How Many Guardian Angels Do We Have?

As there are so many different beliefs and understandings of what guardian angels are and how they work, here at TGS, I thought I’d open up the floor for everyone to express their thoughts, debate and ponder over all our different theories.

Here’s mine for starters:

I believe we have an ‘inner circle’ and an ‘outer circle’ of guardian angels, guides, family members and elementals.

Inner Circle

This consists of a number of Guardian Angels who are ‘constants’. These Guardian Angels are an ‘overseer’ or Head Guide; a protector; a healer; a teacher and, depending on your Karma in this lifetime, other guardian angels with specific tasks to help you reach your given goal in this lifetime, will also be within the inner circle.

The actual number of guardian angels within the inner circle differs, from individual to individual, but those guardian angels within the inner circle remain with you throughout your life-time. There may, however, be a ‘shift change’ so, although the same spirit may not necessarily be with you all you life, the ‘specific task’ designated to the original Guardian will remain with you, albeit administered by a new spirit. It is imperative that the inner circle remains constant in order for you to fulfill your karma.

My Guardian Angels, always refer to me as their ‘charge’.

The inner circle acts like a shield against the outer circle. A layer of protection, if you like.

Outer Circle

These are spirit which come and go. They may, for a short while in your life, have a specific task to administer but, more often than not, these spirit tend to ‘visit’ rather than ‘live with’ you.

Outer circle spirit is not confined to angels. Family members, friends, unclean spirit, daemons, elementals – in fact all spirit can enter the outer circle, whether its to say hello, or to try and influence in some way – good, or bad.

Outer layer spirit can only converse with you directly if you allow it to. However, by giving it permission to talk to you directly, this over-rules the inner circles authority for not allowing the outer layer spirit from communicating to you directly. In effect, lowering the shield which has been built around you to protect you.

Bad spirit have devised many ways of duping us into thinking they are good spirit so that we’ll drop our guard and ‘let them in’.

This is why it is imperative that anyone wishing to converse with their guardian angels knows how to protect themselves first. Constructing bubbles, for example, reinforce the shield of the inner circle which instantly expels everything other than your guardian angels out of the inner circle. It literally pushes everything else out. You can still interact with your guardians within the inner circle even if a bubble has been constructed to keep everything else out.

Right then guys… over to you lot. What is your take on guardian angels?

Asked by A J Ryder

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  1. Hi AJ,

    Now I get your idea of a ‘guardian’. Semantics

    Ok, my version. This is fun. :-)

    Each person, before they are born, chooses 12 guides and teachers to work with. This does not include their guardian angel .. a Michael .. their role is to protect a person, not guide them.

    Guides and teachers can remain the same all through life, but they play different roles for the person over time, depending on what the person has chosen to learn. Some can come and go, but not all that often. They can be a mix of especially trained humans (never family members closer than those who were great grandparents), angels (from the categories Michael, Raphael, Uriel, Gabriel and Jophiel depending on their interests, and the varying angels within those groups) and elementals (fairy folk etc), but are never negative beings on any level. All the lessons we learn in each lifetime have their foundation in LOVE.

    In all cases each person has one guardian angel, and then a Gabriel for creativity, a Uriel for wisdom and a Raphael for their own healing. If they choose to be healers they have at least one more Raphael, and artists can have a variety of Gabriel. Because of my work I have more than one Michael – and ‘she’ has a phalanx of other Michael – all of whom are nothing like my personal guardian, except for a similarity in appearance. The four angels stand on the four corners of your energy, two walking before you (healing and wisdom) to clear your path, and two ‘watching your back’ (your guardian and creativity).

    Usually people work/discuss things with no more than 4 of their guides and angels at any time. The teachings are kept very simple and clear. It is us who like to complicate things. The KISS principle also applies in heaven. LOL (Keep it simple .. silly).

    On some of AJ’s points .. from my experience an energy shield is a personal thing and goes around the outside of a person’s aura, and the angels and guides live outside your aura, so they are not inside your shield – and they do not need ‘your’ shielding. A circle (even an outer one) that allows dark beings would lead to a lot of confusion for people as their influence would be felt just as strongly as the light beings influences are felt. Willingly having them there would weaken any shielding. And its a real worry that having a converstion with one can over-ride the inner circle protection! I would not allow something like that around me. And why would daemon be interested in humans at all? Surely they have their own evolution? The angels are there because they were given to us by God/Spirit. I have never heard that of daemon.

    Love & Peace

  2. Hi Ama

    Regards your point about enery fields and daemons etc …

    I tend to construct bubbles from my heart chukkra, outwards, rather than just constructing a shell around my aura. That way I don’t ‘trap’ anything inside, rather it is pushed right out.

    The only way I can detect angels, family members, friends, unclean spirit, daemons, elementals – in fact all spirit, is when it steps into my ‘outer circle’. I currently have 133 in my outer circle, I’ve just been told. Some of which are daemon’s (not mine!!)

    I also have one self-constructed daemon in my inner circle at the moment, in addition to my guardians. This daemon – I call it Self Doubt – takes away the fear of discovery and wisdom. Or in other words, when I feel overcome by what is been shown me or what is being told me, those doubts and fears are transfered to my daemon so I can continue to learn and grow. Because my daemon is constructed by me, it will quite happily state “No – I am not of God’s Light” when asked to identify itself and does not interfere with my work. Rather it works with me. It takes away my self-doubt. I never knew I had constructed it until just recently. The Seraphim told me. Apparantly, I’ve been constructing daemon’s for years for specifc tasks, to help me out.

    I like you’re understanding of guardian angels, guides etc and yes it is semantics – I’d worked that one out ages ago, which is why I thought it would be a useful exercise for everyone to write down how they interpret it.

  3. PS

    I forgot to add:

    I must never, under any circumstances, give permission for Self Doubt to leave my inner circle. If it were to leave, it would most certainly cause havoc!!! I’ve been told that I instinctively nullify my daemon’s once their work is done – again, its all on the sub-conscious level. I don’t consciouly know how I nullify them. But then, thinking about it, as they are created by me, they can also be uncreated by me, as they are of me.

    I’m not sure where this ‘wisdom of daemon construction’ comes from. I can only assume that, at some point in my murky past, I was either a pagan or something of similar ilk. When I was regressed (years ago) one of the ‘lives’ I remembered, suggested that I was tried as a witch. I ‘remembered’ it being dark, but there were many flaming tourch’s. People were jeering. Someone was walking backward, infront of me, holding out their hands which had some kind of shiny, sticky stubstance on them. The person who regressed me said that pet cats of ‘witches’ were often disembowled and the ‘witch’ was taunted with their entrails on the way to be tried. Don’t know how true that is ……. anyway – i digressed. Sorry …


  4. Well the only thing I have to disagree with is that if you choose a VERY negative path in life you will get bad guardians and guides who will lead you down farther in evil. But there will always be at least 1 good guardian and guide in you life.

  5. Oh – and on your point of connecting aura’s to cirles (sorry, I got side-tracked earlier – lol!), here’s my thoughts ..

    Aura’s – they are physical -we build them ourselves from our own lower energy. They are ‘internal’. Aura’s have a fixed volume, size and mass. Us humans need dimentions in order to understand our environment.

    The Inner and Outer Cirles – spiritual. (of God) – these are constructed from a higher energy. They are ‘external’. The spirit world can not be measured in fixed volume, size or mass. There is no need for dimentions in order for spirit to understand their environment.

    So technically speaking, aura’s and ‘circles’ are unconnected, because they work on different levels. One is physical, one is spiritual.

    However, a physical shield constructed by us can also be replicated in the spiritual realm as a spiritual shield around the inner circle. This is because it is of us (made by us), and because we want it to have an effect on both levels of consciousness. I suppose you could argue that my daemon doppelgänger works on the same principle, albeit not for the same effect as shields?


  6. My question is for Ama you speak as if you see. So I cant help but wonder what your reponse will be to this . I have a strong bond with my protectors as well as repeated attempts from others . Im just curious to see if what im feeling about Ama will come through.

  7. Hi AJ,

    The pussy cat thing is disgusting. Poor cats. I don’t doubt its true, sounds very human to me .. nasty.

    Yes, we have many different lives along the karma trail, including those in the dark. That is where we learned to weird power in a human way. One of my memories .. I was a great sorcerous .. I really could do magic, but I wasn’t in the light, and they tied me to a stake and burnt my body .. and I’m grateful, for many reasons to the guy with the crossbow … but that’s another story.

    And the daemon thing .. you are right that you don’t want self doubt to escape your circle. Think of how many people it could kill before you found it and destroyed it. And to ‘nullify’ means ‘to counteract the force or effectiveness of” .. it does not mean ‘dissolve to atoms, or destroy completely’ … so I wonder how many of those 133 beings in your circle would be best returned to their component energy .. otherwise what happens when you die and they are suddenly released from your nullifying energy? We live in dangerous times, we are not supposed to make them more so by our complacency. (Been getting a little talking to about that this morning while thinking about various questions here).

    And then there is the question of the daemon in your outer circles (supposedly your guides) who you did not personally create? Who did and why? I would be checking them out very closely as well, and moving them on, or dissolving them.

    Love & Peace

  8. Hi Joel,

    No matter how people behave they do not have ‘dark’ guardians or guides .. yes, the nasty ones turn up, but we choose to follow them .. but they were not assigned to us before we came into the world. And, as you say, our guardian angel is always in the Light, even if we choose to ignore it.

    Love & Peace

  9. Hi AJ,

    Auras .. are created by our chakras both inside and exist outside our bodies, and up to 20 feet in all directions, depending on the energy of the person. They are made up of 7 layers, scroll down .. the layers are explained. So they encompass both your inner circle and your outer, and the shield goes on the outside of the outer circle .. where it is most effective. It protects ‘you’. Your guides can take care of themselves.

    I have no idea what you mean about your doppelganger daemon .. and yes, it is a copy of you in looks and in certain attitudes .. depending on what you programmed it with?

    Love & Peace

  10. Hello Michael,

    If you protectors are light beings I’m delighted you have a strong bond with them ..

    Otherwise, I am not into mind reading and my protectors ban adventurers .. much to their dismay. :-) Oh, the number of times people have complained about not being able to visit me on the astral. LOL

    Love & Peace
    Ama :-)

  11. Hi Caretaker

    A guardian angel is an angel assigned to protect and guide a particular person or group. Belief in guardian angels can be traced throughout all antiquity. The concept of tutelary angels and their hierarchy was extensively developed in Christianity in the 5th century by Pseudo-Dionysius the Areopagite.

    The theology of angels and tutelary spirits has undergone many refinements since the 400s. Belief in both the East and the West is that guardian angels serve to protect whichever person God assigns them to (Catechism of the Catholic Church), and present prayer to God on that person’s behalf.


    • I realize that but what I am curious about is how did this come to be a part of most Christian’s doctrines? Christians are supposed to follow the Bible but the churches are corrupted with practices which came from Babylon and other idol worshiping cultures. The idea of an Angel being assigned to a person to transmit messages to God is not what the Bible teaches. The Bible states that our intermediary is the Holy Spirit NOT a guardian angel. It is also clearly stated that we can now communicate directly to God because of Jesus and we no longer have the requirement of going through a priest. So why then we we have to have a guardian angel relay messages for us?

  12. Hi Ama

    I think we are talking cross purposes here. Things are getting a little muddled up!

    When I’m faced with something of a mystical matter, I find it much easier to understand the concept if I can find similarities within our physical world. A metaphor from the mathematical or scientific world that we know it.

    When trying to understand the ‘set up’ of our guides, how it all works and how it is ‘laid out’, I was shown the sun and the solar system to explain in a way which I could connect to.

    Please bare with me ………. its going to be a long post.

    Here is a summary of our solar system – I’ve placed the similarity of the mysticall as I understand it in brackets:

    Sun (represents you) starting at the core (represents the body) and ending with the corona (represents the aura)
    Sun = 99% mass of the solar system. (Represents the physical body including aura)

    Jupiter has the second largest mass in the solar system. (Represents your Head guide / guardian angel / overseer)

    Gravitational influence (represents energy associated with the inner and outer circle, including us) which is strongest at the core (body) and radiates out, at the Phi ratio of 1.61803398874989484820458683, until it reaches its weakest point of influence at the Oorb cloud. (Represents the epidermis or external skin of the outer circle)

    Inner solar system
    1. Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, (represents the guardian angels/guides responsible for specific tasks, such as healing, protection, teaching etc)
    2. Asteroid belt (represents the shield between the inner and outer circle)
    3. Jupiter (represents the Head guide / guardian angel who is overseer of the inner circle. Protects the inner circle by ensuring the shield is effective)

    Outer solar system
    1. Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, (represents family members and other spirit not generally associated with having been designated a specific task. These can include earthbound spirit, demonic or daemonic spirit ……… in fact, anything which is attacted to our light and drawn in by our energy)
    2. Trans-Neptunium region, being
    2a. Kuiper belt – region between the outer spheres of the solar system to the farthest extend of the suns influence (represents the ‘dermis’ or inner skin of the outer circle)
    2.b Oorb cloud – farthest extent of the suns gravitational influence (represents the ‘epidermis’ or outer skin and is farthest boundaries of the outer circle from which we attact all spirit)

    Using the above metaphor, each person is their own sun which burns and spin’s to create light and energy. The brighter the sun burns, the stronger the gravitational pull. The greater the gravitational pull (energy) the more outside influences it attracts.

    A strong psychic will burn brighter than a person who does not consciously connect to the spirital realms. This means that they attached more things from the spirit world, than a ‘closed’ person would. The same as our sun’s gravitational pull attact debris from the far reaches of space, so we can attacked all kinds of entities – good, bad or indifferent. This is why the gift of descening the spirits is so important for anyone who opens themselves up psychically.

    So, by thinking of myself as a sun and learning how the power of the sun influences the plants and comets around that star, it seems logical to me that there would be two ‘circles’ in which spirit might dwell within my psychic energy, in much the same way as the planets revolve around a star, being the inner solar system (inner circle) and the outer solar system (outer circle)

    The gravitational pull of the sun would have a stronger influence on the inner solar system than the outer one. So again, to me, it seems a logical assumption that, in the case of our attending angels, the most important and influential of the angels would dominate this inner area, being the stronger and most fortified ‘circle’ of the two.

    It also seems logical that the further away from the sun an object is, the less influence the gravitational pull would have on that object. In other words, movement is not so prohibitive – objects can come and go – much like spirits come and go out of the outer circle. They can enter and exit through the epidermis of the outer layer at will.

    Jupiter swallows up most of the debris from the outer solar system. What is not caught by Jupiter reaches the asteroid belt and is either reflected away, or is caught and retained there. The asteroid belt acts like a shield for the inner solar system, stopping debris from gaining access. If it wasn’t for Jupiter and the asteroid belt our planets may well have been destroyed millenia ago. Therefore it seems logical to me that a similar occurrence would happen, on a spiritual level between the inner and outer circles ie: a shield to reflect away ‘nasties’ so to protect all within the inner circle.

    I said it would be long …………… haha!

    The 133 in my outer circle consist of 97 angels, 2 daemons, 21 family and friends and 13 ‘others’. You have to remember I have just completed a spiritual lesson (or test – never sure which – probably both) and therefore my aura is burning brighter than usual at the moment.

    The angels love to took on with great interest whenever lessons (or tests) are either in progress, or just fullfilled. They are fascinated by it. They do the same with you too Ama – as well as everyone else who is going through some kind of spiritual enlightenment. They will disperse in a few weeks once they are satisified that the lesson has either been learnt or not. Basically, they will move on when the aura calms down a bit.

    Family members and friends tend to flit between their living relatives or friends. They come in and go out of the outer circle at will.

    The daemons have been attacted by the light, and so have the ‘others’. As far as the daemon’s are concerned, they are just curious. Some of the ‘others’ may be waiting to be ‘moved on’, whilst the rest are, like the daemons, just attracted to the light. Most will probably move one in time.

    The only way to stop spirit being attracted to you is to ‘turn off the light’. Otherwise it is an occupational hazard that we have to learn to live with. The best we can do is learn to distinguish between spirit and protect ourselves, as well as have faith in our guides to protect us.

    To summarise: The inner circle is fortified, but all kinds of spirit can come and go at will through the outer circle. It is not that different to the metaphor – only, unlike the solar system, the spirit realm has no dimention, no measurement, no size and no mass – not as we humans understand it, anyway.


  13. Hi Ama,

    well thats what i said you only get the guides if you follow the evil path and choose to have them.

    Hi Caretaker,

    Well over the years the bible has been changed many times that could contribute to the lack of information about guardian angels. I suppose christians could think of guardian angels like messengers of the holy spirit who is then a messenger of god.

  14. Hi Caretaker

    What would you describe Gabriel or Michaels as? I know they are archangels, but what do they represent? Who do they obey? Who’s light is it, that makes them shine?

    To me, any spirit that is of God is a Holy Spirit. Any spirit that has been cleansed (including our loved ones) and been bathed in the glory of God is of God’s light and therefore of the Holy Spirit. Any spirit that comes with God’s love, is Holy and therefore a Holy Spirit.

    When Christians refer to the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, what do they mean by the Holy Spirit? Is it just one being? If so, what does it look like? Does it look like an angel, or does it look like a man? Or does it mean all that is Holy and of spirit. TBH I think even the Christian’s struggle to explain exactly what the Holy Spirit is – well the Canon who was assigned to exorcise the bad thing in my house certainly struggled to give a satisfactory answer.


    • I do not contest the existence of Angels. I question the notion of having a Guardian Angel appointed to each person. I have my own ideas and beliefs but what I am speaking about is from a Biblical standpoint. Folks claim that they are following the Bible (Im not aiming that at you or anyone here as I have known many many church goers) They say thay are following the Bible but they are teaching and practicing things that are no where to be seen in the book they are following. (This is regardless of any “lost” books).

      I am not trying to argue that there are no guardian angels or what their history is. I am only trying to point out that it is very strange that such a notion has become so entrenched in a religion when it does not even appear in that religions “document”.

      Also, if one goes by what the Bible says, the Holy Spirit is a specific ‘thing’ not a general, vague idea to describe any spirit that is of God.

  15. P.S.

    I think it is an extremely arrogant person who presumes have a ‘direct line’ to God. Or even a ‘direct line’ to Jesus or the Archangels for that matter. And why would God have messengers angels within his realm, if they are no longer required?

    Sorry, but that way of thinking does not sit well with me. The way I understand it, our thoughts, fears, praise and enlightenment goes through our guides to God and through our guides from God; not directly to and from God ……….. well, not unless you happen to actually be Jesus reincarnated.


    • You may think me arrogant as you like. . I am sorry if my way of thinking doesnt sit well with you but when I read the Bible I see many instances of people calling out directly to God and very few instances of them having an Angel for a messenger (After the resurrection of Christ). If Paul or Peter or any of the hundreds of others can call upon God so can you or I.

  16. Hi caretaker

    I guess it all comes down to interpretation, not only in the Bible but all Holy Scriptures representing all religions. After all, the concept of guides is not confined to the Christian religion.

    lets face it, you could show 3 people the same thing to read and they will each give 3 completely differently answers as to what they believe it means.

    I guess it all comes down to Faith at the end of the day … one person’s Holy Spirit is anothers Guardian Angel. Until such time that a satisfactory explanation is found as to what, exactly, the Holy Spirit is, guess we’ll never really know for sure. We can just speculate and accept it for what it means to us.


    • You are trying to discuss general ideas and different religions. I am trying to discuss the Christian religion and the Bible. It seems to me that we are not on the same level and are not discussing the same thing. I am not talking about other religions. I am trying to make a point about one specific thing not generalizations.

      I am only trying to point out that it is very strange that such a notion has become so entrenched in a religion when it does not even appear in that religions “document". Specifically the Christian religion and the Bible. I am not talking about Hindi, Muslim, etc

    • “lets face it, you could show 3 people the same thing to read and they will each give 3 completely differently answers as to what they believe it means.” Not entirely true. I agree that there are a lot of mysterious things that are difficult to understand and a great deal of it would be just as you said. BUT there is a lot that reads plainly and simply and means exactly what it says with no need for “interpretation”.

  17. Ama my protectors are of the light . I dont speak about the things i see and feel. I have a few friends who help me understand sometimes . I have a large angel that travels with me always. I had a work related gun shot wound a few years ago . I knew they were with me but felt there true strength that day . Ive seen them ever since i was a child just didnt understand or blocked out most of it until i was older. Now things are different and i pay close attention to my guides . I know i have more than one but I couldnt give a count. I have lts of spirts that come through some just in the wrong place othrs bring messages or seek help. Then you have the shadows that try to enter .

  18. To Care Taker , You speak of the bible yet doubt what some of us are conected to ? Did I understand you correctly ?

    • Im not understanding what you mean by that. “doubt what some of us are conected to”? if you will elaborate I will try to answer

  19. Meaning some people see more than others .

  20. Oh dear, muddles, and on two different sites, neither related to bible talk .. Guardian angels – it seems the concept of ‘when’ has never been defined by the church. And that took hunting through about 20 webpages .. and their friends. LOL

    Michael, lovely .. but what did you want me to find out?

    Love & Peace

    • Ama i wasnt asking you find out anything . I was just cautious to speak with people i do not know. Im new to this site and read a few of your posts . I was getting the feeeling you were contected to spirts . My question was answered just not here . LOL Im sorry but im cautious to speak on things around people of doubt . Some of the things i have read here make me cautious .

      • Hi Michael,

        Good idea. Be very cautious. Always use commonsense, and if something doesn’t ‘feel’ right, when you read it, believe that it isn’t right for you.

        And I am connected to angels .. not spirits. LOL I work with the Michael group.

        Love & Peace

  21. Hi AJ,

    Spirit has always taught me to keep things as simple as possible, and since I am very visual, and very literal .. your lovely scenario would not work for me at all. The way I see the solar system in my head, the planets are all soo far apart from each other, not gathered in any groups, nor sharing any energy patterns to link them together, so there are 12 individual rings (their orbits). And the Sun .. to me .. is the Son .. or the Christ energy, not my ego centric self. It is the centre of the universe, so to speak .. I am not.

    A gravitational pull would mean that you are holding the entities by your energy, and so they must struggle, to some degree, to get away from you. And what happens when the negative ones don’t want to? Oh no, as you can see, it doesn’t work for me at all.

    And in my understanding, family members do not hang around waiting for whatever, they have their own ‘lives’ to continue in the spiritual planes. If I want to talk to one they can be here ‘in a blink’, otherwise they are elsewhere.

    And the energy shield goes on the outside of the aura, and keeps everything out, except your guides and angels .. all Light beings. The dark has enough influence without us drawing it in, or allowing it to be there.

    But what works for you, and all the other creations of the rest of us, is good .. as long as we are peaceful, safe and happy, :-)
    Love & Peace

  22. Hi Ama

    That’s the beauty of all this, we all ‘see’ it in a way we can understand it. Thankfully the spiritual realms do not comply exactly with the law of physic’s …. so there is no fixed measurable distance between ‘objects’ that are being ‘held’ by ‘gravity’ in the spritual world, unlike a star and its cluster of planets and comets in our reality. In fact, nothing is forcibly held by my psychic energy it is merely attacted to it – ‘drawn in’ by its own will or curiousity if you like, but not forcibly held against its will. Certainly not! That would be an evil, wicked thing to do.

    Talking of seeing things differently, I always ‘see’ God as being the centre of the universe – the universe being made up of many millions of stars (all of us) each with their own solar systems, unique from any other solar system. Obviously, in the real world us humans only have knowledge of our own environment – in the case of my metaphor, our own star and solar system seemed the most logical one for me to use.

    I agree totally with your statement about family members. They do come and go at will. They are definitely not held in my ‘outer circle’, but I know when they are there watching over me because I can feel their energy.


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