How do You Know if Someone has Cast a Calling Spell?

It feels a bit strange posting this because I don’t believe in spells and “black magic,” but the last few months I have suspended my disbelief.

How do you know if some one has cast a calling spell – not for you specifically, but for the type of person you are? A few months ago I became aware of an individual, and I have not been able to get this person out of my mind since that day. I am fighting a deep urge to contact this person. I don’t understand this obsession, I do not find this individual attractive, it makes no sense to me.

The day I became aware of this individual was the person’s birthday, the person is a well known practitioner of magic. I don’t know what else to say, do I contact the person or not? I think I would feel better after, but I am afraid of what might happen.

Asked by Sam

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  1. i think that you should contact this person and see what happens from there.If you want to ask them if they did a spell then ask.You have the right to know if someone has cast a spell on you.

  2. Do you want to be involved with this person? It sounds like the answer is no, so may I suggest that it’s not a “spell” but rather a ‘thought form’ or energy that he has sent your way?

    Maybe looking at it from a different angle will help….so how to clear out his energy? Some things I would suggest:

    1. When you start to have these thoughts see them as a cord of light connecting you both…and take a machete and cut the cord (this also works for any relationship you wish to end…especially sexual ones, it’s in your best interest to ‘cut’ any old sexual cords, because they can feed on your energy-even though you are no longer together)

    ~another suggestion, first ask for assistance from your guardian angel, then see a sideways figure 8, and infinity symbol, and see it as shining, firey, electric blue…him in one circle, you in the other…now take some angel cissors, and cut the two circles apart so that he is in his circle, you protected in yours…and watch his cirlce, become a bubble and float far, far away.

    2. You need to clean your house, clean it well, anything he might have bought over, or left there, or reminds you of him needs to go…I would also suggest burning sage, ‘smudging the house’ or sprinkling sea salt around, letting it sit, and vaccuming it up later.

    3. To cleanse yourself, pour a nice, warm bath and put at least a cup or 5 of sea salt and wash yourself well with the salt water.

    You may also take an egg out of the fridge, with the intent of cleansing any negative or other energy that is not yours, and gently rub the egg, as it absorbs or vaccums the energy off your body…rub yourself from head to foot and then crack the egg in the toilet and flush it down DO NOT EAT IT.

    Seek shamanic help if need be.

  3. Another suggestion is to imagine ‘mirrors’ surrounding your home, specifically there to reflect back any energy or entity he may send your way…or imagine your home in a pillar of protecting light, filled with and protected by the white light of the holy spirit.

    Go you and watch space clearing videos, psychic self defense videos,etc….there is a lot of really good stuff out there.

    Again any of the cuttin of cords is done in imagery, in your thoughts…matter follows thoughts.

    Personally I would not confront him, or even mention it directly, I think that would make you more vulnerable…like showing him your cards, and expecting to win the game.

  4. I did reread your posting, and am wondering, you say you have the need to contact him? For what purpose? Is this a dark person?

    The reason I say this, is that sometimes the universe gives us a nudge, if this guy is not a bad person, maybe there is a legitimate reason, unrelated to him, that would be in your best interests to contact him…he might have some information for you?

    Try really hard to stay firm, guarded and objective if you know he practices magic though.

  5. Just ask Jesus Christ to cut the demonic ties that have been threaded by that person between the two of you. Done.

  6. HI Sam

    Is this person into white magic, or black magic?

    If the ‘feelings’ you are experiencing feel ‘positive’ then call.

    If the ‘feelings’ you are experiencing feel ‘negative’ then you can break the ‘spell’ or ‘tie’ to this person by saying this:

    Your black magic and your black sorcery
    Are powerless to injure me
    I send thy curses back to thee
    Return I say by three times three
    Return I say

    That will remove any negative spells cast upon you.


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