How Do You Know if You are a Medium?

I have experienced so many ghostly things, black shadows, room flashing red making black shadow very scary, orbs, full visual of ghosts, sounds, things happening in front of me, blanking out then somehow knowing something is wrong, a super sense (if you understand that), Ouija boards only working with me (without me playing silly games with people).

I have filled out a story with more detailed examples, I have had a medium tell me there’s a ghost following me around but he said he was unsure why or if it was good or bad. How do you know when your a medium?

Asked by Bradley James

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  1. Hello Bradley,

    Basically, a medium is someone who acts as a communicator with dead people. You can be haunted without having mediumistic gifts, but if you can hear them, and they answer questions for you .. you are a medium.

    I would be worrying about the ‘blanking out’ thing. You might actually have a ghost attached to you. Did you do anything you don’t remember while you were blanked out?

    Super sense – do you mean hightened awareness, where everything is much clearer, brighter, louder, sharper etc?

    I won’t shout this time, but stay away from ouijas. If anything will bring an unruly ghost, or worse, they are the thing. Totally stupid. Should never have been invented.

    Please go and check out my webpages (here under Friends) Victorian Paranormal Connection. Read the information about psychic protection and learn the shields (personal and house). You don’t need to have a ghost hanging around. You can also contact me from there if you have any other questions, if you want to.

    Love & Peace
    Ama Nazra

  2. For me, If you can commune with the Spirits, talk to them, receive their message, then you are a medium. Some medium can see the spirits. Some others can only hearing them. But, they all are medium, since they can commune with spirits.

  3. I asked a very similar question, you should look at the answers.

  4. When you are fully possessed by an evil entity. Seek the Holy Spirit and find out what God’s will is for you and for the gift that He gave you. Where do you think this gift comes from? If not God, who, where? I shudder to think of the alternative. There is one thing for sure when it comes to being gifted. You either seek God and serve Him and let Him guide you in the use of this gift or the alternative will definately seek you out and its ultimate intentions are not to help you or anyone else. The battle we face is that God loves you and He wants you desperately to seek Him and evil does not want you but it will do everything within its power to keeping you from God and His blessings.

  5. HI JK,

    You think possession is a gift? Or the medium ability is a gift – in church it is called ‘discerning spirits’ and seems to be accepted?

    Please explain why a truly beautiful (spiritual beautiful, not phsyical) lady who is a practising Catholic and a deep believer is still harassed by a nasty entity, even after she’s been prayed over by a bishop? She goes to the church and asks for help, and they couldn’t help her? When did she do some great evil, that she has no knowledge of, that made this entity attach itself to her? The evil doesn’t keep her away from the church, but the people might.

    I pray for her every day. I actually don’t expect you to know the answer, just consider that sometimes our belief in organised religion doesn’t match the reality of the situation.

    Love & Peace

  6. @eru: Where is your questions? Can you give us the link?

  7. on a serious note, not trying to sound super religious but be wary of the the dead as i’ve seen. most of these things are spirits and they (spirits)are cunning,they are capable of disguising themselves to fit into what you are thinking,but what is dead is dead to this world dont try to seek them coz you might tap into stranger things.pray to god to show you what to do with your gift,steer clear away from the dead.for the ouija, dude please…not cool try jesus he’s way cooler and straight forward.

  8. Discernment in the Christian Church has absolutely nothing to do with spirits, except for the Holy Spirit. Any Christian discerment is the Holy Spirit working through that Christian and the Holy Spirit does not do medium work nor does it mean fortelling the future. This beautiful lady has some part of her that she will not surrender totally to Christ or it could even be God putting her through a santification process, that is an easy one and I am not that gifted. I will not get in an argument about Catholicism but there are certainly some traps out there that can ensnare a practicing catholic. Not to bring up a sore subject but many practicing catholic priest have given into demonic temptation, some of the most damaging acts to others. It has nothing to do with practicing or denomination, it is about how close your your personal relationship with Christ is and how well one is doing at living a life pleasing to Christ. God tells all of us in His Word that communicating with spirits is an abomination, no way around it.

  9. There are many questions about entities and why they do what they do. The simple answer is just like people each entity has unique qualities and most have similar qualities to another entity close enough to be able to say ok this entity fits x profile. Like trying to state the breeds of a dog unless you know something about dogs you couldnt tell one breed from another. Or how to deal with them.

    Are you a medium or a psychic, if you have a way of contacting or being contacted by a supernatural entity not of this realm usually denotes you as a medium. Being followed around by one doesnt make you a medium. Is it good that you can contact a spirit, you decide.

    Just remember a lot of actual entities are old, some are very old. The really powerful ones you will never hear about unless they decide they want to be heard about. Personally I have studied the the last 25 years and can count on one hand people i have talked to or met that werent charlattans. Most people who claim knowledge of the supernatural, actual hard earned learned knowledge are very few.

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