How Can I Break this Curse on My Family?

I am currently 15 years old and when I was younger I experienced things that I cannot explain like I used to see a black dog and a little girl and a little boy but the scary thing is I am not the only person in my family that has experienced things. For example my aunt was pulled under her bed and my grandma said that one of our family’s ancestors made a deal with a witch and the deal was that our family will be cursed for 7 generations so that our ancestor could be wealthy.

My question is if there is a curse then how can I break the curse so my family will stop experiencing this paranormal phenomenon?

Asked by Mari

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  1. Hi Mari,

    Family legends could be real, or they could not be, and your ancestor would have had to have been incredibly selfish to do that to his/her own family. My understanding of curses is that they only work if we think they will, but, that being said, this Invocation works to remove all sorts of negativity, including curses, from people’s lives. Which side of the family does the curse descend from and who is the oldest living relative of that side of the family. You can say the invocation, but it might better if they said it – and any other living relatives that you have that are related to your ancestor.

    You’ll find it here:

    Read it through a few times to get an understanding of all the things it does, then say it out loud. It really does bring change in people’s lives.

    Love & Peace

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