How Can I Get Rid of Ghost that is Controlling My Relationship?

Okay so for the past month me and my boyfriend has been having encounters with a demon/ghost and well it is going a little too far for me. I have always had a ghost to ‘follow’ me since I was little and well I think he is jealous of my boyfriend because he is not the only ‘man’ in my life anymore.

Both me and my boyfriend have woken up with the feeling of someone strangling us or in my case kissing, touching, me sexually. Therefore I will wake up tired or I’ll be zoned out for a day or two.

Both of us are tired of this thing interfering with us. So my question is how would I get rid of this demon? and to keep in the back of your head we are both open minded and have no real religion.

Asked by Morgi Morgue

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  1. Hi Morgi,

    It’s good to have a relationship with a living person, but a ghost might well get jealous if you gave it your time and energy. The ghost should be in healing, not hanging around you .. that that end we have the Michael Invocation, which will remove its attachment to you and allow it to pass into a healing place. If it was a demon, things would probably be much worse.

    You’ll find the Invocation here: // the instructions are on the page. If you have questions you can ask them here, or contact me from the site.

    Love & Peace
    Ama Nazra (demonologist – listed here under Friends)

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