Has Anyone Experienced Seeing Particles Like This?

For many years now and from time to time I am able to see rather frisky/mottled in different shades of grey and dull light with flares (very much like the surface of the sun) sweeping around the space around me. Very dense closer to me and weakening further away. This is only in confined spaces – like in a room. My husband is never able to see this when it makes an appearance.

Whatever it is can sometimes be felt with my hand although my hand goes through it. I can shoo it away in various directions by waving my hand, I can actually see these (particles) floating away in waves/flares. Sometimes I observe them around me until they fade away altogether.

It’s definitely not an eye problem and is more prevalent when the weather has been sunny and warm during the day.

I wondered if anyone has experienced these particles which seem to be invisible to others.

Asked by pat

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  1. Hi Pat,

    Can you see them around other people as well? Sounds like astral energy forms in your aura to me.

    Love & Peace

  2. OMG I have the same thing and always never bring it up because its hard to explain…i can move mine….its like a liqued form grey weird shaped…like a loose knot or something…ive never know what is was/is…again hard to explain lol

    • Hi Cez,

      Since your aura energy is your own, yes you can manipulate it, and should be able to shift around anything floating in it.

      See next message to you and Pat.

      Love & Peace

  3. Hi Ama,

    I’ve only observed them around myself and as I said, these particles are very frisky and dense around me and weakening further away, extending sometimes to where my husband is sitting. I know whatever it is seems to be attracted to me or perhaps generated from me. I’m able to see them very clearly, yet my husband is unable to see them.

    • Hi Pat, (and Cez).

      The human aura is supposed to be a clear, free flowing, stream of energy moving in a figure of eight pattern through your solar plexus chakra .. and up above you and underneath you. It expands outwards in an egg shape, which we wrap shields around when we do them. The energy, in a healthy happy person, will extend eight feet in all directions .. each side of your outstretched fingers, and above your head and beneath your feet. In an energy worker it can extend to 20 feet in all directions, which we proved in one fun workshop back in about 2002 I think. There were about 50 people learning Pranic healing that day, and we all played with each others auras, which was weird but fascinating.

      The energy around you could be either something you are creating yourself, from thoughts and feelings, or it could be from outside sources. In either case, they create blockages and are not supposed to be there and you might consider getting yourself some healing to clear them out.

      There’s a simple method for clearing the aura, called raking. In the Reiki training classes one person would do it for another, but we can do it for ourself easily enough (or you can get a friend or partner to do it for you) .. and the sensation of getting your fingers caught in a ‘knot’ can be quite strange. LOL Particularly if you are standing behind someone when you rake their energy and they twitch when you do it, or they are behind you doing yours and you ‘feel’ them connect to the knot, which refuses to budge. :-)

      The way to do it for another person. Do you white light shield for yourself, and then stand in front of them, or wherever you want to start, and hook your fingers (whichever hand, or both, is not important) and run them gently down (head to toes) the person .. about a foot from their body. Take your time. When you ‘decide’ you are raking their energy, your energy reacts to this command, and their energy responds, and you can make a person dizzy or sick if you go too fast .. so just be mindful and careful. Go all around the body, in comfortable strokes (more than one to each line is fine) .. you might not feel a thing, or they might not, but believe me it works. You might experience things like hitting a blockage (more about that in a second), or tingling or sharp electricity feelings through your hands. What you don’t want is the sensation of something connecting to you and moving up your arms or across your body (which is why you do the shield before you start). That is called transference, when an entity causing problems for one person moves on to another. No fun.

      To do this for yourself – go through the process of raking by imagining that you are standing in front of yourself, or by doing it in front of a mirror, full length if possible. To rake your own back you don’t have to turn around, you just have to imagine that you have. It might sound odd, but ‘energy follows thought’ and it works just fine.

      Hitting a blockage and removing it .. Over the blockage make short quick light strokes, like wiggling your fingers .. you want to loosen it gently, or dissolve it into smaller pieces .. and then go back to raking it out of the aura.

      Anything I pull out of a person’s aura I drop into a little etheric fire I create at my feet, or in a corner somewhere out of harm’s way, before I begin. If you ‘send’ the removed energy to the fire with your thoughts, it can’t escape to attach itself to someone else in the room, or back to you.

      One thing I do NOT recommend is a bowl of water, with salt in it, underfoot. Yes, its great for absorbing negativity, but I have seen those bowls kicked over too many times, and people then walk through the negatively charged water and generally lose their tempers.

      For the benefit of those who don’t know, I used to own healing centres, and am trained as a Reiki Master Teacher, a Metaphysical healer and a Pranic Healer, among various other techniques. Reiki is my favourite healing method and I have trained hundreds of people in it over the years.

      Love & Peace

  4. Hi Ama,

    I become aware of them usually whilst I’m reading – these are greyish dancing particles around me and beyond.

    You say these energies cause blockages – what sort of blockages, and shouldn’t be there and need to be cleared? If I do not interfere with them, what is likely to happen to me, especially as this has been happening for many years now – with no ill effects that I know of?

    • Hi Pat,

      I guess you would be seeing them out of the corner of your eye while you are reading, or is it because you are in a more relaxed state of mind?

      You said it is definitely not an eye problem, which means you have had your eyes checked for floaters, they can be very annoying. :-)

      Since I do not know what created the floaters, I cannot say what effect they have had on your energy or state of mind, it might be tiredness, or mood swings, or illnesses in the regions where entities seem to be more closely gathered. The only way you could check that would be to go and get some spiritual healing, such as Reiki and see how you feel within a few days of the treatment. And then you can tell us, and if they are still floating about.

      Love & Peace

      • Hi Ama,

        Most certainly not floaters and not only seen from the corner of the eye but directly face on. I just wondered what they were/are and as they do not have a negative affect on my life, I shall live with them as a part of my being. :-)

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