How Did Halloween Get Started

How did Halloween get started in the whole world?

Asked by Evan

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  1. We have a section about Halloween along with some history and origins right here: //

    More about Halloween and how it came to be what it is today:

  2. cool

  3. I have never had a ghost story actually, im not from any part on the USA or some place they speak english, im from venezuela southamaerica BUT, y lived 4 years in canada… i was able to hear a lot fof ghost storys, and i could say that i really like them .. although im a bit of a scary cat … i would like to know WHY HAVEN’T I HAD A GHOST APEERED to me .. like i want to know why cant I?, i had a uncel that i never met but he died i a car accident .. one i wrote a not and i left it in the living room to see if something happend in the note i wrote that i would like to meet him if he can in a right spiritual way move some object to let me know that he is there, but nothing really happened, i really want to comuncate but im kind o scared .. and tips for the situation? ASP .. and sorry if my english is not very well, i have 4 yyears away from canada y i dont really practice it ..

    Love: Sophia!

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