How Can I Get this Evil Gone?

I have always seen spirits, and had visions. I have lately been seeing dark animals and dark shapes, don’t know what these mean or what they want, they wont speak just vanish, and return somewhere else.

I have been told by 3 different psychics that I have a very evil dark veil or cloud over me – put there from jealous intent?

I do feel the evil and am constant at trying to get free. It iS holding me back in whatever I try to do. How can I get this evil gone? I’m desperate.

Asked by mechelle

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  1. well, you need to stop being jeloue. you need to write down all your problems, or things you dont like, on a piece of paper. then you need to burn the paper, and put the ashes on someone elses property, or in someone elses trash can, so the evil energy still isnt there, even after you burn the paper. then think about all your problems, and all the people that have done you wrong, and let it go. just let all your anger go. then you need to bless some water, or get holy water, and rub it around all your windows, in ALL your doorways, (closet doors, front door, back door, ect.) and at the top and bottom of every staircase in your house. while you do this, say ‘protect all within, get the evil out. i am the head not the tail. you do not belong here. i banish you now.’ say this as loud as you want. the louder you are the more power you feel over your home. say as many times as you feel needed, hope this helped.

  2. Hi Mechelle,

    My name is Ama Nazra and I am a demonologist .. which means I know far too much about negative entities, but it does Not mean I talk to them, call them or have anything to do with them. What I actually do is help people get rid of the problem, when we allow it to happen.

    When a person tells me something like you were told I ask them for lots more details, or to prove it. The problems with comments about negative energies being around us, is that they could have such simple causes, such as the energy of a really bad headache, a bad day, a ghost who is angry or fearful and jealous (since you mentioned that), or it could be some truly nasty creature .. but truthfully, very few people actually have demons anywhere near them, or trying to harm them. And then there is the belief system of the person doing the reading for you .. how do they usually interpret bad energy? What do they believe in and what do they do about negative energy when they meet it. A sensible person would get away from the person with the negativity, in case it decides to transfer .. but no, they go blithely on filling people’s heads with their own particular brand of beliefs and fears. Most of them that I have met, over many years of experience in this industry, is that they are very good at handing out warnings for the smallest bit of nonsense, and no good at all at either knowing what was causing the problem, what the entity actually is, or what to do about it.

    The usual questions I would ask the ‘psychic’ are ‘where is it?’ what is it? what does it look like? What does it actually ‘feel’ like? Is it human? What does it want me to know? What does it want me to do? Why is it there? How long has it been there? And in your case .. where did the veil come from, and what is its influence over you?

    So .. please answer a few questions for me. What were the circumstances of the first time a psychic told you you had a dark energy over you? Was there anything painful happening in your life at the time? Was anyone angry with you, enough to wish you harm? How long ago was this? Where have you sought help and why?

    More questions – the next two psychics .. did they confirm that you had something negative on you when you told them about the first psychic, or did they notice it themselves, each of them, before you mentioned it? This is very important.

    Ok, since the energy over you was put there by someone else .. or your own jealousy might have created it .. but let’s look at an outsider being the problem. Let’s remove it.

    This is a very simple, but long, Invocation to Archangel Michael asking for assistance in the removal of all sorts of negative energy, including your veil. Read the page through, the instructions are there, and then say it out loud. You don’t have to believe in angels, or Jesus Christ, if you would to Christianize it, to have it work. I’ve cleared plenty of athiests with it as well. // After saying this go and have a good long bath in some salted water, to finish washing yourself clean. Personally I prefer showers, but then I float on water :-) and the intent is slightly different. You’ll feel much better, and much lighter, afterwards .. and then you can answer the questions I wrote.

    And tell me how you are.
    Love & Peace
    Ama Nazra (listed here on the page under Friends)

  3. Hi Mechelle

    Did you check out the 3 psychic’s credentials before seeing them? Or did you literally walk off the street and plonk yourself down before them for a reading, ad hoc? Were they mediums or clairvoyants? (meaning: Did they speak with spirit, or go on extra-sensory perception). Did they use any aids, such as Tarot cards or crystal ball for example, or did they just talk to you without the use of visual aids?

    There are lots of psychics out there, all with different levels of competance. Some are excellent at what they do, others terrible and cause havoc. The trick is finding a good one.

    You said “I have lately been seeing dark animals and dark shapes, don�t know what these mean or what they want”

    This would indicate to me that you are psychically aware and so can see spirit easily. This is not necessarily something to fear. These shapes you see may well simply be the spirit of dead animals or humans – ghosts, if you like. Spirit become enquisitive when they notice someone who is ‘shining’ and so tend to gather around that person – a bit like moths to a flame.

    The trick is to ‘turn of your light’ and send them away – see Ama’s link in her post above for assistance with this.

    You said “I have a very evil dark veil or cloud over me � put there from jealous intent.”

    Well – you may have been hexed – but curses only work if you know who the sender is and allow yourself to be ‘open to the suggestion’ of that curse. Is there anyone you think might have placed a hex on you? If so, for what purpose? Did the idea of being cursed cause you distress?

    Another explanation may well be your own state of mind (I don’t mean that disrespectfully). You see, psychics can see things in a dramatised way making it appear much worse than it is. Dreams can do the same thing. The trick is to find out what else is going on around that ‘thought’ to deduce exactly how to interpret that vison. It may well be that you were going through a tough time in your life = a black cloud hanging over your head. You may well not have been a happy bunny during that period, for some reason.

    Personally, I think that any person, proclaiming to be psychic or not, who blurts out “EVIL” at a drop of a hat needs their heads examining. They certainly should not be saying such things in a professional capasity and then drop it without a full explanation. If it’s EVIL, why didn’t they do something about it, to help rid you of that evil?? I would certainly question their credentials!


  4. “Put there from jealous intent?” Um… sounds like a curse to me. Somebody must be very jealous of you or wants you out of the picture for some reason. entities in animal forms sounds like familiars that are being summoned by people practicing witchcraft. If you are being cursed, I suggest you seek help from people that practice witchcraft to help lift the curse. Your details are very vague, and I can’t come up with anything else from it. I can’t give you much advice from the information you shared, sorry…

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