How Do You Make Holy Water?

I was curious as I know sage is used to help us with negative energy, and Crystals are for different things, but what about Holy water? I was curious how to make Holy water. I remember parts of how but not all! And was hoping you could tell us! Thanking you in Advance

Asked by Kim Langille

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  1. Hi Kim

    This is now I make Holy Water:


    1 bottle still mineral water
    1 Bible


    1. I place the Bible on my lap
    2. I place the bottle of water on top of the Bible
    3. Taking my right hand, I hold the bottle firmly in place
    4. Taking my left hand I place it just above the bottle, palm down
    5. I imagine pure white light coming down from above, through the crown of my head filling up my body.
    6. I then imagine the pure white light exiting the palm of my left hand and filling the bottle of water
    7. Once the bottle has been filled with white light I then imagine gold light coming down from above, through the crown of my head, consuming my body then exiting via the palm on my left hand and into the bottle.
    8. Once the bottle has been filled with white and gold light, I say the Lords Prayer.
    9. Upon completing, the water can now be used for blessing the house.

    Hope this helps.


  2. Hi Kim,

    Lovely answer AJ.

    I have a quick and simple one for when in a hurry. :-)

    Take a bowl and fill it full of water. It doesn’t matter what sort of water you use, the source is the same, mother nature.

    Hold the bowl in the light, sunlight is wonderful, moonlight is lovely .. houselight works just fine. I’ve test this many times.

    Then say -

    “I ask a blessing upon the water. May it remove negativity from anything it touches, and anything that touches it”.

    Wishing everyone a lovely day,
    Love & Peace

  3. Thanks Ama – your comment was much appreciated.

    I’ve never tried your version before – I’m I stickler for keeping to my tried and tested formula, I’m afraid – LOL! I’ll give yours a go though … think I’ll use it as a general blessing first. The house is due a blessing anyway & I do find my version can prove a little ‘over-kill’ if its not in connection with the expelling of an unwanted guest, post requiem or exorcism.

    I’ll let you know how I get on.


  4. @ A.J.
    Why not try both?

  5. I have always had a thing that I simply do not believe in holy water I mean you could take just milk or any type of juice and make it holy as well by doing the same thing and it should work just the same.

    But what makes you all really think that it works if you did not believe it would not work which in this case it is not the water doing it it is your own mind doing this.

    Just like with spells I guess not sure about that but seen many of those work with out the other person knowing of it or even believing in but you do so there for it will work does any one get what I am saying here?

    • Hi LK,

      A little holy milk might not be a bad thing. :-) Wiki says that 92 natural elements do not have water in them – but I can’t find a list – so I will say that most liquid substances have water at their base. Water is the foundation of the planet .. we could not survive without it, our cells contain 65–90% of it , nor would this world be anything but a barren rock without it – so, in my opinion, if it were truly necessary, you could make Holy ‘water’ out of any liquid. It is about intent of the person asking the help, and the blessing up the water, rather than what the liquid actually is. Just think how many people would be happy drinking holy beer .. perhaps they would not get so drunk?

      BTW, it works very well for me, home made or from the Catholic church .. only the last font I touched was full of dirty water .. and that was just last week???? And it was inside the cathedral.

      Love & Peace

  6. I haven’t read all the other replies and apologize if I am giving you a duplicate recipe, but this is how I make holy water.

    I’m Pagan and the full moon (as all phases) are special to me. During the full moon, I put a clear bottle of water (glass jar that can be capped or something similar) outside. I make sure that the moon can shine through – blessing the water and I verbally ask for a blessing.

    If I am having a full moon ritual, it goes on the altar during ritual and a blessing is asked for.

    Super simple, I know…but it’s what I do to create holy water. :)

  7. Go to your local Catholic Church and ask for a small bottle. When they ask why you’d like one, tell them it is a great comfort to have on your nightstand with your bible. The power of blessed was known.


    In prayer, you can ask God’s blessing on this water, that it helps protect and heal souls, comforts the lost, and keeps those that are evil at bay. My His Spirit enter the water, in all It’s glory and be used only to glorify God in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen

    That oughta do it! hope that helps. Btw, Catholics aren’t the only ones entitled to use it or bless it. ;)


    • Go to a catholic church around here and the holy water is behind a locked door .. not in the foyer, to make sure the satanists, and non-catholics can’t get any. And the majority of churches around here are kept locked now .. to stop vandalism. I understand that .. but gone are the days I could just go in, sit down and talk to God. grumble

      And then there was the bowl on a pedestal in the catholic cathedreal I visited in Melbourne just recently. I jumped up to and put my hand in to find it full of dirty water and slimy stuff? Perhaps they built it (stone) a long time ago to catch a leak? No one owns a ladder? ICK!

      Love & Peace

  8. I am curious about where the idea of holy water came from in the first place. I have searched the Bible and can find no reference whatsoever to it.

    My guess is that it was another practice borrowed from “pagans” and injected into the official state religion of the time.

    “Holy water is now permanently retained at the entrance of Catholic churches, blessed at the first of each lunar month, and sprinkled over patrons as they enter. This practice was created to supplant the pagan celebration of the New Moon, according to canon 65 of the Council of Constantinople (691). According to the Catholic Encyclopedia, the earliest modern uses of holy water appear in the ninth century. That, coupled with the New Testament’s silence regarding the practice and use of holy water, it can be concluded that the tradition of holy water was created for the sole purpose of putting a pagan ceremony out of commission, using a few scant biblical references to water for purification.” from

    • Water and emotions .. they run us all. Very powerful stuff. We cannot survive, in any healthy way, without both.

      You know the miracle of changing water into wine .. I wonder if JC just ‘supercharged’ the water by blessing it. You can get drunk on love/joy .. LOL The right sort comes with no hangovers. :-)

      Love & Peace

  9. Yes, CT, I do believe it is kind of a talisman, but saying this… I know a small child who had open heart surgery and his sternum ached a lot for a long time. Only holy water traced on his scar seemed to help. He had no idea what it was about, which is strange to me, but I always accepted it as a real deal. Even if it came from pagans, blessed things by God are always nice :)

    In the same sense, we bless our houses when we move, etc… or should I say my family does. Of course we’ve experienced a lot of things.


    • I think its all about the faith in many cases. If I truly believe that placing a herring on my head would cure my headache then it will probably work. This is similar to the huge studies done with placebos. The power is in the human mind not the water.

      I have not one thing against “pagans” I am just saying that people who claim to follow the Bible and nothing else are doing much more than they think they are. :) (I am also implying that Catholicism is much more pagan customs and traditions than Biblical ones)

  10. Ct,
    Oh yeas, for sure! It is All Faith and Only Faith that truly matters, agreed, agreed, agreed!! :)


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