How Do You See a Ghost?

Are ghosts really there? How to see ghosts?

Asked by Naveen Saarang

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  1. Hello Naveen,

    Yes, ghosts exist. No, not everyone is supposed to see them, nor is everyone going to interact with any of them. If you have not done so up to now, be grateful. Ghosts are generally just hungry energy beings wanting to either frighten you, or get your help. Unless you know how to help them, they will simply feed off your energy .. leaving you cold, tired and miserable .. or angry, frustrated, lonely, depressed or desperate for something that isn’t good for you like drugs.

    Ok, I am being very blunt, but its all true.

    Spirits, living humans who have died and crossed over into a healing place in heaven, can come back and visit us anytime, and often do. They are much more interesting to have contact with – if you have the ‘gift’ .. and it is a gift .. of being able to see or hear them.

    Why do you ask the questions?

    Love & Peace

    • i saw a demon what do i do not from heaven

      • Tell me everything that happened, before I can answer your question.

        Love & Peace

  2. How to see ghosts, huh? Well, in my case, it’s a genetic trait. I inherit these ability from my ancestor. But, now I can’t see them as clear as when I was a child. But, I still can hear them with my half-deafened right ear. That’s enough for me. ^_^

  3. Brain scans generally associate imbalance of the levels of various neurotransmitters (particularly norepinephrine and dopamine) in the areas of the brain that control complex thoughts and behaviors such as knowing right from wrong, understanding the consequences of actions, personality traits, and more (mostly the prefrontal cortex and connections in the basal ganglia) to be associated with both ASAD and ESP.

    Both ASAD and ESP are considered Genetic.

    Recently I watched a program about an 8 year old boy called Oliver who was diagnosed with ASAD. His mother was not convinced of the diagnosis so, when the boy started saying he could see dead people (which she also found hard to believe) she decided to take him to a neurologist. The brain scan showed the classic adnormalities in his brain, normally associated with ASAD. Further tests showed that he did possess ESP.

    There are some experts who now consider that ASAD might be a misdiagnosis in some cases.

    The brain is a very complicated organ!

    So, thats the science over ………. back to you question.

    Everyone has psychic ability, but some choose not to ‘open up’ or ‘activate’ the part of the brain considered to be responsible for the sixth sense; telephathy, clairvoyance, Precognition and awareness of alternate realities (ghosts etc). Call it a safety valve if you like – what you don’t know about won’t hurt you.

    Some would argue that, because the part of the brain considered to be connected to psychic powers is the same part of the brain responsible for imagination, that the psychic mind is actually imagining seeing ghosts etc. I would disagree with that myself because, if that were true, why do so many religions discourage us to open up psychically? And indeed, why would there be religions in the first place??

    In sort, in order to be able to see an eathbound ghost, Holy Ghost or demon, a person first has to ‘open’ their mind. They then have to be able to recognise the difference between imagination and reality; light effect or actual spectre. Don’t always believe your eyes but, sometimes, your eyes are right.

    Happy ghost hunting …

  4. I would have to agree with you, AJ! We all DO possess the ability. I have noticed that I have experienced more sinse opening myself up to the psychic realm. I find that meditating and the opening of the Chakras is a great way to unlock one’s abilities. It takes time and practice, but it is possible to experience more once you are open to it!

  5. Hi LunaTerra, and thanks.

    Ah! Yes! Meditation. It always feels like such a safe place to be and so relaxing. I love meditating – great for connecting to your higher consciousness too.

  6. seeing is beleaveing but if u seek them from the other side they will come too u for help but who ever is fallowing me this darn thing is where ever i go i guess back in the 1980s my other friends saw the same thing i have been seeing to for the last ten years or so . so dont think that ghost dont exist they do they were just people who where here long time ago or someone just past on……..

  7. Hi AJ,

    In my opinion, the churches discourage people from investigating the paranormal and other beings, because the ‘truth’ whatever it might be, isn’t what they are teaching. But it’s also for the general public’s protection. There ‘are’ things in the ether that are not friendly to humans and are best avoided. Ignorance is not always bliss, but for most people it is a form of protection.

    So jumping into ouijas, and summoning demons, particularly if a person is simply curious, and not well trained, is tantimount to putting a gun to your head and pulling the trigger (Russian Roulette).

    Some people are born with the ‘gift’. They don’t have to ‘open’ anything (or did they choose to be that way this lifetime?) .. the stuff just appears in front of them, whether they are looking for it or not. In that case ‘closing’ your mind might be a good idea, and it is achieveable .. with a lot of hard work. I was an open mind at birth, and continue to be so .. what our guides can teach us will disempower religion, but reinforce faith. And they teach you (me, everyone) what your mind will accept .. which is not always the whole of the information about various subjects.

    You are right about imagination and reality, but they are not two separate things .. the lines blurr when it comes to the spiritual worlds.

    Love & Peace

  8. Ama,
    I understand what you are saying, but I think we are all born able to see, and in childhood do see so easily. Some of us lose this “sight” over time and some of us retain it. This isn’t to say that you can’t unlock or reopen your mind to it. Yes, I agree with you, that if you open yourself up, you not only let in good entities, but bad as well, and a novice would not be able to discipher the difference. I am not suggesting that anyone necessarily open themselves up for the sake of looking for ghosts/spirits/demons, etc..I am just ackowldeging that it is possible to open yourself up with certain meditiation techniques. i meditate for different reasons, but in doing so, I have found that it has opened me up more and I have had more experiences. As a kid, I used to astral project with ease; now, through years of conditioning, my mind has been blocked to this, and only recently, have I been able to account for a recent astral projection. Probably due to meditating. Now that is not to say that I haven’t all along, I just haven;t been aware of it for years.

    Ama, why do you think, if someone was born with the “gift” as you say,it is a good idea to close it off?! You have this “gift” but you did not “close” anything. There is a reason you didn’t and maybe, if someone has this gift to start with, maybe there is a reason that they should keep it. After all, we write our life charts for a reason. Maybe it is exactly as you say, we chose it before we were reincarnated. Just some questions. I am not at all advising that anyone go looking for ghosts, although it is possible to see them without ever having the “gift” because the ghost/spirit/demon is allowing them to see.

  9. Also, Ama I totally disagree with Ouija boards. I think messing with them, one is asking for trouble. I had an experience where my friend’s grandmother came through and told us to destroy the board and never use it again. Some people don’t have a bad experience the first, second or even the third time they use it, but the more they use it, the more risk they set themselves up for!

  10. Good morning LunaTerra,

    Let me tell you a story .. it is about a young man I know. I was talking to his mother on the phone last night. He’s 10. He was born with a gift, large size .. not small gentle stuff .. on no, he has to be able to see demons. Because of where he is living, we think, he’s besieged by trouble making ghosts and other nastier entities. Before we were aware of just how strong a medium he is, his mother encouraged what he could do .. against good advice. He can see angels, but .. that isn’t helping very much when something is punching him, poking him, scratching him, stealing his stuff, etc etc .. and no, he’s not making it up.

    At the present moment this boy is trying to shut himself down. We cannot help him do this. He has to find the path himself. He might open himself up later, or he might never forgot the last year or so, and remain closed. I just hope he doesn’t close his heart in the process, because right now he’s very angry.

    The house is haunted. I can clear it but I can’t keep it clear. If you want to believe in hellmouthes .. I am pretty sure there’s one not far from the house .. now going under a housing estate that is more ‘rabbit warren’ (every house, and all the people, jammed in close together with no parks, and thin wobbly streets – greed should be banned. Why have 10 houses, with gardens, when you can have 20 without? .. but don’t get me started on this topic).

    And yes, meditation changes the structure of your energy .. you rise to a higher vibration when doing it, which makes contact with the spirit world easier .. but not everyone should do this either. Or can do it, some of us just live at the higher vibration.

    This morning I am at the lower one. LOL Sorry if I sound grumpy, but I do worry about the boy.

    Love & Peace

  11. Hi LunaTerra,

    We love you friend’s grandmother. LOL

    Love & Peace

  12. Yay! I’m happy I found this post, a lot of interesting info here! A J, thanks for the science brief, that was totally the info I’ve been looking for! Luna Terra I found your Chakras and meditation info helpful too, thanks I’m going to get into that! My sisters are all about it but I’ve found my life to be a bit to chaotic at present to have time for meditation, I’m just going to have to make time I guess… I agree 100% about everyone being able to open that channel and it lessening as you grow older, that’s been my problem!

    Ama, I understand what you mean about some people wanting to shut it down like in your story about your friends son, he sounds a lot like my boyfriend! My boyfriend has had all sorts of weird experiences, he was definitely born with ASAD and ESP. Well he wasn’t tested but it’s pretty obvious…

    As a child he had violent dreams that left unexplainable marks and ghost sightings, I won’t get into it all but his stories are scary! He still has weird experiences and sightings. We joke about his ‘jedi mind tricks’ (they really work for him) and I swear he can read minds more than he admits… Funny part is that when I try and ask him about these things he gets really touchy and nervous. If I ask too many questions he gets down right mad about it! We’ve always been really open and honest with each other so I asked him once why he felt so uncomfortable about it. He thought for a moment and then told me very quietly, in an almost monotone voice that when you pay attention to certain things, they pay attention to you too. Then he gave me that look like ‘This conversation is now over ‘. So I try not to bring it up much, I visit websites like this instead… ;)

    I wish I had his abilities but at the same time, I’m happy I don’t. I think it’s genetics in his family, although I think it must of skipped some generations to reach him. He is the first person in his family to have red hair and blue eyes since his mothers great, great grandpa from Ireland. He’s also a descendant of a famous viking on his fathers side. Definitely some interesting genetics in that family, did I mention he has elf ears? Ops I’m going off again, I can’t help it when it come to certain topics… Esp ones I’m so fond of. :)

  13. what are the precations that to be taken before trying oijha board

  14. Hi anonymous,

    Precautions .. DON’T TOUCH IT.

    Sorry Caretaker, but in some cases, you just have to yell.

    Love & Peace

  15. Ditto what Ama said!

  16. Not everyone can see spirits, some children can see them. When my daughter was younger 3-12yr, she could see spirits. But at the age of 18 she saw a dark mass peek out of the bathroom. I can not see them. But i think they choose who they want to see them. I thought I saw a demon in a hotel I worked in, but I am not sure. At the house I live in now, I thought I saw one out of the corner of my eye but i was to scared to look at it dead on. If you are very perceptive to them I think you might see a spirit one day.

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