How Can I Help Her at 3 Years Old?

I have written in the past about my daughter who had seen a blue man (ghost type). Well, I had mentioned that I believe she is gifted in that sense as am I and now have noticed my 3 year old talking about an imaginary friend named Charlie, whom my 15 year old daughter also had when she was younger until around 10 years old.

They both speak of this boy as being young and mean sometimes, to play with. I told my oldest daughter to tell him to go home if he cant play nice and it seemed to work at the end. My 3 year old has never heard us talk about Charlie, so this worries me that he is back. How can I help her at 3 year old?

Asked by Danah

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  1. Hi Danah,

    Time to clear house, I think.

    This invocation changes the energy structure of the people who use it, and does the same to the house, when used to clear house. Basically it clears out negativity, in as many forms as we can think of, and will help you with your ghostly problem.

    // Please go and read it over a few times, to get an understanding of what it is requesting, then say it out loud, first for yourself, and then again for your son. Your daughter, at 15, can say it for herself, or she can give you her permission to say it for you.

    If you have any questions you can ask them here, or from the link on my site.

    Love & Peace
    Ama Nazra (demonologist, listed here under Friends)

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