Has My Friend Moved On?

My friend just committed suicide a few weeks back. I do not feel like he has moved on. I feel like he is suffering more now where ever he is than when he was alive. Could this be a sign or warning to me that something has made his soul stay here because he has unfinished business?

The more I try to ignore this feeling the more depressed and sad I become. I believe I may be feeling his feelings and I need answers. I’m lost and have no one to turn to for advice on how I’m feeling or what is happening please help. I don’t know how to explain anymore how I feel I just know these feelings are real and aren’t getting any better.

Asked by kara

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  1. It may be grief, your own grief over losing a friend, that you are feeling. Sometimes people do stay behind for one reason or another, but other times it is our own loneliness and grief, our desire for that person to still be here, that makes it feel like they are. I think its a natural part of the grieving process. I would suggest grief counselling, and time. Right now the loss is still fresh and time is the greatest healer. If you are feeling more depressed than it seems you should, or if suicide has crossed your mind as well, please speak to a doctor. There is no harm in seeking out emotional assistance in a time of grief. Take any help available to start the healing process.
    I truly wish I had some words of comfort to offer, but all I can say is one day the memory of your friend will bring smiles instead of tears. Hold on to the good memories, and hold on to hope. Grief is temporary, but love is everlasting.

  2. Hello Kara,

    My name is Ama Nazra and I am spirit rescuer and right now I want you to write to me privately, with your friend’s full name and date of birth, if you know it .. and I mean privately .. and I’ll check and see if he’s ok.

    You can find my email address by scrolling to the bottom of the page and clicking on the link marked Victorian Paranormal Connection. It’s under Friends. That will take you to my webpages, and to any number of email links there .. to send me one.

    SnowWolf might be right, it could be your own sadness, guilt and fear for your friend, but .. people do sometimes choose not to cross over and your request is not usual to me. I do this work quite often.

    Love & Peace

  3. could be your own grief, or your friend really could still be there. i think you should do what Ama wants you to do. that’s my best advice.

    Lil’ Paws

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