How Can I Get to Know About Past Lives?

I´ve heard about past lives, although I dont know much about them but I would really love to know:

How to get to know my past lives (may sound silly but when I was talking to my angel about past lives he told me I had one in Sweden which is awesome because I want to live in Sweden soo much).

Mostly I’m curious about this past life (you know like what was going on and so) So please, any advices how to get to know this past life?

Asked by Victoria

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  1. ‘Regressive hypnosis”has worked for me so far, and we are still working on more than the 12 we have now.

    • Liked you writing. I would like you,please to let me know about any “Past life Practitioner ” i may trust. I think I deeply need to find some answers. Barbara .

  2. One of the best ways to find out about this sort of thing is to be hypnotized and have a recorder and record what is said. Another thing to try is to go into a trance thinking about what you want to know and so on an when you come back it will be as if you just woke from a dream but it will be more clearer then a dream would be. then write down every thing you seen and so on. This two ways that would best result in what you are wanting to know

  3. Hi Victoria,

    Meditation is also a good way of connecting to a past life. You can take yourself on a journey, either by looking at a mirror (during the meditation) or by stepping through one, into the lifetime you want to visit.

    To have input from another person during the experience though, I would recommend that you find a friend, or a Past Life Therapy practitioner, to walk you through the journey, recording it as you go. They can ask strategic questions, and help you understand what you are seeing. Then the whole process might seem more believable.

    Or you could ask your angels to allow you to dream what happened then. That worked for me, with some of my memories.

    Love & Peace

  4. Ok,so I did ask yesterday my angels to show a little bit of my past life through dreams.And I had never ever such a weird dream :D I was in the carriage with another odd man (I guess according to clothes could be 18. century and it was really in Stockholm :D ) but then suddenly I moved from that carriage and appeared in the big hall and here comes the weird part: It was like a scene from Beauty and the Beast (like from Walt Disney,and no I haven´t seen it that day,LOL) So I was in the hall with “the beast” (he wasnt actually beast at all) and we were dancing,and than I woke up. So what do you think was the “beauty and the beast” scene part of my past life (I dont know maybe I was just dancing somewhere) or was it just a totally different another dream that had not anything to do with the previous one. (Im so curious because I had the same dress in both places :D ) I found out a lot from this dream but still it makes me more curious about it :D

  5. Hi Victoria,

    In dreams, and when we are awake, our mind is constantly thinking through our life events, and will often compare what we are experiencing to knowledge we already have in our minds – like movies, or cartoon we have watched. Your dance scene might be from a past life, and the man you were dancing with might have been very nasty to you (hence the idea of the ‘beast’), or it could simply all have been part of your imagination and you are relating it to your request to the angels to show you yourself.

    If it was a past life memory or two, I would be asking myself questions, such as why was the guy in the carriage odd? And were you a woman in that scene (did you look down and see what you were wearing, and was it the same as the dance scene)? Try to remember as much as you can of what ‘you’ looked like, and write it down. Did you look at your hands, or feet, or in a mirror in the lady’s room to see your face? These past life glimpses are supposed to teach us something about ourselves, they are not just there for our entertainment .. and they will be the lives that are most important to the karmic lessons we are learning in this lifetime, so also focus on your emotions in each scene, and ask yourself whom each of the men was to you, in that lifetime. Did they seem very familiar? Are they in your life now in some other role?

    Love & Peace

    • Past lives are ALWAYS fascinating!! :D Thank you, Ama, for other ways for us to progress back to those past lives; I have questions I want try to answer for myself! I might give it a try, too. @Victoria, Ama hasn’t steered me wrong yet, so give her advice a go! Also, as she would always say to me, if it doesn’t feel right to you, don’t do it. Best of luck and I hope you find your answers!

  6. Well,where to start? Let´s start from the beginning :D . In the carriage that man wasn´t actually odd,he was just extremely annoying to be honest :D he was all the time talking something like what should I do and what not to (in my guessing I was in that life something like noblewoman and he was my servant (?),probably keeping his eye on me) and I remember I just wanted to escape the carriage, ´cause he was so annoying..I was bored (I think I was pretty spoiled,selfish countess :D ) and yes I was looking everywhere around me and I was wearing exactly the same dress as in the dancing hall later,that I know for sure :) . And the guy I was dancing with,you´re right he might be something like beast in symbolism to me.. but the weird thing is that I liked him,maybe he was my secret love :D . But that´s not ending.. Recently I had another dreams (I´m asking my angels almost every night to show me some pieces of my past life) and one of the days the only thing I remember was my glimpse at a man at night,he was standing under the lamp,but that was all.. and today I had another dream when someone gave me newspaper that The year was 1850 and somekind of really crooked murder was raging in the town and then (but that was another dream from presence) my friend at school was showing my list of the worst killers in our history textbook and he was there between the firsts. So i guess there must be a connection between him and me in the past life.. but Im so angry on myself because I dont remember his name although it was written in newspaper and even in the history textbook,unfortunately the only thing I remember is the year 1850 :( . So today I started google something like the list of killers in 1850 but I couln´t find anything :( Please if you have time,could you someone look at it? Thank You :-*

  7. Hi Victoria,

    Well, I can’t find many killers in the 1850′s, perhaps someone else will know?

    Servant, butler .. father? They can all boss people around. :-)

    Keep asking, and keep a journal and write all the answers down. Past lives can be fascinating.

    Love & Peace

  8. Ask your guides, they know all about it, they along with their master made it all up, the whole reincarnation myth to deceive people and lure them away from the light, the Light of God.

    • If someone asks questions, and (to go a step further) is actually seeking my guidance on how to accept Jesus Christ into their heart…..I would get that person in contact with a Christian, as I’m no longer qualified for this task. I would not just start spouting stuff about the “Christianity myth”…..which proves to me the “come back as a door knob” reincarnation conversation from the other thread, completely eluded you.

      I had many reasons for leaving the Christian church. One of the top 5 was responses like yours. Often I would ask pastors difficult questions, and if I probed more or had follow up inquiries, I was treated with as little regard as you did for the OP on this thread. Every response I got from anyone in my church(es) was absolute and pious to such an ungodly degree (pun absolutely intended).

      Victoria was curious about knowing her past lives…..which means she has already put more thought into reincarnation then you do. She didn’t ask for your judgement….so I fail to see what you think your highly sarcastic response proved. You could have enlightened her to another perspective. You could have said, “I don’t believe you have past lives, because it says we only live once in Hebrews 9:27.”
      Nope! Instead you continue to vilify reincarnation while forcefully talking about a God, who put his own soul into a human ….so that he could die and come back, to…..hahahaha….I can’t finish this sentence. Sorry! The irony is literally killing me.

      I’m certainly not saying I know everything….or even a fraction of anything, JK. That’s not what this is about. I just don’t go out of my way to misrepresent my beliefs and make people turn away from them instantaneously……wait…..wait just a minute. I get it now. This is a ruse. You want to lead people away from protestant Christianity via misrepresentation.
      Sorry….JK. I just didn’t get the rhetoric at first. You might want to consider a less cryptic way to dissuade folks from your beliefs, though.

      • Thanks Siddle. I decided to take a leaf out of JK’s book, and ignore his/her/its more challening comments. :-)

        I had the same experience with the Christian Church, until one lucky day an Anglican Minister moved into the small mining town I was living in .. and he would talk to me, and answer questions, and debate things (I won a debate on why missionaries are dangerous), and I loved that man! He really knew and lived the Bible. He taught me so much about the good of Christianity, and reminded me to focus on the New Testament and not the Old. And yet his church really didn’t like him, and got rid of him as quickly as they could? No comments about that bunch of people.

        Wishing everyone a gorgeous day .. we have rain AGAIN! I shall be a sunlover after this. LOL :-)

        Love & Peace

        • Ama,
          Could you please send some rain to our hemisphere? We’ve had, at best, sprinkles all summer. I love the sun….but a nice rain storm would be great! :)

          My Theology professor was like that. He was also a pastor for the Christian Church in the town where I went to university. He and I had many good debates. He lived the Bible as well…but he was more a fan of the Old Testaments. His church didn’t like him either. :(

          You have a great day too!

          • Hi Siddle,

            You are welcome to some of our rain. Victoria is in flood again. Enough has become too much .. but we are all reminded that Australia is a land of extremes, hopefully only in the weather.

            I noticed more than once that the good, balanced, ministers usually annoyed the hierarchy. Oh well.

            Love & Peace

      • Thank you for understanding me siddle,I aprecciate it :) and I´m really sorry for people like jk (but I´m not angry with you :) ) because instead of little tolerance you just dissuade folks from their beliefs..sad..

        However the dreams are gradually making sense to me. All the 19. century is in the past days passing me even in reality :)

        • Victoria,
          That is great! Sounds like you are gaining some insight from the dreams.
          So I must ask (since I haven’t addressed your question yet….sorry), have you heard of Michael Newton? Fascinating work. He was a sceptic to reincarnation and even hypnosis, until he tried to help a man who was struggling with issues and wanted to be regressed. Newton unwillingly obliged and started down a rabbit hole he was not prepared for. Thousands of cases later….he has correlated a spiritual world we all thrive in (even now). We are most aware of it between lives, and the term LBL (Life-between-lives) was coined.

          I can’t do it much justice. You have to read for yourself.

          I recommend starting with a search for “Michael Newton LBL” He has a video series (5 part, I believe) where he explains how this venture into a new world started.
          Also, his website is:

          I also like to attack this type of material in dreams. So, I also recommend trying to become lucid in a dream. You can often ask questions of recurrent dream figures that help shed light on subjects.

          Good luck to you, Victoria….and please keep us updated!

          • I second that, Siddle. Michael Newton is very good. So is Brian Weiss. He wrote a small book, with a meditation cd, that people used on occaison (they would borrow it from me) to reconnect to their past lives.

            We are all absolutely fascinating beings.

            Love & Peace

          • Ama, good point. I like Weiss as well.
            I just gave the self-regression CD a go a few weeks back. Only problem I have with it….it’s pretty short. Most regressions are hours in the making….I got to the point where I looked down to see what shoes I was wearing….and then time was up. :(
            I may try again, as admittedly, it has taken me longer to “walk down” to a trance lately. Too much work chaos. Looking forward to the weekend!!!

            I’ve read much of his work, but the funny thing is, I still have not read “Many Lives, Many Masters”. I am familiar with the story of Catherine’s regression, but just haven’t made it around to actually reading.


          • That was my grumble about the CD as well, Siddle. That’s one of the reasons why I suggested a person get someone else to help them with the regression. They can pause that CD for long enough for a person to have a good look at themselves .. and then let it walk them out.

            Love & Peace

  9. Did you say you were talking to your ANGEL?

    • Hi Sarah,

      When asking a question its best to put in the name of the person you are asking, so they will know to answer .. in the meantime, I talk to angels all the time. They don’t always answer, but I ‘know’ what they want me to do, if its important.

      Love & Peace

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