Haunted Apartment?

My first official on-my-own apartment was in a low-rise walk up. Not an old building (probably built in the mid-60s) and I was on the 2nd floor, in a nice little one bedroom.

I can’t remember exactly when it first started, but I’m pretty sure it was in the first year (I lived there for 4 years). I woke in the middle of the night (which isn’t that unusual) only to come face to face with something kneeling beside my bed (I was sleeping on a futon). It was humanoid, and I think male – it didn’t look like a child per se, but definitely young-ish. It looked at me and smiled, put a finger to it’s lips and went ‘Shhhhhhhhh…’ I gave a start, a bit of a scream, blinked…and it was gone. I was super freaked out and slept with the lights on the rest of the night.

That was the only ‘awake’ visitation I had while I lived there – everything else was in dreams, or rather one re-occurring dream. I was in an older house standing at the bottom of a flight of stairs. The house was well-maintained with nothing out of the ordinary. I would slowly walk up the stairs towards three bedrooms. I would always choose the bedroom to the right of the staircase. It was a relatively normal looking bedroom – it actually reminded me of my bedroom when I was a kid – with a window directly across from the door. The only thing that was out of place in the room was a crystal that was either floating in front of the window, or under the light in the middle of the room above the bed.

I would step into the room and be able to make my way to the bed at first, always watching the crystal, when it would suddenly flash red. The blinds would roll down quickly, the lights would go out, the door would slam shut behind me. I would become paralyzed and start floating horizontally over the bed, unable to shut my eyes, focused on the ceiling. I remember feeling an overwhelming sense of dread, doom and death. I couldn’t say how long it lasted, but it always seemed like forever. When I did wake up, it was often morning. I recall falling back asleep a couple of times, and the dream continuing with me being paralyzed and floating, until I woke up again. I would say this dream happened about once every couple of months for basically the last three or so years I lived in that apartment. It got to the point that when the dream would start, I would know what was going to happen, but couldn’t stop it.

I found out about 2 years after I’d moved into the apartment that the previous tenant was an elderly woman and her disabled daughter. The woman died in the apartment, and the daughter had been sent to a home or something (the landlords really weren’t sure). They never said how long the woman and her daughter had lived in the apartment, but I believe it had been a while.

I was hired at a station near my hometown, so I moved out of that apartment and haven’t had the nightmare since. I honestly don’t know what was going on, if the previous tenant had anything to do with what I was dreaming – as I said, I only had one ‘experience’ while I was awake, everything else was dreams – and I don’t recall anything else about the apartment being out of the ordinary.

Asked by AphraelDanae

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  1. yes i do beleive in ghost, and the paranormal. i throught i heard my brother tony, call me. even tony died on 12/23/1992. i had a dream about him wheni was at his house. me and other friends were sitting on his couch talking, tony what are you doing here he went down to give me a kiss, and that.s when i woke up. it was soo real, and his lover saw his ghost too. walking from the living room. i can and have heard other dead love ones calling me. what does that mean? does it mean someone is trying to reach me. one of all my love ones. i have had visions, of ghosts, and orbs, and ghostly voices.

    • Hi Patty,

      It means you have the gift of mediumship, which you can learn about, or ignore if you want to.

      Our families do come back to visit us after they die, because they love us and want us to know they are safe and happy in heaven – or because they feel lost, lonely and frightened and want us to help them find peace .. but in your brother’s case, he sounds just fine.

      Orbs are, in my opinion, spirit energy, and I would love to be able to see them with my eyes, but I can’t. However, they do come out of photos. The ones with an internal light are fascinating, the others are usually dust or moisture.

      Love & Peace
      Ama Nazra

  2. Hello AphraelDanae

    I wonder if someone was practising black magic in your building, or if you were simply astral travelling to another time and place, or experiencing another lifetime. I can’t see how what you dreamed was connected to the old lady and her daughter, unless the daughter spent a lot of time out of her body? Perhaps the crystal was a focus for her, hanging from a threat, or fishing line, that she couldn’t see. Whatever the cause might have been, the memory of it seems embedded in the place .. not a haunting by ghosts, but by emotions and memories. The kneeling figure might also be connected to the same experience.

    Siddle, what do you think?

    Love & Peace
    Ama Nazra (listed here under Friends)

  3. Hi AphraelDanae

    You didn’t mention how old the disabled daughter was at the time of her mothers death nor what kind of disability (and maybe you don’t know) but, I think the dream, the entity and the daughter are all related.

    The figure you saw (even though you thought it was male) may be that of the daughter, astrally projecting to try and find her mum. She may be all grown up physically but, when projecting, she may well perceive herself as a child or adulescent, rather than an adult, because that is how she thinks and/or acts. Her physical appearance may well be quite ‘boyish’ – but without knowing her personally, it would be hard to determine. Another explanation for the appearance might be because that is how the mother saw her? If she is looking for her mum, she would want her mum to recognise her, after all.

    The dream, I believe, is ‘residue’ of how the mother felt at the time she died. Maybe the mother felt she had, in some way, let her daughter down by dying. Who would look after her disabled daughter, after she’d gone?? A terrible burden for anyone.

    I do not believe you dreams were the result of a haunting, rather I’m leaning more towards Ama’s thoughts that it is the anxieties experienced by the mother at the time of death, which is embedded into the building.

    I think the crystal is the key to all the phenomenum which you experienced during that time. It would’ve been great, if someone had verifed that there was a crystal hanging either in the daughters room or the mothers.

    The most interesting thing is how the bedroom reminded you of your own as a kid. What emotions do you recall as being most prominant, connected to your childhood bedroom? Security? Anxiety? Isolation? Relaxation?


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