Diana,

            He actually did mean he’s not going to be rude anymore. We are talking quietly behind the scenes now. He’s not a troll, he does have problems. And some concepts he really doesn’t ‘get’.

            Love & Peace

        • Hmm. I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt unless he shows me otherwise again…grudgingly and honestly, only because you vouched for him.

          ;) I’m a forgiving person but even I have my limits.

          • I know you are .. and you know me for snappping people’s heads off when they cross ‘my’ line. We all have our ‘tolerances’. :-)

            In the meantime, he’s decided to choose another ‘character’ to be. Life is an experiment to him, and we are the rats.

            Oh well, as long as he’s polite …

            Love & Peace

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