How Can I Protect My Mother From this Ghost?

…other than sleeping with her in the same room at night?

The problem: I’ve nicknamed him Sir Ghosty. He’s a tall male spirit/ghost/whatever that’s been haunting my home for the past few years as far as I know. He especially loves to bug my mother and aunt when they’re asleep by tapping on the bed by their heads or touching their legs. Both my aunt and mom claim they can’t move when this happens. My mother also said he’s spoken to her. Problem is she can’t understand him. She can’t speak English! He usually comes out to play at around 2-3am, basically around the witching hour.

He’s taken and hidden many things: keys, glasses, class rings, metro cards, etc.. Many of the items will eventually show up again in strange places or where they were supposed to be originally. One time, my mother’s metro card went missing, and I said to him out loud to please return it. I turned around and the metro card was on the kitchen counter.

He doesn’t bother me however. He avoids me like I have the Plague or something. He doesn’t touch my things, doesn’t wake me up at night–in fact, I’ve never seen hide nor hair of him. So to me, he’s as good as nonexistent. My aunt claims I have an aura that keeps spirits away. I’m not sure I’m happy about that. Am I hurting them? I hope not.

For half a year now, my mother has slept in my room, in my sister’s now vacant bed. If she’s in the same room as I am, she can sleep through the whole night. But if I step out of the room at night for any length of time, there’s a chance that Sir Ghosty will take the opportunity to bug her. For example, I left the room to make myself a cup of tea. Ten minutes later, I heard my mom screaming for me. I ran to my room and nothing was there except for my mom freaking out.

When he can’t bother my mom, he’ll bother my aunt. Every few weeks, I’ll hear my aunt’s muffled screaming, and I’ll have to knock on her door to scare Sir Ghosty away. I can’t keep doing this. It makes it difficult for me to have a normal sleeping schedule. I can’t even go to friends’ places for a few days because I can’t leave my mom that long.

Does anyone know of any way to ward ghosts using Buddhist methods? I’m not religious at all, but my mother is Buddhist. Her entire family is.

Asked by Lunar Blade

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  1. What a frustrating situation you have.
    There are several different types of hauntings, and it sounds like Sir Ghosty falls neatly into the intelligent haunt category. This type of ghost is aware of its surroundings (unlike residuals) and will interact with the living. That can be good and bad. Good, because the intelligent haunts usually behave themselves when told to, and it seems like Sir Ghosty considers you the authority figure in the household. The intelligent haunts will do things to gain attention when bored or lonely, and that’s the bad side of intelligent ghosts. Sometimes its like living with an invisible, badly trained dog.
    Ultimately the best solution is for your ghost to cross over, but I don’t know anything about Buddhism or any Buddhist rites that can help. For that, you will probably need to reach out to your mother’s family. In the meantime, it is possible to co-exist with an intelligent ghost. Since Sir Ghosty considers you the authority in the house, talk to him. Be calm, but firm. Let him know the house rules, such as “you are not allowed to frighten my mother and aunt, or bother them while they sleep.” Since he seems to snap to it when you talk, this should give your mom and aunt some peace, and you some time off guard duty.
    One other thing, sometimes all a ghost needs to move on is a simple acknowledgement that they lived, died, and were someone special. Holding a memorial for Sir Ghosty may just give him the closure that he needs to move on. It doesn’t have to be elaborate, just speak and tell him that his life was well lived and had meaning, and that he will not be forgotten. Occasionally that’s all it takes.

  2. Hi guys,

    I was sitting here thinking deeply, and strolling the internet, looking for a Buddhist clearance ceremony for ghosts .. and finding none. I do like SnowWolf’s suggestions and think them very good. Could you go to your local temple and ask for help? I would interested to know what they do. The Buddhists, in my experience, are a very peaceful people, and seldom make ghosts .. the problems come from ghosts of other cultures crossing over into theirs. What do we do about them?

    If you don’t find an answer there, this Invocation should help. I know its not Buddhist, but the angels and devas are the same beings, so asking Archangel Michael to help the ghost cross over will have the same effect, whichever belief system it has.

    // The instructions are on the page if you consider using it.

    Love & Peace
    Ama Nazra (listed here under Friends)

  3. I’ll try your suggestion SnowWolf. I’ve realized long ago that Sir Ghosty’s an intelligent spirit. Thank goodness for that. If it was a residual energy, I wouldn’t have even bothered posting a question because you can’t communicate with something that’s akin to footprints.

    @Ama: I see. Thank you for taking time to look into it. I’ll ask my mother about the temple idea then. I’m not sure if I should use the invocation as I believe that belief behind the words will go a long way, but seeing as I’m not religious, I doubt it’d work.

    • Hi Luna Blade,

      If the Invocation only worked for those people who believe in JC and angels .. half the work it has done to help people would not have happened.

      What it has behind it is the belief and experience of thousands of people over the past 15 years we have had it in use around the world. But if you have decided it won’t work for you, the ghost will take advantage of your disbelief and attempt to stay. The angels, who are very ‘real’ cannot act against your free will. You could choose to (if not believe then) ‘suspend your disbelief” and allow the Invocation to do its work .. but that is up to you.

      Love & Peace

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