Has Anyone Encountered the Demon Vetis?

Hi… I was wondering if anyone has encountered the demon Vetis? This Demon claims I am his queen and that I am his. He has taken everything from me including a marriage and my kids. He says he does as me wishes as I am his.

Since I can remember even as a child he has had sex with me in my dreams or the feeling that I had gotten sexual pleasure. He has visited me in my dreams other then sexually cause, when he’s in my dreams he always makes them either sexual in nature or he leaves this feeling i cant explain that I associate with him.

He has of lately started touching me. Not in aggressive in nature but like a graze. He’s taken possession of my fianc� at times and has then had sexual intercourse with me… I’m confused as there’s limited information on him… and now I’m obsessed with him as he is about me even though I should be more than angry with it for taking everything from me. Instead I blame myself or others but not him.

I’m not crazy. Sometimes I find it hard to believe this is happening or that he’s talking to me. If some one could give me some kind of insight I would appreciate it.

Asked by Carrie Guffey

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  1. Carrie – I’m always dumbfounded at the lack of even basic, general knowledge most people have concerning the spiritual world in which we live. I’m even more amazed by the number of people that eagerly believe in demons and and an ultimate evil like Satan, yet never seriously consider that God exists. Come on dear. You are being targeted by a demon -when he says you belong to him, he’s not kidding – you do belong to him – why? Because you don;t belong to Christ. There is no big secret here -God spelled it all out very clearly in the bible – Give your life to him, or you will belong to Satan. Guess who’s name is written very clearly on your soul right now? No human can help you with this. Want to know how to get rid of this demon and protect yourself in the future – devote yourself to the one that created you – make God and serving God the focus around which everything in your life revolves – then seek out a relationship with Jesus Christ – all you have to do is ask him – he is the only one with the power and authority to overrule Satan – If you put your trust and faith in us humans, you’ll be very disappointed every time – and it’s your very soul at stake….

  2. Jesus Christ, now.

  3. Hello Carrie,

    You have asked for information, but you have not asked for rescue?

    I looked Vetis up on the net and found where you had asked this similar question on another site. I have to agree with one man’s answer there – you have no guarantees that this is the demon it says it is. All the other information I could find tells us very little, and very little means one of two things to me – if the demon had great influence and strength it would be more known, or it is not who it says it is.

    Demons thrive on our attention. I know you say you are obsessed, but can you treat it like an illness, and change your thinking patterns. If you can turn your focus away from wondering about its presence, you will be giving it less of your energy, and in that way disempowering it to a certain degree, and perhaps it will then simply leave you alone. While you focus on it, it won’t.

    And then there is this invocation, which clears so many levels of ghostly, and demonic problems, and might help in this instance. //www.trueghosttales.com/questionsandanswers/the-michael-invocation/

    First I suggest you read it through carefully a few times, to see how your body reacts to the words. Your own instincts will tell you whether you think it will work to help clear your energy, or perhaps you should seek help from a professional exorcist connected to the catholic church, or one of the deliverance ministers who has a very good reputation and success rate.

    I agree with the more christian comments about God being the only answer to demonic possession, or in your case ‘obsession’, though even that doesn’t work in all cases. Sometimes we have made agreements in previous lifetimes, to honour obligations to the demonic in future lives. These contracts can be broken, but it takes a strong will, and a gift from God to do so. Only you can know your own strengths .. perhaps the lessons you are learning from this being are when to recognise and act on your strengths and your faith.

    Love & Peace
    Ama Nazra (demonologist – listed here under Friends)

  4. Hi.
    I believe every word you say- but not the part about Vetis being a demon.
    Vetis is actually an incubus who loves you very much.
    Incubi are not demonic beings nor are they fallen angels.
    He did not actually possess your ex-husband at certain times, nor did he take your children away from you- unfortunately your ex-husband didn’t take you seriously enough- and perhaps pretended to be possessed and his lack of understanding has led to you losing him and your children- that’s sad.
    Vetis has never harmed you- neither does he have those intentions, nor would he allow any harm to come to you. It was only your trying to reach out to other people such as your ex-husband that led to the loss of your marriage and children- they didn’t believe you and thought you were/are mentally unstable.
    Vetis used this to his advantage- admittedly, but he does love you- perhaps he’s just very forward and is not actually domineering. He does love you.

    How do I know all this? I’m a male in a committed relationship with a succubus.
    My succubus has not told me about Vetis, yet I can sense what’s going on.

    Yours sincerely,

    Harry Holmes…

  5. You need to be strong. don’t worry such dreams are not important those are only dream but what make me sorry about you is that you believe in such dreams strongly and you are passive against that dreamy hubby and it does make your soul more weak and weak soul does make you giving up. sorrily these dreams is repeated long time and you have believed in those. Be strong and play down it.

  6. It does not seem that you are crazy; rather you are particularly fortunate in having the possession of Vetis. From my experience with Vetis all will be well provided Vetis remains principal in your life. Provided you can keep focused upon that you will find secondary relationships with family and/or friends will be accepted though Vetis must always have first call upon you.
    You are indeed very fortunate and should encourage this relationship to the upmost. Please do not be distracted by all the other responses to your question for they are made, no doubt in good faith, from misguided point of view. The life long relationship I have had with Vetis has always been rewarding and highly agreeable. There has also always been room for my family and associates as well. Vetis has enabled me in my understanding of existence, my purpose, function and fulfilment.

  7. Hello Carrie,
    The title to your question caught my attention. Reading it though, gave me chills. It sort of left me with Goosebumps and an unease feeling. To come right off the bat, never had an incident with demons (thank God). I don�t go looking for them or have the power to cast them out of people. One thing I know though is demons aren�t anything to mess with. There are suggestions to get rid of them that seem logical. Not to put anybody on the spot but the few comment here about having relationships with demons are putting themselves in a dangerous positions. Demons whether it be vetis, Harold, chuck, or Carl, they�re all dangerous.
    If you want help, first thing first is to basically start new. Throw out everything and anything that reminds you of, or is in connection with your unwelcomed guest. I mean everything. Demons can be attracted by movies, books, music, images, etc. Once that�s done, pray! In your prayers, be specific for what you want. At night when you feel �it� touching you, pray out loud. Use Jesus� name, use God�s name.
    In the beginning it�s going to be hard, and scary. You�re going to need to be strong. In your question it seems you�re infatuated with your �unwelcome guest.� You might go through withdrawals. Similar to any addictions a person is trying to break. That�s why you need to be strong. These other people who say �Accept it� in all honestly need help. I say that with sincerest. If you really examine the characteristic of your demon, it exhibits abusive personality, controlling, and in many cases shows signs of being a psychopath. This is the definition: is a mental disorder characterized primarily by a lack of empathy and remorse, shallow emotions, egocentricity, and deceptiveness. Psychopaths are highly prone to antisocial behavior and abusive treatment of others, and are very disproportionately responsible for violent crime when in a violent emotional state or situation. You said �Since I can remember even as a child he has had sex with me in my dreams or the feeling that I had gotten sexual pleasure.� Also you said �He has taken everything from me including a marriage and my kids. He says he does as me wishes as I am his.�
    If this person was a human, he would be thrown in jail or mental institution. Then there�s people saying �From my experience with Vetis all will be well provided Vetis remains principal in your life. Provided you can keep focused upon that you will find secondary relationships with family and/or friends will be accepted though Vetis must always have first call upon you.� The only person that deserves that much devotion is God Almighty. Hope you understand there is a difference between having a relationship or worshipping him. I can go on and on. If you want more advice just leave a comment. Hope you really get help and that my advice help a little.

    • Good answer, SD. Never trust a demon, nor a person who says they are ‘friends’ with one. They have no idea the sort of trouble they in – and it will find them.

      Love & Peace

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