Have You Felt Gods Presence Supernaturally Yet?

God has shown himself by his art, science, power, greatness, mercifully, in nature, sky and other.

For instance when you see a beautiful and scented flower or garden with green grasses and trees and streams you say: it is how much beautiful and nice. So you feel certainly those creator is a very soft and beautiful too.

When you go to the space by a spaceship and see earth and stars and the deep space you say: oh the space is how much great and endless, stars are how much overmuch and amazing… oh sun can be how much great and luminous, certainly those creator is a great existence too.

When occur a earthquake you say: oh… my god… what is happened… this is a hard time… O, god forgive me… don’t continue please…

So you can understand god can be how much pride, destroyer and deathful. What I described are the signs of Gods existence, presence and his attributes wholly, but my question is this:

Have you felt Gods existence supernaturally in a way yet? If you are interested please explain your experience.

Asked by Manss

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  1. Hi Manss,

    Your viewpoint of God is lovely, and I agree with it, but its not shared by all the world, which I find .. sad in some ways, but understandable, given my understanding that God allows us to learn and know and grow in our own ways. Adds spice to our learning, to discuss and debate things with people of different opinions.

    My opinion of God is based in my memory of experiences both in this lifetime, and in others. It was confusing as blazes to be born with past life memories, and between lives memories as well, but when I look at what I do, for myself and others, now, it no longer surprises me. Instead it reinforces my belief that we choose what we will ‘know’, or remember, or learn, in each lifetime.

    I remember sitting at the feet of a divine being (a being of Light), one who WAS Love .. you couldn’t describe It as ‘radiating’ Love because the Love was everywhere, inside, outside, all around, there was no boundary or border to mark where Love began or ended. It simply WAS. I suppose I should confess I was lying face down cringing in fear actually, expecting condemnation, judgment and annilihation .. not death, death is a human interpretation of changing our ‘state of being’ .. but non-everything. What I got instead of comfort, peace, healing and the knowledge that, while I had done great wrongs, there was still ‘time’ to redeem myself .. and so I chose that path. But first I just sat, humbled and bemused, in an emotion that shredded the fear within me into nothing, and left me looking inwards at myself. And no, this didn’t happen this lifetime. It happened many many lifetimes ago, but it feels like it happened ‘now’ or only yesterday.

    In this lifetime, at the age of 17, I had a vision, while lying in my bed, wishing I was dead most sincerely, of Jesus reaching out his hand to me and saying ‘Come, walk with me’, and we did – down a grassy hill towards a creek at the bottom of the valley. And we talked and laughed and he helped me remember the person God sees me to be, not the person the living people saw me as, nor the person I was trying to be, or thought I could be .. he saw into my heart and KNEW me, and in that Knowing was all the same LOVE I had experienced in that moment of redemption.

    The stars and heavens are nothing in comparison to that acceptance and Love. No planet will ever measure up, nor blade of grass .. I am Loved. And so is everyone else.

    Love & Peace

  2. Hi Manns

    Do you count God’s angels, as a part of God? If so, yes I do – every day, in the form of my guides.

    God, Himself, I have never met – not the ‘One’ version anyway. But earlier in the year, when I asked “God – who are you, really. What are you really like?” I did get an instant response (and no, it wasn’t a clip round the head, Ama – hahaha!).

    I’m not prepared to share that story on a public domain but, if you want to know email me via my The Book Of Trinity link in the friends section and I’ll happily relay my experience.


    • Hey AJ, I would love to read your story. I shall follow your link (its under Friends, folks) and ask nicely.

      And I was thinking you would have more likely got a HUG! ?

      Love & Peace

      • Please feel free to email me, Ama. I’ll happily tell my story to anyone with a genuine interest. Just, not on here, in the public domain.


        • I have and I am glad I did. Your experience is fascinating. :-)

          Thank you for sharing.

          Love & Peace

        • Hi A J Ryder,

          I am REALLY interested in your story and the response you received, how can I read it?

          • Hi Pat,

            AJ will probably answer herself, but because I know she’s really busy right now .. you can find a link to her book site at the bottom of the page here under ‘Friends’. It’s called The Book of Trinity and is a very interesting story. Her site allows you to read some of it. I’ve read it all. She had a truly harrowing experience.

            Love & Peace

    • A.J , god hasn’t any part which angel be a part of him .All angels are creature like us but with another essence except material. everything is a creature and is a thing except god . god is not a thing but is upon everything . He has created all and manages all without be any kinship between him and his creature. but great question is this : how is relation between god and his creatures , whether materials , or beings. A holly leader say :” god is with things but no to be those , and is except things but no to be apart of those. And it is just what human seek for it to understand the relation between god and things

      • Hi Manns

        I’ve just found your email in my ‘spam’ folder, so have now sent you a response. Sorry for the delay ……………. ruddy technology!!


    • hi, A.J. Iam intrested in hereing your reply.Ialso love the Lord with all my heart.

      • Hi Jeanette

        Please feel free to email me, and I’ll share my story with you. You can find me under FRIENDS (2nd from bottom, right hand side of this page) and click the link to The Book of Trinity. Any of the emails on the CONTACT page on that site will (hopefully) get to me – although some are going into my spam folder, so it might take me a while to respond!


  3. The clouds that form with the rain sometimes look like he is up there. god answers my prayers all the time. He also saved me from a bad haunting by making it stop. that is how I know he is real.

    • Hi Carri,

      Sometimes we see truly amazing things in the sky. :-)

      One late afternoon I left work and walked through an arcade and out into the sunshine, and there, enormous, in the sky, was an angel .. made of clouds – clear as anything .. and he looked sooo much like my Uriel that I just stopped dead in my tracks and laughed. The people walking around me might have thought I was nuts, but one or two of them looked up .. said ‘wow’ or something like that .. and went on their way. And he stayed there for at least 10 minutes, and I watched him until the winds broke up the picture. That was a lovely experience at the time. :-)

      Love & Peace

    • What you feel is the start of truth way and who that you talk him is topmost truth . He see and hear but not be observed by eyes, he observed by heart , that is to say,….. what you feel. do you like hear a poem about him ?

      The friend is nearer to me than myself
      It is so wondrous that I’m far away from him
      How must do I do and what can be told
      friend is beside me and I’m distant

    • What was your bad hunting?

  4. This is a lovely thread which I just discovered for the first time. Its great to read about other people’s heavenly experiences since I normally get messages from the demonic encounters thread.
    I too had a fantastic spiritual experience where I was flooded with love day after day for a month. After that it waned and I started on my search to find out what or who was that source of love.
    After a few years of searching I found my way back to Jesus and for me he is that source of light and love.
    Thanks for your testimonies.

  5. I’ve seen God’s Holy Spirit descend upon people twice, but never God Himself. I have a feeling I won’t see His face till I stand before Him in heaven. Won’t be too much longer, about 5-15 years in all likelyhood :) What a glorious day that will be!


  6. Hi All

    I believe God is the living consciousness in everything, God percolates all that is and all that is not. God is the force which allows everthing to exist. God is the All and the Nothing and cannot be described in human vocabulary – nothing can exist without God.

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