How Do You Help a Departed Sould to Cross Over?

Question, how does a living human being help a departed human soul cross over? I never understood this concept. How do you actually know that they have crossed over when you tell them to? How do you know that they even want to cross over. From what I heard, many of them don�t want to crossover to �heaven� and are fine where they�re at. I heard they�re not forced to go if they don�t want to and they have all eternity to go to �heaven� whenever they feel like and are ready.

Isn�t telling them to crossover, forcing them to go to �heaven�. I thought God doesn�t force you to be where you don�t wanna be. Can anyone answer these questions please..

Asked by Big Chief

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  1. Hi Big Chief,

    You are right, God doesn’t force us to do anything. We have human free will for that.

    The longer a ghost stays a ghost the angrier, and hungrier, it gets. So ‘granny’ who was loving and kind and sweet in life, but didn’t go into ‘heaven’ for whatever reason when she died … well, she’s not going to be that way 70 or 80 years (our time) from now .. because we are all supposed to a place of healing after we die, so that we can remember who we truly are ‘children of the Creator’, and not just humans controlled by our own egos. So .. when we die, because we have free will, we are offered a door into whatever sort of heaven you believe in (its all the same place, just lots of different ways of ‘being’). That includes some people glimpsing the hell dimensions in exactly the way they imagine them to be. Usually it ‘frightens the hell out of them’, which is good, because next time they die (for near death experiences) they don’t usually go seeking that sort of energy, and no one stays in ‘hell’ forever. Its a home for demons, not humans.

    The reason we cross ghosts over is so that they don’t hang around, lost between the planes, because of this anger and hunger. I’ve been doing this work for around 28 years. I’ve seen ghosts, and nastier things, since I was 2 .. I’m nearly 49 now. The Holy Spirit (called Spirit by the new agers) taught me how to cross them over, and why, and then some of the spirits (no longer lost souls/ghosts) have come back to say thank you for doing it, not just once, but many times.

    Can you imagine being in a prison of your own worst thoughts and fears, that repeats and repeats and repeats and repeats? Can you imagine being trapped in the event that killed you, such as reliving a car accident over and over, or your murder by someone else, or killing someone (even by accident), or being pack raped (and that can happen to both men and women), or … think of the living men and women who return from wars broken in spirit, emotionally devastated because of what they have seen, or done, who cannot find peace and forgiveness for themselves. Think of the Vietnam veterans constant nightmares of their experiences. Do you want to stay that way forever? Is that what heaven is supposed to be like? Sounds more like hell to me.

    In heaven (or wherever you want to go that is good – doesn’t matter what you call it) you find PEACE and HEALING. Peace of mind, and healing from pain. You find acceptance and love and trust and faith and truth, all the stuff you might never have experienced in your living lifetime. Sounds like a great reason to go ‘Home’ to me.

    So we cross them over. And sometimes we argue with them before we cross them over .. it is often the tougher ghosts, the murderers and rapists etc, who come back to say thank you … and sometimes we have them escorted by angels – big tough Michael angels with attitude .. yes, I can see them too .. because they dont’ want to go – and that interferes in their free will, and, when it comes down to it, in those instances, I really don’t care. The angels cannot take them without my permission, and I willingly give it. We do it for the benefit of the people they are haunting, hurting, hunting, harassing .. and they can do all of that, lost souls, as they get older in human years .. although no time really passes in the void where they exist among all the other confusing, and often, nasty energy that humanity and other entities create.

    How do I know they are gone? The energy changes around me. When they run, as some of them do, we send angels after them. The angels talk to them. They don’t bind them in chains and drag them about. They remind them about LOVE. Angels are good at that. And then, as I said, sometimes they get escorted Home.

    Daily I get messages from people seeking help and relief from hauntings. The ghosts frighten them, or their children. They feed off the energy of humanity and people end up physically ill, or emotionally ill, illnesses that go once they are no longer having their energy stolen from them by an ‘attaching entity’. I have webpages that talk about psychic protection and how to clear ghosts from your homes.
    you’ll find the information here.

    The simplest way to cross someone over is to ask help from your guardian angel .. and it doesn’t matter if you don’t believe in angels – they believe in you. Everyone has at least one.

    “Archangel Michael, FIND the ghost that is near me and TAKE it into healing.” They know exactly where to look and what to do, and all you have to do is make the request. You can change the wording to whatever comes to mind, but keep the find/take words in it.

    There are other ways, more complicated, with great ritual .. but Spirit works on the KISS principle .. keep it simple, silly .. and that one has been working for me for a very long time.

    Why do I do it? Because I love humanity, know the healing found in Heaven, and wish that love and comfort be for everyone.

    Love & Light

    • Hello-
      I have always been a sensitive. Recently, my husband and I visited a very old school that has been converted to a huge group of antique shops. I felt the very sad presence of a woman, dressed in civil war era clothing. She was looking out the window, sobbing. I’ve felt and seen many things since I was 3 years old, but this woman affected me more than anything has. Before leaving, we met the owner of the large school, who told me I was not the first to see or feel that. Since then, her husband called me to tell me another customer saw the exact spirit, and also felt she is trapped. I’ve always been afraid to open myself completely up to my gifts, but this woman needs help to move on. What is the safest way for us to help her move into the light? Thank you! L.Monceaux

      • Hello L Monceaux,

        Most rescue work only takes a few minutes .. remember that ghosts are people too, and this lady is grief striken. My first thought is to wonder if she remembers why she is crying. If she does she might be caught both in ‘time’ and in ‘space’, not realising that the years have moved forward since she died. If she has an awareness of this world, you might be able to contact her and talk to her, but if she doesn’t, you are going to have to ask your angels to help.

        When a person dies and becomes a lost soul they wrap a bubble of energy around themselves that keeps them trapped within the same emotions they were feeling at either the time of their death, or whatever event ‘stopped the clock’ for them. In the case of the lady, perhaps it was learning that someone she loved would not be coming back from the war.

        If it was me doing the rescuing I would wrap a white light shield around myself, and then go and stand where you saw the lady and ‘think’ myself into her life. I would think about war, and the sadness of losing someone you love, looking to connect to her energy .. or her to try and connect to mine, because ghosts need to feed on human energy, and they are attracted to people who share the same feelings, so ‘pretending’ I am feeling that might just wake up something inside her … the shield protects you from having her attach to your energy, which is important. It’s good to “give” but its not good when energy is ‘taken’ from us.

        And then give her a hug, or imagine yourself giving her one. It’s a gift of energy.

        Now, once you have her attention you’ll find the conversation might go all over the place, if you want to stop and ask questions. You might find out her name and what she is so unhappy about. She might ask who you are, just say ‘a friend’ or something like that, first name only is best. And then suggest to her that you have another ‘friend’ (your angel) who can help her ‘find’ the person she is looking for. Whomever the person is, perhaps the lost lover, mother, father, grandmother, sibling, they will all definitely be available on the spirtual planes by now, so ask for a name (and go with whatever comes to mind, no matter how odd it might seem .. remember this is ‘her’ memory, her life, you are touching) – the ask your angel to 1) FIND her friend by name, 2) FIND the lady you are talking to, and bring the two of them together, which they will do. You might actually end up seeing two spirit beings, even two ghosts .. because they might be looking for each other. :-)

        Then .. ask your angels to FIND the lady again and TAKE her and her friend/relative into healing, if the spirit you called doesn’t convince her to go there itself.

        It works the same way if you cannot get her to acknowledge you .. just do the above in any case. The angels then touch the person’s energy, free them from the bubble and do a lot of talking until they escort them into healing. You can go straight to this if you do not want to talk to the ghost, it works just as well.

        The bubbles of events we wrap around ourselves can have nothing to do with what we imagine people are thinking or feelings, but if you trust your heart, your empathy, and go with whatever ideas pop into your mind .. amazing things happen.

        Might sound a bit odd, but then .. we are odd beings. LOL

        White light shield:

        Love & Peace

  2. I am in total agreement with your excellent response Ama.

  3. Hmm, very strange. So, if a ghost (human spirit) stays on earth it gets angrier and hungrier? The spirits have to wait for a living human being to guide them to the light. Suppose a living human being doesn’t guide them to the light. Do they stay wandering the earth forever?? Actually, if your calling an angel down to send these spirits to the light, your kind of forcing your own will on them. There was this one person on the net that did ouija’s for years talking to this one spirit in particular who was “still on earth” as they say. He said he was pretty happy to be here and really didn’t want to go to heaven.

    The spirit wasn’t angry or anything and he never haunted the person or any persons for that matter. He simply was content to where he was at and didn’t want to go to “heaven”. Alot of times, I don’t really think some spirits are haunting a house or dwelling. I just think they are simply moving around in those places and living people get scared when they see things moving around on their own accord. The living will think its a haunting when the “ghost” are simply just moving around. Well, that’s my opinion for the most part.

    Also, you say you’ve crossed over tougher ghosts like murderers and rapist. Your saying that murderers and rapist go to the “Light” as well to be with God. Basically, I can rape as many women and kill as many people as I want to on earth and I’ll still be going to heaven? Wow.. We can do whatever we want on earth regardless of how negative it is, we’ll all eventually go to heaven? So, your saying that someone like Adolf Hitler is in heaven dancing with all the people he killed? Really?? Murderers and Rapist are in heaven with the people they killed and raped? How is this possible. When humans die they only stay on earth (waiting to be taken to the light) or they go to heaven. Is this your belief? Help me to understand your position. Reply back if you can..

  4. Hi Big Chief,

    No, a lost soul does not have to wait for a living human to cross them over. They have a guardian angel with them at all times to give them an opportunity to be released from the patterns that keep them trapped between the planes. However, I have ‘rescued’ one ‘lady’ who had been dead at least 600 years, and she was still in the same old patterns, and of a very nasty state of mind. Luckily that was a group rescue, and I wasn’t the only one who experienced her energy.

    I would be interested to read the article about the ouija conversation with a lost soul who was still happy to be outside of heaven. Can you give me the webpage address, or more information about it so that I can look it up? We all know that ghosts will lie to you to get what they want, just as living humans do. The ouija, not a reliable, or safe means of conversations, connects to the void .. where lost souls and other, more negative, energies exist. But that is another topic altogether.

    I agree about ghosts just passing through a house or building and deciding to stay for a while. Some of them are aware of the people in the place, who they are etc, and might have an emotional connection (such as a relative) but these days many are just following the leylines and stopping anywhere the energy of humanity ‘feels’ compatible (living people who share the same attitudes or habits as the dead person did). It does make trying to get accurate names for houses like Altona Homestead in Altona Victoria, where I sometimes ‘play’ as a medium for their paranormal group, a bit of a challenge. We can get names all right, but they are not always of people who belonged to the history of the house.

    Yes, BC, you are going to end up in heaven with the rest of us. Where do you think hell is, btw? Some place separate? God is everything and everywhere, therefore the hell dimensions are part of God. Only humans don’t actually go to hell, they go into healing – where they face the reality of their lives and the karma they have gathered, and then have other lives to make amends for their behaviour. Hitler is a perfect example, but there were men, and women, in his group that were far worse than him, and they are in heaven too. Why do I believe this? I was born with all my past lives memories intact. I know who I am from when I first created and all the human lifetimes since. Some are very clear, and some not so much, and I remember my time in heaven between the lifetimes, and have met people with whom I have shared other lives. One particularly memorable lady I was actually a spirit guide for. We told each other that over lunch a few days after we met. That was a moment! :-) But .. if you don’t believe in reincarnation all of this is crap, God is the God of Judgment and eternal punishment and all of us are going to hell, because none of us are good enough for heaven no matter how hard we try to get it right. We have all sinned and continue to sin, through thought, word and deed. I do not want to live in that mindset. It also makes me, and my spirit guide friend, and the guy who knew I know the French language, although I can’t speak it in this lifetime and have never learned it, and about a dozen of my most loved friends, completely insane – which we are not.

    No, when you die, after a particularly nasty lifetime, you do not dance with the people you killed. You will spend a lot of times making amends with each and every one of them. And between you all, you will learn lessons in love, compassion, trust, truth, faith, courage, strength, humility, honour, commitment, and so much more. And you get to see the ‘big’ picture of your existence, not just this one lifetime in so many others. It gives you a whole different understanding of our human existence.

    I am curious .. if we only stay on earth or go to heaven, what is the other choice? Oh, I think I know. You believe in hell. So do I, actually, having been there. Hell is the place where demons live. There are two main levels .. the lowest humans don’t go to, the higher they can visit, but they do not stay long in human terms. The Uriel rescue them from there and take them into healing. You see, even dead you do not lose your free will. If you truly believe you will go to hell, you go, but God .. the unconditionally loving, compassion one, s/he doesn’t leave you there long .. thank heavens. We were not created to fail and be punished, we were created to learn and grow …

    Ah… back to gardening.
    Have a wonderful rest of the weekend,
    Love & Joy

  5. Hello, want to reply again. May not have enough time. The person who did the ouija’s had alot of sessions on youtube but it looks like he was banned from youtube. I guess alot of people didn’t like what he was doing. The contacts on the ouija are just about the same as the contacts you would contact as well (lost, angry souls). Talking to them on the ouija does not make them more of a liar than talking to a psychic. Well, this man in particular was doing ouijas for over 25 years. He claims nothing bad has happened to him and he also doesn’t believe in religion or a place called “hell”.

    He did say though that “the spirits who do not believe that there is a God were found on the lower astral plane”. That lower astral plane is also said to house mean, angry and violent spirits. Most people say that you contact the lower astral plane when you do ouija board sessions. What exactly is this lower astral plane that houses mean, angry, violent spirits and spirits who do not believe that there is a God. Could this lower astral plane probably be known as “hell”.

    Do you believe in the “lower astral plane”. What kinds of people reside in this lower astral plane? Which planes or peoples do people contact during ouija board sessions?

    Answer these few questions for me and I will be back later with my responses. Thank you..

  6. Hi BC, good questions.

    Back again, after a sausage and bean breakfast ..

    I have been taught that there are seven main levels to heaven, and 7 x 7 x 7 x.. into infinity, of levels within the levels. The top level (7), and the whole creation, is where ‘God’ (by whatever name) IS. The next level (6) is angels, the good guys, they can move between all the planes. Next level (5) is also angelic, but humans can go there, after they die, and when they are sleeping. The next is also a human one, a gentler energy than here, and then we have us, in the 3rd (dimension). Below us, and where humans can go if they are daft (known as the lower astral) .. is an intermediary level, heavier and nastier energy than here. You’ll find demons, lost souls who haven’t been reached yet, and created demons there .. its also known as the void – which is where the ouija connects to .. and then there’s the lowest level, where demons (fallen angels) ‘live’. Humans do not go there. The whole structure is known as ‘heaven’ in some religions, Christian being one of them. All the levels intersect to some degree because there are now vortexes (gates, tunnels) between some and this plane. We try to keep them closed, when we find them, but some people, over the millenia, have deliberately chosen to open them and keep them open. (see Ama swearing)

    I think that answer all the questions.

    Have a great day, I am. :-)
    Love & Peace

  7. Glad to have read the above posts. I’m not a medium, but feel very strongly that my Grandmother has always been around me since her passing over 15 years ago. What is the best way for me to help her to cross over? Last month my dad told me that he has communicated to her on the Ouija board, and that she believed in God but had practiced witchcraft. Which just reinforced my belief about her. What do I do?

    • Hi Stacy,

      What sort of witchcraft did you grandmother practise? Did she do nasty things to people, or did she doing healing and help folk? She doesn’t have to frightened to cross over, there is no judgment in heaven, there is only Love.

      The way I would go about helping her cross over .. I would sit down somewhere quietly and remember all the things you love about her, and the happy times you had with her, because that will draw her attention to you and bring her close to you. Then .. you have angels, just as everyone else does, including your grandmother if she is a lost soul. Your guardian angel, and hers, stands behind your right shoulder, one of the especially trained guardians from the group called Michael.

      You can ask your angels to FIND your grandmother, use her full name, and TAKE her into healing. “Archangel Michael, please FIND my grandmother, (name), and TAKE her into healing.” The interesting thing is you might get a sense of this happening, or you might not. You might get a sense of her being bossy, or trying to argue :-) , or a real sense of Love as she goes Home. If you get a sense of her arguing, tell her how much you love her and how much you will be looking forward to seeing her once she’s been ‘Home’ and comes to visit again. Sometimes all we need to know is that we can come back again. After that relax and let go .. she’ll be fine. The angels know exactly what to do to help us, and they don’t need you to believe in them for this to work.

      Love & Peace
      Ama Nazra (listed below under Friends)

  8. Thanks, for your feedback and for responding. I’m not sure of what type of witchcraft she practiced. Do you believe everyone goes to heaven? If you communicate with someone on the ouigi board does it mean their not in heaven? If everyone is welcome in heaven then why do some people get lost in the different levels? Sorry for all the questions, just interesting stuff.

    • Hi Stacy,

      You are welcome. Yes, I believe that everyone goes to heaven. I believe that the Creator being, whom I call God, allows people a chance to make amends for the harm they have done others, and I also believe in reincarnation .. so that stretch from one lifetime to another. Hell, in my experience, is a ‘home’ for demons, just like you and I have a home, as do the angels. The creator energy contains all of our overlapping ‘worlds’ within It. Humans do not go to hell, no matter how evil they have been in their lifetime. They go to heaven, and there they must review their lives, and may spend a very long time, many lifetimes, making amends for their behaviour .. to help everyone involved in the situations find peace.

      The ouija connects to the void. That is the place between earth and heaven. It is the place where lost souls reside, as well as far nastier beings. You are most likely to connect to a lost soul through the board, or worse .. and I don’t care if its also named ‘angel talking board’ .. its still an ouija. It is far less likely that a spirit from heaven will talk to a person through the board .. its not to be trusted. It’s like loading a gun with only one bullet, putting it to your head and pulling the trigger. You cannot guarantee whether you will kill yourself or not, or pick up some nasty entity through the board. It’s not worth the chance when that entity could end up destroying your sanity, or your life, or your family .. because it will latch onto more than one person if it can.

      If a spirit chose to communicate through the ouija it would have to be a very important, very pertinent reason, and message .. not just the usual waffle that can’t be proved to be true. And a spirit has more than enough energy of its own to be able to do this, it does not need any from the people in the room with the board, nor does it need the warmth in the room to communicate. A ghost, or nastier being, will drain energy from the room itself, sending it very cold, and the people attempting communication. This is not healthy for the living.

      People don’t get lost on different levels .. they get lost in emotion. Fear will bind a person to the planet after they die .. fear of God, fear of judgment, fear of losing themselves – the person that they know themselves to be. Anger will do it to, at someone in particular or their family, at themselves for a foolish mistake, at life for not being the way they wanted it to be, at an illness they suffered that might have killed them. Dying in shock, or in an accident, can lead to a spirit becoming a ghost, because they do not know they have died. That’s just a few reasons why good people become ghosts, and evil ones. I know of one lady ghost who was really angry that she died of cancer, but when questioned deeply, she was very frightened of judgment. She had two causes to run from the Light when it appeared to her, both very valid in her opinion. It took a lot of coaxing to get her to cross over, but she was fine when she did.

      My grandmother was a ghost. I don’t know exactly why she chose to stay, but she was around me until I was 29. I always say I learned a lot from her, though I don’t remember any formal teachings. She was a good woman in her own way, feared God .. maybe that is what trapped her .. or regrets for things she did that harmed others. She’s only come back once, for a moment, to say hello again .. and I was over 40 at the time. She’s fine now.

      I hope that helps,
      Love & Peace

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