Have You Heard of the Saunemin Giant Ghost?

Dating back to at least the 1930′s there have been reports of the Saunemin Giant Ghost. The reports always indicate that he is seen near 5 Mile Creek, near Saunemin, IL. He is said to be very tall, at least 6′ 8″ according to some reports. He is described as wearing dark clothing, black or dark brown. some say he looked a bit raggedy. Most of the reports indicate that he is seen near the spot where 5 Mile Creek enters the Vermillion River, between Saunemin and Pleasant Ridge Townships. After seeing him several ATV riders say they had recurring nightmares about him. Others report that he growled at them and ran them off, throwing large stones. One ATV was severely damaged after being struck by a large rock. He is said to sometimes hide in the woods along the creek, waiting for trespassers.

One report indicate that he floats about a foot off the ground, and that he can run right through fences or other barriers. The Saunemin paper supposedly had pictures of him many years ago and published them, but no record could be found. Perhaps he was called something else then.

I would like to see more information posted on him here. Has anyone else heard of the Saunemin Giant?

Asked by Bill

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  1. I’ve read a couple of things about this “ghost”, but there seems to be very little information out there about it.

    Some people claim that the landowners from a very long time ago placed a curse upon those who trespassed upon the land. I’ve never read of anyone having anything bad happen to them that is related to the Saunemin Giant Ghost – unless you count nightmares. But then, like I said, I’m not very knowledgeable about this specific haunting.

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