Hanged in Europe in Previous Life?

Ok, ever since I was a little child I felt like I had an old spirit.

When I asked one of my friends, who is also a Wiccan, she asked me questions about my “old spirit” and I told her that I remember an emerald green dress, I lived during the Renaissance I had really long dark brown hair. But I can’t shake this feeling of how I died.

Asked by CaptainAFKira

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  1. Hi CaptainAFKira

    Let’s think .. over my multiple number of lifetimes I’ve been hung, shot, garrotted, killed by a crossbolt, burned at the stake, died under torture, died in my bed a couple of times .. that was a nice change .. stabbed, drowned, been buried alive and suffocated to death .. that one still ‘haunts’ me a bit, starved to death .. among others. No, I am not joking. I have the pleasure of being able to remember all my past lives, and the deaths that finished them. I also remember my life between lives, and that’s a pleasure.

    Most of us around these days are what we call ‘old souls’. We have experienced multiple lifetimes, learned lessons from them .. the good ones all relate around love, and the hard ones also relate around love, but usually through hatred and jealousy etc, and we are supposed to apply those lessons to the new lifetime we have come into .. this one.

    My understanding of why we still have an emotional connection to certain lifetimes is because we still have lessons to learn related to what we experienced, or did (karma) in those lifetimes. So, I am working on the ‘don’t bury me alive’ one at the moment. I have met the man (a man again in this lifetime) who did it to me, and forgiven him. His motives were not good, and karma can be a bitch.

    What I recommend is you don’t worry about what you ‘remember’. It is unlikely that you will die the same way this lifetime. Focus instead on what you think you were learning in that lifetime, about being a better person, and look around you .. because the people you were born and shared your life with then, are more than likely around you now as well .. playing similar, or sometimes, very different roles.

    Love & Peace
    Ama Nazra (listed here on the right under Friends)

    • Ama-

      I have always felt like I should have been from the 1400-1500′s in England/France. I feel a longing and yearning for that far away land that I have never visited. It makes me very emotional to know that I won’t be able to experience this life that I felt I lead. Ever since I was a young girl I wanted to dress prim and proper, dress, dress shoes, ruffle socks, coin purse and such. It felt very normal to me. My mother on the other hand is very much a tomboy and she couldn’t believe that she had such a girly girl daughter. I have always felt like me and my mother shouldn’t have been mother and daughter and that we were brought together in this life to learn something from one another like we had a feud in the past there has always been some underlying tension there. She always told me “honey you were born with fine wine taste on a beer budget” all of my friends have said that I am a princess or a queen. I have always felt like living in that time period feels so comfortable almost like home..does this make any sense? I feel like historical situations don’t feel so historical during that time and I feel like “yeah and so what” like I was almost there when stuff was going on during that time. It is the WEIRDEST thing..I get emotional thinking about it even now..Wonder what it would mean for this life time?

      • Hi Lindsay,

        I actually answered most of this where we turned your comment into a question.

        It’s wonderful to have such a strong attachment to a past life, but think hard .. what is it teaching you about yourself today. That’s what is important – not the ‘impressions, feelings, memories or desires to dress in clothes from the period .. where are the comparisons between this lifetime and the last.

        My daughter and I have a strong attachment. We have shared other lives together. We tried the mother/daughter thing for many years but it really didn’t work .. as well as we would like. You see, she’s been my mother in other lives .. so now we are friends .. and I ‘play’ mother when she needs it and whatever else she requires as she grows up in this lifetime. We know there is a strong connection from the past, but we live in the now .. and learn in the now.

        Love & Peace

        • Ama-

          I am happy you asked me about what my past life is teaching me in this life. My thought is maybe it is teaching me that material things don’t make someone happy and that relationships do.

          I am not sure what my mother and I were in relation to a past life and even if we did share one but I do think I can learn to love someone for who they are and not what they aren’t. That is one of my main struggles in this life. I am learning that letting go and loving people for their own unique abilities is much more enriching.

          Question for you, Ama. What would you do to help yourself to understand what you are supposed to learn in this lifetime? Is there a certain technique?

          Thanks :)

          • Good question Lindsay. What do I do .. climb into abandoned morgue freezers to try and get over the fear of being buried alive in a dark space. Did that on the weekend. Took more courage that most people realised, but .. I felt silly lying there in the dark, with the door shut, with all those protective folk waiting for me to scream or something. LOL Will that help? I hope so. LOL

            Truthfully, when I want to learn from my memories, I sit down quietly and close my eyes and bring the memory into my mind as intensely as I can and just sit in it for a while. Then I ask myself ‘how am I feeling’ ‘what am I feeling’, and then question whatever emotions come up, one after another ‘why am I feeling this’? One of my strongest old memories is of dying on a pyre (stack of lighted wood). I didn’t burn to death, or die of the smoke .. I was shot with a crossbolt through the heart. I bless the man that did that for two reasons .. the first was he didn’t let me burn to death, a very painful way to go, and he stopped me hurting anyone else in my anger. And believe me, I was capable of doing great harm in that lifetime. From that memory, that moment, I learned gratitude. It was not something I had ever felt or expressed in that lifetime, it took dying to give it to me.

            Try the contemplation practise. It’s not meditation, its being ‘mindful in the space’ you create around you called ‘this is who I was’. Mentally dress yourself in your clothes, place yourself in time, in a building you think is familiar, all within your mind. Then you might like to share the results with us? (nosey). It might not happen the first time you try, but persevere and you’ll have your answers.

            Love & Peace

  2. that’s very strange. i cant think of any advice right now, but what did your Wiccan friend say about this?

  3. wow AmA that is some stuff right there. so do you ave to remember all your life times every time you reincarnate? or do you never forget them wen you reincarnate? how is it possible that you do all that? it all seems way cool and stuff to just know your life times. you were probably an A student in school.

    • Hi Bunny,

      No, we remember what is appropriate for the lifetime we have chosen to live this time around. Sometimes there’s none, and this time .. I have all of them in mind, in varying degrees. Sometimes we remember part of a lifetime through a sense of deja vu .. feeling like we have done something ‘before’, although we know we haven’t. Some people see them in dreams, but cannot place themselves in the picture. What is important is what we are learning now, in this lifetime, not what went before. My memories are there because I use them to teach others that all things are possible.

      I was definitely not an ‘A’ student in school, even in English, which was my favourite subject, I got a B+ .. and don’t ask me about maths, because I still can’t do anything but the basics. LOL

      Love & Peace

  4. Hello :) … I have been reading just about everything since finding this site, I find all comments very interesting and enjoy reading them all.

  5. Ama-

    I am going to attempt to try contemplative practice tonight. I am also going to talk to my therapist and see if she could help me do a regression also. I will definately let you know tomorrow if I had anything happen with the practice skill tonight :D Thank-you so much!

    • You are welcome.

      Love & Peace

      • Nothing yet with the contemplative practice. My brain just won’t let me “go”. Will try again! :D

        • Don’t try ‘too’ hard, you’ll only get in your own way. Sit down, relax and if it happens, it happens.

          Love & Peace

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