Has Anyone Actually Seen Satan?

I was browsing a site of questions and answers when I noticed not one, but five questions following the same pattern: in it, people asked how could they summon Satan himself! They probably thought it was something which showed great skill or bravery, which I doubt to be true!

So,did someone managed to summon him and see its appearance or such claims are mere fictional and unlikely to happen?

Thanks for answering!

Asked by blacktiti89

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  1. I am not aware of any question being posted here asking how to summon “Satan himself”

    • I didn’t think there was anything like that here either CT, and you would know.

      Have I seen ‘Satan’ . yes. Did I summon it, no. Do I want to see it again. No. How did it appear, as the most beautiful angel you have ever seen.

      Blacktiti89, if you are considering trying it .. DON’T. That is one entity that no human being should ever come into contact with.

      Love & Peace
      Ama Nazra (demonologist)

      • Ama is right. We have to remember that he doesn’t look like what we’ve been accustomed to see him as. Red, with horns etc. He is a fallen angel. One of God creations, so he’s very “beautiful” which can easily hide his evil intentions. Please read my story: //www.trueghosttales.com/paranormal/lucid-dream-with-jesus-and-lucifer/ I hope you’re not going to do such a harmful thing and summon him. May God be with you and protect you always!

        • You have a very interesting experience there, Anna. Just goes to prove we ARE looked after!

          Love & Peace

  2. Never seen satan here either. But I have seen and experienced the work of his demon/dark force literally trying to erase, or destroy me. Changed my world. To this very day, I still remember that nasty hole of pitch in my body. Stay away from that stuff, BT89. If you go asking for it, you will live to regret it. Just my opinion (and a few others here, I am sure)

    Rest easy, forget that stuff :)

  3. Yes I have seen him he changes his form. Once he was a man with black eyes black hair white skin, goatie. Another time he was a beast. He stood about 10 feet tall, he had on a brown loin cloth. Then he was red. He had horns coming out of his head. his teeth were sharp. His fingers had long finger nails. He had about 14 black demons with him. He had goat or pig hooves for feet.

  4. Hi,
    Thanks for answering!The questions I saw were present on another website where people also ask questions and receive answers.I am glad nobody here ever asked this question!However,upon further(out of curiosity) browsing over the internet,it seems the number of people interested in this kind of thing is pretty large.I am not among them,and I would never do such things!:)

  5. Hi blacktiti89

    Theres no need to summons Satan – if he/she/it wants to, he/she/it will simply appear to whomever it choses.


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